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since you're the korrasami queen and you're pro asami and pro korra, dO YOU KNOW MORE BLOGS THAT POST A LOT OF KORRASAMI? i need to follow more people and keep my dash positive hey ily

man i’m so bad when it comes to answering these types of asks because i follow so many people and know i’m gonna forget to add so many blogs…BUT HERE GOES?

i tried to keep it to the people i know are most active and post the most korrasami - some are multi-fandom but i tried to get the ones that are korrasami to a large extent from what i can tell/have noticed (…i follow nearly 500 blogs though so it’s hard to keep track of who’s posting what the most currently…did my best but it’s possible some of these don’t post that much korrasami even if they once did, and it’s also possible i missed some blogs that should be on this list - if i missed you, nothing personal - this isn’t meant to be an all-inclusive follow forever or anything like that…may or may not ever get around to making one of those someday… /end disclaimer :P)

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After reaching 500 followers I had decided to do a second follow forever. I love every one of my followers as well as the ones I follow.

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I hope eveyone likes the graphic.

Alright alright alright! So, I promised you guys for awhile now that I would make a follow forever. I apologize for taking so long, I’ve been caught up in school work and other obstacles in life, but it’s here! I finally made it!

I want to say a big thank you to all of my followers for sticking by this blog for so long and if you’re new here, thanks for joining us! (; I hope this blog continues to satisfy all of your fanboy or fangirl needs!

So without further ado here’s a list of amazing ATLA and or LOK blogs! These blogs post great content, reblog great content, and do an awesome job of informing the fandom of updates! Go follow them, show them some love, and let them know I set ya!  Enjoy! (:



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**NOTE: if you’re not on this list and we interact a lot/ you know I follow you then I accidentally forgot you, I apologize in advance! Also if you’re not on this list then I probably don’t know you or your blog all that well so don’t feel bad! There are many quality blogs out there but I haven’t discovered them all!


ming hua deserves more fanart.  i really love her design.  please ignore the sad attempt at water-arms; i can’t draw water.

also, here’s a vague attempt at a walkthrough!  i’ve had a lot of requests for livestreams and/or video walkthroughs, but i don’t currently have the programs to do that.  i wish i could put together a more comprehensive tutorial, but it’s difficult to remember to take screenshots when i get into the painting mode.  i also realize that this is a very “step one, sketch, step two, finish the painting”, buuuuuuut hey.  (it’s probably because i tend to work quickly on everything at once.)

my art

commissions (i’m still open!  let me draw pretty things for you!!!)

I’ve been bugging myself to make one of these for some time now. Anyways, I hit 900 some time ago, and I thought I’d finally pull together a follow forever! In these past few months, I’ve met some absolutely fabulous and inspiring people on here. I hope you all are doing swell ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) If I forgot to include you below, I sincerely apologize; you are on my blogroll!

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Hello everyone! I’d like to thank all of you for 5.1K followers. I never thought my blog would get this much love. I’ve been on tumblr for almost three years and I’m so grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know. Thank you all so much!

Bolded means you should SERIOUSLY check out those blogs. I’m sorry if I forgot anyone! A lot of people deleted their blogs or unfollowed after the finale. So sorry if I missed anyone!

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hi guys!  for a long time i’ve wanted to draw katara in her fancy earth kingdom garb, and i’ve finally decided to do it–drawing reference from one of my favorite costumes in the legend of zhen huan.  this is one of the first times i’ve drawn clothing and liked the outcome, so that’s fun.  i also tried to draw katara as young as she was on the show (instead of aging her to an adult, like i normally do when i draw avatar characters).

 (anyway, if you liked this piece, consider commissioning me for something similar!)

well, i did this whole portrait and tried to record it so i could give you all a video of my process!  alas, i’m having trouble with file converters and editing, so the speedpaint video will come much later (if at all).  hope you guys enjoy the finished product regardless!

want a piece like this (or a sketch or a drawing or an anything) for your very own?  commission me!

and the silly spontaneous cosplay continues; thanks so much for all the kind feedback on my last one (including all the tags that said “step on me”)!  man i love kuvira.  i’m pretty sure i only resemble her at this specific angle, but hey, that’s good enough for me!

did i make a costume? lol nope that’s white tape on a turtleneck and another shirt safety-pinned to my chest.  i think i got the hairstyle better on this one, though.  make it work~~~~