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Martha Jones!

how I feel about them I LOVE MARTHA OK. Seriously. I loved her from her first episode. She’s incredibly smart and funny and dealt with ten’s shit for way longer than she needed to.
favourite scene “so this is me, getting out.” her exit is splendid. also the entire family of blood two parter.
otp for them (romantic or otherwise) not romantic, but martha/eleven. i would love to see her come back in this next season to have an adventure with eleven, and he’d apologize for everything and make it up to her by going to a planet devoted entirely to milkshakes or something. i also liked the one guy she kissed in 42? i ship everything
my endgame of choice her being a bamf and helping eleven save the world again or something bc lbr he’ll probably need her help at some point.
my response to fandom’s attitude towards them martha haters TO THE LEFT.