Korra:Uncle,please teach me more about spirit knowledge.

I want to learn more.

Tonraq and Tenzin:Come back!Korra.

Full Size pls. And yes, it’s Korralaq/Korrlaq/Unarra or whatever new-fangled name fans came up with.

I’m not sorry… but I do wonder why I like the things I do. It must have either been the coffee or the work stress.

Do you ever wonder if you’re not quite right in the head?

Looking at the list of ships I follow (at least to some extent) I have become increasingly worried about whether or not I’m altogether sane. 

That’s when I realized…

Fuck canon. Fuck sanity. Crackships and the fandom run the world.


Fandom: The Legend Of Korra

Intended Pairing: No pairing, Just mentions of Korrlok, and Amorra

Rated: T

Summary: Unalaq is the one responsible for all of the Dark Spirits, he is the creator of these twisted souls, looking for a place to rest. And when Korra finally understands this, she would try to set them free…
But she’ll set free somebody else…

“Stupid little girl! You should have obeyed me when you had the chance!” Unalaq snapped. 

She was surrounded…

Dark Spirits everywhere…

Animal-like spectrums growling and hissing at her. 

Deformed humans with glowing eyes ready to attack. 

She felt weak….

She felt helpless and vulnerable…

“I’ll give you one more chance, Korra; You can redeem yourself. You just have to promise me to obey me from now on…” the King said, smirking. 

Korra glared at him; she hated him. 

“I rather die than obey you!” she growled. 

“As you wish.." 

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It's Wrong (Korralaq Drabble)

“It’s wrong…it’s so very wrong”
From the moment he met her, he knew…
He felt it…
She was his…
Made for him…
And this feeling…this carving…this desire, would be the death of him.
She was right…
It truly was so very wrong.
He shouldn’t want her the way he does. He shouldn’t love the feeling of her lips against his, the texture of her skin, the soft noises that escape her mouth every time he does something right.
But he can’t help it
She shouldn’t want this. She shouldn’t adore the way he holds her so close, so intemately close. She should keep her hands to herself, instead of letting them explore freely the irregulate surface of his body.
But she can’t help it
“I know…I know it is…”
He listens….
He understands…
He belives in her…
She soothes him….
She completes him…
She loves him…
“Shhhh…there is nothing to fear”
Over and over again, she asks herself why is her soul drown to his? Why does she wants to melt into one being with him?
“I am not afraid…I know you’ll be gentle”
He always questioned the Spirits on why do they torture him so? Making him want a woman he can’t have….
Or…he can?
“This is wrong…”
“I know…but I wouldn’t want it any other way”

Amnesia: Warning Korralaq drabble

They had broke in…
They had murdered the ones who wished to protect her, to help her.
They had taken her out of the room she slept in.
They fought her…and won

Now here she was, a prisoner of the men who hid their faces under masks made out of rags. 
She had fought them with every fiber of her being. But she was still weak, she was still confused.
And they took advantage of it.
They had locked her into a room, inside a ship. A room which, she had completely destroyed.
But it was useless, they wouldn’t open the door.
Not even to fed her.
A price that they would obviously pay. But not to her, but to the one that had sent them.
She was curling in fetal position on the bed, thinking, trying to remember.
And suddenly, they bursted into the room. She grew mad at the instant she made contact with their eyes. And so, another fight broke the peace. The young girl fought like a wild animal who was cornered.
But one more time, she lost.
The warriors dragged her out of the ship, and inside the Icy City. But instead of rushing through the streets, they used secret ice passages to get to the palace.

“My beloved!” The king said, standing from his trone as rushing towards Korra. She gave a couple steps backwards, not knowing who this man was. But the warriors stood behind her, not allowing her to run.
“Spirits….So…it is true, afterall?” He asked. “You have truly forgotten everything?”
Korra nodded slowly. “Who…who are you?” She asked hesitanly.
The king smiled, smelling sucess in the air.
“I, I am your husband…”

Korralaq Comic Strip

Yes or no? Just a short thing, maybe a few pages at most with 3-4 panels per page. I I kinda want to… despite not actually having the time for it between my job, my works, and my family (and while looking for a new, bigger apartment too). I have a couple ideas in my head, but nothing solid yet. Any body want to chip in their own ideas?

I actually feel motivated to write today.
Which is real odd for me.
I think I might write a “Mine || Part 3” and the bloodbending brothers will be in there…*mind is working* oh…me like
Anywho, I might write another Korralaq drabble.
I’m actually thinking on taking the “Mine” drabbles and start working on a masterpost.
And….I’m thinking about posting a video of moi talking about “The Journal” and actually finishing Chapter 5

*looks at all the To Do list*
*laughs obnoxiously*
*crawls back into bed*

Ok, here it is. Please don’t publish it. I might polish it later but you inspired it all :D


The first time it happened had been in the throne room.  The memory of how she walked up those stairs and looked straight into his eyes as she took her place, spreading her legs over his were still fresh.

  Those tender hands pulling him closer for a kiss. “We shouldn’t” His voice was low yet he didn’t pull away. “"You can stop me if you want.” But he didn’t.
  Why didn’t the spirits strike him there? There was no sin in wanting a woman, but her of all people.    It was he who should’ve told her it was wrong on so many levels but after being in denial for days, this kiss made him come to terms with what he felt.  Why else would he interrupt those precious moments between her and the firebender?  He had convinced himself that the boy was only getting in the way of her training but how else would he explain the rage that came everytime they kissed. Mako may have her lips, but Korra’s eyes were focused on him. Why? How foolish he’d felt every time he was on the verge of accepting those feelings.  It was getting harder to be in her presence and try to see her only as his niece.  Day after day, he allowed those innocent kisses between them. Innocent!  Spirits! Who was he trying to fool? There was nothing innocent about the thoughts that came everytime he touched her.  Unalaq didn’t dare lay a finger on her bare skin.  It was always Korra guiding his hands above the fabric.    To touch her skin would be a crime. It would break the boundary he’d placed between them.   But wasn’t he condemned by allowing this to grow?  Every day, the lies grew 
  • Just one kiss
  • it’s fine. Don’t touch her skin.
  • As long as nothing happened beneath the waist 

Silly old man. One way or another you’ll have to pay for this. Be it in this lifetime or the next, you’ll be judge. And you’ll lose.

It never lead to anything more intimate, at least not in the throne room where they could be caught.   Did any of this matter now? Better put all thoughts aside. What’s done is done. __________   “I want you to do it” Korra sat on the edge of the bed waiting for him to make the first move.  How had a simple reunion lead up to this? She had come to warn him of Varrick’s intentions and seek his guidance but his hands were tied with that matter. “You will have to remain neutral but I have no doubt you will succeed." There it was again, that look in her eyes as he said those words. Was trust the reason why this all began?  She wasn’t going to help him out like last time, that was clear from the beginning. The room was dark and silent with only a candle set at the side of the bed to give light and warmth.  When he removed the last of her clothe korra lay on the matress, stretching her body so he could have a full view of her body. The candle did a perfect job  of highlighting her curves.  Unalaq was already growing hard and he hand’t even touched her.  Again that inner voice begged him to stop all this right now.   How would he react if the tables were turned and it was Tonraq looking at his beloved Eska the way he was looking at Korra. 

I’d kill him. 

Korra could see the inner struggle in his eyes. It was always there every time they kissed.  "please don’t think of me as your niece” His head rose to meet Korra’s. “truth is, you never were much of an uncle to me"  Her voice was soft as she said all this.    That’s why Korra had asked to him to make the first move this time. She wanted him to be sure of this.    "Dad never allowed it” She continued. “ When I look at you, I don’t think of you as family, Unalaq. I see a man who has faith in me. You trust me and I love you for it."  His hands shook as he reached out to touch Korra and she closed her eyes as the tip of his fingers glided across her abdomen. He took his time exploring that area, his lips planting kisses on those spots that made her sigh.  "You know what else there is” her voice was eager.  Unalaq’s hands snaked their way up her body. There was no going back.  All this felt new to him. Truth was, he’d only been with one woman and it’s been years since he’d made love.  He planted a kiss between her breasts before taking one in his mouth. A moan left her lips as the his tongue met the chocolate tip. He lingered there for a while, weighing and squeezing them.  When was the last time he touched something so soft and delicate?  “I’m sorry” he apologized. “It’s been a while"  "I know.’” she stroked his hair. “take your time"  A finger slid down her thighs entering her slowly and making her rise from the bed as he continued to stretch her. This was real. She was wet for him, for his words, for his touch.   "Sometimes, when I was with Mako, I pictured your face” she confessed. "I would imagine it was your hands, your body against mine…“ Maybe it would’ve been better to leave everything to the imagination. 

Yes, let her fantasize about me whenever she’s with Mako. 

But it was too late for that. Fantasy had become reality.  He promised to be gentle so as not to hurt her, but this was not Korra’s first time. That a man his age should be so skilled for a woman her age brought some sort of pride.  "Unalaq..” She gasped as her hands clawed his back.   Everything that went on in that room, the sounds of flesh against flesh. Words that could only be whispered in the bed drove both over the edge.  He fell on top her once it was over, her body was still shaking as she tried to recover from the orgasm.  And reality came like a slap in the face. Unalaq hid his face at the base of her neck like a child seeking comfort.  “This can never happen again” How could he face Tonraq after this? No matter how much he hated his brother, this was far worse than banishment.   The lay there for a while. Korra stroked his hair while he planted soft kisses on her neck.  “Unalaq" she finally spoke. "I didn’t… " she took a deep breath. "Did I force you into this?"    That it was her asking the question made his heart sink.  "I did..didn’t I?” Her voice cracked after minutes of silence.    “I am responsible for my own actions, Korra." His hands were on his face. "better get dressed"  "if circumstances had been different..?” She began “But they’re not Korra” He turned to look at her. “They are not. Do you think people will accept us? That your father will welcome me with open arms.  I have my children to think of" 

And I not only betrayed my brother, but you as well. 

What will he ever do with himself if she found out the truth. "i just need to hear it.."  Unalaq turned to look at her. "Can I ask for a favor?” Oh no! Was he going to quit on her?  “yes, anything” She managed to say.  “Do whatever you want with the firebender. Just not in front of me."  She nodded. "So you’ll still teach me?"  "of course.” “Then can I ask for a favor too?"  "yes” He would give her whatever she wanted.  “Tell your men to tone it down a bit. I don’t want you to get hurt and I don’t trust Varrick. Can you do that?” He stood up and nodded. “The answer is yes.” He turned to have a final look at Korra and remember her as she was right now.

Yes, I would give up everything to be with you. 

He needn’t say the words. She understood.   "“In three days you’ll see one of my healers. Just in case..”“ And with that said,  he shut the door, leaving her and his heart behind.  ______ WHOOOPS! MY HAND SLIPPED!
Here's a teaser on a Korralaq Drabble I'm working on:

“How dare you?! How fucking dare you come into this house as if you owned the place?!” The eldest Waterbender questioned his younger brother, grabbing the hem of his shirt and lifting him up in the air.
“Bad news for your brother, I do own this place, I am the king!”
“Yeah? And for everything you’ve done I will kick your Royal ass back into the North!” As the man raised his fist to punch the chief on the face, cacophony filled the room as Korra’s friends incentivated Tonraq to punch Unalaq on the face. However, Tonraq’s wife came out of their room
“Darling, Korra is trying to relax now could you please be a little-…
The woman fell silent once she acknowledged that it was her brother-in-law that was present.
“Put him down…You hold him I’ll punch him!”
“Deal!” Tonraq said putting this younger brother on the groud and holding him tightly so he wouldn’t escape.
One more time, the bending brothers, the heiress, and even Aang’s kids,  and daughter-in-law, yelled obcenities wishing the bastard would get what he deserved.
“I’m sorry to interrupt, but Korra is-…” Aang’s only girl who was coming out of the room fell silent too as she realized the Chief of the North Pole had dropped by. “You are not punching him alone! I will help you!”  Kya growled.
Pandemonioum echoed around the house as the large family claimed for justice.
“Excuse me! Would you mind keeping it down? There is a….” Katara also coming out of the room, she hushed her self when she realized what was all of the fuzz about. “I might be old, but I still got technique!”
“Let’s get him ladies!” Senna announced,
“Excuse me! Woman in labour here!” A heavily pregnant Korra said comming out of the room, panting and wearing a tired expression on her face. Her eyes widened when she saw her former lover, being held against his will by his father’s strong arms “I’ll just go back to my room and I will pretend I never saw anything…” she said going back into the room and closing the door behind her.
“Labour?” Unalaq asked squirming out of Tonraq’s arms. “Whose…whose…the father?” He asked, looking at the closed door.
“Who do you think brother?” The man asked angrily.

For Varra? No. For Korralaq and Konraq I give you a very suspicious glare (mostly for the Konraq) (Senraq 5ever) :P

eyeyeyeeyeyeyeeyeyeeyeyeey. Hold on your Polar Bear Dog missy. I never said I shipped Konrraq. I know people who ship it. I might warm up to it, it’s not like it’s ever going to happen and fanfiction is about having fun so: Why the fuck no?

However, Korralaq tho, come on. As if it wasn’t common enough for Royals to marry their relatives. 

The ship even makes sense!

Another way of Korra preventing the civil war would be actually marrying her uncle. Marriage is a bond considerate unbreakable and holy by the religious nations. And we know that the North Pole is very religious. If Korra would marry her uncle, Unalaq would be in a crossroads, because the bond of marriage is so strong, that he would be forced to withdraw his troops and leave the South alone. Just because Korra belongs to the South. 

Besides, I am sure Northeners would shut their mouths if they saw the sacrifice this girl was making by marrying her uncle.

And if not her uncle, arranged marriage with her cousin (Desna of course) Would have probably solved it too. 


((Fandom: Too Late))

As for Varra…let’s face it: 

That ship is the Amorra of Book 2

Amorra: Korra saves Noatak from Amon. 

Varra: Korra purifies Vaatu with love

We need to pull our shit together people

What if....

Unalaq heard that Korra couldn’t remember anything?
And then…
And the he sents some sort of Water Tribe Dai Lee to kidnapp Korra….
And he brainwashes her….
Making her believe….they have something together
That way.
She’ll comply to any of his wishes