• me as a grandmother to my grandchildren:...and then he saw the error in his ways and teamed up with the one whom he had hunted for so many years. the two once-enemies won the war together and he stood up to his abusive father and sister. he reigned for years to come... the most magnificent man i've ever known...
  • my grandchildren:grandma can you stop talking about Prince Zuko for five seconds
  • me:not until i'm dead, children... not until i'm dead.....
signs as lgbt women on tv
  • aries:asami sato (legend of korra)
  • taurus:marceline (adventure time)
  • gemini:lexa (the 100)
  • cancer:korra (legend of korra)
  • leo:princess bubblegum (adventure time)
  • virgo:clarke griffin (the 100)
  • libra:nomi marks (sense8)
  • scorpio:poussey washington (orange is the new black)
  • sagittarius:carmilla karnstein (carmilla)
  • capricorn:pearl (steven universe)
  • aquarius:garnet (alternately ruby & sapphire) (steven universe)
  • pisces:laura hollis (carmilla)



100% inspired by @punziella