The Krew vs The Red Lotus. (beginnings of, anyway)

So, I set myself the goal this week of doing a 10-second beat-sync video, as something to do, and also to try new things, re-familiarise myself with some old software, and… this is what I made. It’s a bit shit, as I’m still trying things out, and it’s pretty cheap software, but it’s not as shit as I thought it’d be. I dunno. I kinda like it? Should I carry on making this into a small MV dya think?

Shows' thoughts on Headcanons
  • Wander Over Yonder:All your theories are canon! Go wild with Wander's backstory! And also your creative named ships (they're awesomely named btw) are valid one way or the other, but we won't address them on the show, that's up to you. Oh and we don't want Lord Hater as a chimp to be debunked! Someday we'll tell Hater's backstory but that could result in some debunks, maybe change them as AUs.
  • Steven Universe:Great theories! Some may be true, but others may not be, but we love seeing them! Oh and you're on the money with Garnet as a fusion, plus the two first same-sex characters in the animated series!
  • My Little Pony:We made the 100th episode dedicated to shout outs to you Bronies! Friendships pairings confirmed, a Doctor Who pony, Derpy speaks accurately, and a big musical duet! You're amazing! Though, Sparity didn't happen, they're just friends, sorry.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender:Great that you're making theories of bending and world-building! Though we prefer Kataang over Zutara for story purposes. Don't mind you making headcanons on their relationship changes in their later years, but we prefer Kataang to remain that way in order for Tenzin to exist.
  • The Legend of Korra:We need to make Asami and Korra be a couple. We won't address it, but subtly hint that near the last shot of the series. So yeah, Korrasami is canon!
  • Littlest Pet Shop:Nice theories. Though I wouldn't touch the main pets' shipping though. You can have fun with them in the non-canon sense, but our canon stories won't be doing romantic dramas. They're just friends first and foremost.
  • Adventure Time:The wonders of headcanons have such possibilities! Not sure if some would be true though. Marceline and Bubblegum's shipping though don't believe it, they're just friends.
  • Hey Arnold:All your theories and headcanons of The Jungle Movie will be answered. You basically summed up what it's gonna be about for all those years, but this version may be different to keep things fresh, but you'll still see the tying up on Arnold's parents and Helga's love confessions.
  • Gravity Falls:Go wild on the headcanons! The mysteries! The wonders! The crossovers! They're all in you to show how much awesome this show is! Oh, and your Stan Brother's theory is canon! So all the others are debunked! But don't mention any shipping in my face, please? Dipper and Mabel don't commit incest, not sure about Dipper and Pacifica or Dipper and Wendy cause he's maturing to find other girls, and I'm sorry, BillDip? That's just degrading! Sorry, but I don't want to hear anymore shipping! They aren't valid in canon timeline.
  • Some live-action shows (except Doctor Who):What's up with these "headcanons"? Silly fans, they're not true to my creative vision! My characters don't make out! I decide their story, not yours!

De-stressing through makeup so Gigi Hadid inspired look! 👑
The semester is both ramping up and winding down so I’m making a list of all the vids you guys want me to make once summer hits! The Avatar Earthbending prop has been OVERWHELMINGLY requested on Tumblr, YouTube, and Facebook so that’s first on the list! I’m thinking of doing a cosplay skin/makeup vid too, but let me know what you guys want to see! I just wanna be a homie!