I am not even sorry. That’s just the way my mind works, I guess.

Also I really can’t wait to see more of Korra’s twin cousins, because they are awesome. And I think I just love that not-an-easy-one-to-impress type, heheh:D

not to mention those gorgeous hair.

PS: I didn’t know one of them was a guy though hahaah I am so sorry I thought they are both girls I am dumb XD

but I kind of fixed it, I guess hehe

Because we all know we’re going to have trouble keeping these two straight, here are a few differences between Korra’s creepy-as-fuck cousins: the girl has slightly more pronounced eyelashes, the hair on the sides of her face is tied, the little white bit on her sash is slightly smaller and the sash itself is tied higher, the bottom of her robe is triangular, and her pants are tighter than her brother’s.

Moving with the Air (Legend of Korra Roleplay)

It was a fine afternoon in autumn, in early October. Anuri the werewolf was relaxing in her family’s home amongst the Mt. Onyx werewolf clan. She was reading a book in her room, her animal companions Ratha (a female ring-tailed winged lemur), Frostjumper (a male snow ferret), and Tadashi (male fire cat (takes the shape of a dark red caracal lynx) lounging with her, when suddenly, her younger brother Ren, age 13, burst in. To Anuri, he apparently had a long run, for he was breathing heavily. “What’s with you, little brother?” Anuri asked, confused.

“Oh, sis, I have great news! Our cousin Korra is here, in Republic City!” Ren shouted, excitement in his voice.

Anuri instantly got to her feet, blue eyes wide as she dropped her book. “Are you sure, Ren? She’s really here?” she asked, heart beating fast.

Ren only nodded, his animal companion Onyx (a female pygmy puma) jumping up on his shoulders.

“Then go get Caesar and Kusa! We’re going to go officially welcome her!” Anuri ordered, and as Ren turned and left, Anuri motioned for Tadashi, Frostjumper, and Ratha to follow her. They did, and once they were outside, Anuri transformed into her winged wolf form. Her fur was silver with some slightly darker markings, and her wings were purple. Her animal companions jumped onto her back and she took to the air, her brothers Ren and Kusa, and her boyfriend Caesar meeting her mid-flight.

The four werewolves flew until they spotted City Hall below, and Korra and Naga at the front of the building. Anuri dove straight down as she called as loud as she could, “KORRA!“ When she landed, she saw her distant cousin’s overjoyed expression.

In response to the twin fanart I just reblogged can I just say?  You know how there are certain groups that are underrepresented or not represented well and yadda yadda…?

Twins are one of those groups.  We are not all close and innately similar, we don’t prank everybody together all the time, we don’t like flirting with the same boys, and we don’t always get along.  Off-hand I can think of a couple sets of fictional twins:

  • The Hitachiin Brothers (Ouran)
  • The Weasley Brothers (Harry Potter)
  • The Olsen Sisters (kind of half-fictionalized)
  • The brother and sister from Escape to Witch Mountain
  • Tia and Tamara (Sister, Sister)
  • The girls from Parent Trap
  • Those Twins Austin Powers Almost Had Sex With (Austin Powers)
  • (this list is incomplete, obvs)

Of the seven I could think up off the top of my head, only one set is fraternal, and they’re also the only pair whose purpose isn’t comedy and funny gags.  Don’t remember much of it honestly but.  I’m not making some kind of ethical or moral complaint here.  It’s just an observation.

My point is that I’m extremely excited for the upcoming twins in Legend of Korra.  They’re fraternal, they don’t seem inherently goofy, and fuck I’m sorry I just love characters from the Water Tribes okay.  I’M EXCITED FOR FRATERNAL TWIN REPRESENTATION.  POWER TO FRATERNAL TWINS.