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Book 1: More Musings

After recapping all of Book 1, I have a few more things to say.

  • There’s no arguing that Book 2 had issues, but since revisiting both seasons…I’m going to put Book 1 as the weakest in the seires. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoyed it. My joke about Korra looking “relatively satisfied” is also kind of reflective of my attitude. Had the series ended there I would have been fine with it, kind of “hm, that was interesting. Glad I watched.” But Beginnings is where the show really began to grow for me, and Book 3 is when I fell in love with it.
  • It feels weird for me to have switched the order of Book 1 and 2. I loved the Equalist set up/Amon and the introduction into the 1920s Avatar-verse, and the Civil War plot of Book 2 was simply not engaging. But Book 1 felt the most…unnatural? Like these characters were being stuffed into molds that didn’t quite fit.
  • Then there was pacing, the balance of plots, and the loose ends, oh the loose ends. I don’t want to be harsh because they had to write a season without knowing the future of the show. Yet these were major narrative missteps that are hard to ignore.

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I’m watching season 2 of Korra and I’m just saying this show would be TEN TIMES BETTER if these kids would just STOP KISSING EACH OTHER. Just stop. Keep ur mouths to yourselves. Hold ur tongues. If u can control elements im pretty sure u can control ur hormones. jfc. 

*checks tumblr real quick to see if the lok book 4 trailer released*


*checks again 20 minutes later*

still nope

*checks again an hour later*

still not here…and my heart is slowly breaking

*checks once again a while later*


Hey! Thanks for sending me this question! :) I hope you don’t mind makorraftw but I would like to share this post publicly, because I feel like I didn’t really talk about Korra as much as I did Mako in my other post. There’ll be spoilers in this post of course, so beware!

First of all, there’s no point in trying to pick anything Korra has done to show affections to Mako this season, because she has shown none. You can’t analyze something that doesn’t exist. With the exception of maybe episode one, and especially episode two, Korra has shown relatively no emotions towards Mako this season. For the most part she has been with Asami rather than Mako and Bolin, and when he is around she mainly talks to the rest of the group and still has a little snap towards Mako when he suggests things. She’s not been super angry towards him, but she hasn’t talked to Asami, or even Bolin that way. But ultimately she is much better about listening to his suggestions this season, but we all know there’s been no romance shown from Korra at all.

Honestly, Korra has no time to be fixing things with Mako. She’s dealing with a type of villain she’s never dealt with before, one who is questioning morality and political issues in which has never had to consider before. I can’t even wrap my mind around what exactly Zaheer wants to accomplish so I can only imagine how Korra feels. And after last night’s episode, we truly know how deadly that guy is. The only reason Korra mentioned Mako and Bolin in this episode was simply because she relies on them and thought they’d come to save her. She expects that. But does she have time to sit around and cry or be devastated because Mako and Bolin were captured? No, she doesn’t. She has to watch her back continuously.

But do I think Korra loves Mako? Yes. You can totally read her face when Mako tells her that he can’t come with them on the trip to find airbenders. She was in hopes that things would get back to normal with Mako, she thought it could be good again with them as friends. But when he left her after saying he couldn’t go, you see how crushed she is. Personally, I think something snapped in Korra that very moment. I think she realized that she felt something for him still and that she couldn’t just pretend it was all peachy anymore. I had a guy bestfriend in high school who I was constantly with for two years. During that time I developed feelings for him and we dated for a year and a half. He then he broke up with me, saying that although he did love me his feelings for me just weren’t there. I was crushed, but I made the mistake in letting myself think that you can really be close with someone you still love. I had to let this guy go because I couldn’t stand to be around him and not be with him because I loved him. And despite our friendship, this guy knew he had to let me go too, because he knew my feelings. In a reverse kind of way, I think this is what Korra and Mako are both going through now except that both still love each other and are dealing with it in completely different ways. I honestly think that’s why Korra has be more snappy with Mako than Asami or Bolin. You have to admit she has been. ex. “I’M STILL NEW AT THIS, SO BACK OFF!”

But there hasn’t been time to address it, and I think it’s pretty awesome that it hasn’t been addressed. It’s given time for Mako and Korra to grow separately. They need to grow a lot outside of their relationship and I think we’ve seen a lot of growth already. But as far as how this growth has affected their relationship, we’ve seen Mako go from simply being afraid to be around Korra and letting that relationship control his every move to him letting it go and talking to her more, offering ideas to her, fighting for her, and doing nearly anything at all costs just to save her. Korra has grown in her character outside of Mako. I’m not going to try to say that her development has anything to do with her relationship with Mako. Korra’s growth is not all about shipping, and that’s wonderful. She has to be her own person. But while her development has nothing to do with Mako I fully believe that this growth will contribute to a healthier relationship if Makorra happens again. And also, I honestly don’t think Korra believes Mako still cares about her. I believe that’s why it crushed her when he left her at Air-Temple Island. She went from being hopeful to just ignoring it all together.

Shipping is not the most important part of this show so not all of Korra’s actions are going to be based off of Mako, so I also think they’re trying to keep Korra focusing on what’s really the most important thing right now. Like I said, there’s no time for her to be moping around and I’m glad she isn’t. That’s not the Korra I want to see. I want to continue seeing the Korra we’ve seen grow so much this season (I could write an entire separate post of Korra’s character development, but I’ll spare you).

But as I mentioned in one of my other posts, I think Mako’s going to have to be the one who pulls the emotion out of Korra this time. i think after the ultimatum is given to her, whatever it may be, I think Korra will be selfless and try to join Zaheer. But I think Mako will crack and say that he doesn’t want her to go. I think he’ll tell her that regardless of whether or not they’re together, he had told her he would always love and he does. Mako’s under the surface reactions has lead up to this all season. I think he will crack and I think that while it will definitely affect Korra and make her show her emotions, I doubt anything will be resolved until book 4. That’s just my thinking. I’m positive we will see something from Mako and Korra before this book’s over, but it won’t be anything huge yet. If anything Mako will admit his feelings for Korra again, and I think she’ll show a long face or some kind of emotion, but ultimately it will be up to her to decide when OR if she should get back together with Mako. That’s the way it should be. But the thing I love about Mako is that I believe he’s willing to wait on her decision and will always be there for her no matter what.