korra's outfit


Recently rewatched Legend of Korra and realized how much I miss this show.
So here are my favorite ladies in some 20′s outfits. 

Outfits in the second image are based on the ones in this post which were based of this piece of fanart

guess who jumped on the avatar au train

  • shiro was born in the fire nation, and is the avatar
  • pidge is a non bender from the earth kingdom
  • hunk is an earthbender from the earth kingdom
  • lance is the last waterbender from the southern water tribe
  • keith is a fire bender who was born in republic city
  • this au is kind of a mix between atla and lok?? so republic city exists at the same time as when the fire nation takes over
  • allura is the last airbender (coran is still alive though he just cant airbend)
  • in their time avatars were looked after in the air nomads
  • which is why the fire nation destroyed it
  • alfor and the avatar of that time, a water bender, sealed allura and coran deep in the temple in a cryofreeze type thing?? idk
  • alfor and the avatar were both killed by the fire nation a little while after
  • when the next avatar was born into the earth kingdom the earthbender was captured and eventually killed, meaning the next avatar was to be born into the fire nation, just like they wanted
  • except it didnt really work bc shiro Did Not Agree with what they were doing
  • nobody found out he was the avatar until he snuck two non benders from the earth kingdom into the fire nation so they could do?? something?? idk i havent worked that part out yet
  • shiro himself doesnt even know hes the avatar until he earthbends to try and stop the fire nation soldiers from hurting matt, accidentally injuring matt in the process which actually ended up working in their favor when shiro acted like he did it on purpose
  • the fire nation was pleased with this and they made him into a fire nation soldier and taught him to lightning bend and tried using him to their advantage
  • eventually haggar, a metal bender and trusted adviser to fire lord zarkon (lmao) makes him a metal arm that is strongly linked to something? idk they have some sort of control over it for a while
  • he was also taught to earth bend and was starting water bending
  • shiro eventually escaped to the edge of the fire nation and finds keith who was wandering aimlessly after being kicked out of republic city
  • they already knew each other and talked for a while before coming across the cryofreeze pod things that had been moved from the temple by accident (wind or something??)
  • allura and coran find out what happened to the air nomads and the avatar
  • they then find out that shiro is the new avatar and that they still have a duty to fufill
  • they go off to look for an earthbender who can teach shiro more about earthbending (he already learned but he says he still needs to learn more) and a waterbender
  • they go off to the earth kingdom and meet hunk and pidge
  • shiro immediately recognizes pidge because of how much they look like matt
  • hunk vaguely recognizes keith from his time in republic city when he was younger
  • hunk agrees to help shiro with earthbending, despite his comments about how he isnt very good
  • when they mention to hunk and pidge about how they still need a waterbender pidge mentions that only the northern water tribe has waterbenders because the last waterbender in the southern water tribe was supposedly killed by the fire nation
  • hunk stays strangely quiet
  • they are on the south part of the earth kingdom however and allura says they may as well head down that way just in case
  • so they do
  • there they meet lance
  • hunk and pidge had met him when they were all in republic city once when they were young
  • he freezes up when he sees shiros fire nation attire and goes to run before hunk and pidge assure him shiro means no harm and he kinda relaxes and goes straight to flirting with allura
  • keith was standing a ways back and facing away from them but lance recognizes him immediately
  • KEITH?!?! uh do i know you? Uh the names lance? … you almost ran me over with YOUR MOTORCYCLE?!?!?! oh wait i remember you, youre that idiot that ran out in the middle of the street and right in front of my bike
  • anyway allura explains how shiro is the avatar and asks lance about any waterbenders he might know that could help shiro learn waterbending
  • lance is quiet for a while before he says something along the lines of i can absolutely trust you, right? to shiro and keith
  • they assure him that no harm will come to any waterbenders while theyre around because they dont agree with what the fire nation is doing
  • lance complies and tells them hes the last waterbender in the southern water tribe
  • hunk already knew because lance isnt very good at keeping secrets
  • pidge asks how the fire nation didnt find him and lance makes up some excuse that they all know is a lie
  • im too good for the fire nation to find me or something really fuckin cocky
  • oh yeah i forgot to mention instead of just the avatar getting an animal companion all of them get one
  • they all get really BIG ones too
  • Lance obviously gets a polar bear dog because korra
  • keith gets an armadillo bear
  • shiro gets a komodo rhino
  • hunk gets a bagdermole (maybe?? idk theyre p big)
  • pidge gets a armadillo lion
  • pidge eventually finds out they can metal bend just an fyi

uhm?? thats all i got for now bc this is getting really long

also yes there is klance?? when isnt there when it comes to me tbh


MD: Seeing all these concepts of Asami’s outfit together really reminds me how important a character’s costume is and how it helps illustrate his or her personality and role in the story. I love the final version, which is a nice balance of formal business attire and fashion-forward elegance. Asami concepts and designs by Lauren Montgomery, Christie Tseng, and Bryan Konietzko. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf and Bryan Konietzko. [x]

anonymous asked:

I think last anon meant Korra's green outfit from like the beginning of S4 but that's not why I'm here. Do you encourage tracing as a way of studying anatomy and poses so long as the person doing it doesn't post the art anywhere? I've heard a few people did it to help them when they were beginners but I'm still a little iffy...

For your question! Yes, tracing is good and wholesome and perfectly fine so long as you’re not claiming it as your work or your own. Especially for learning, sometimes it’s necessary to understand how parts fit together whether they’re mechanical or organic. I highly encourage you to do it! I still do it when I can’t understand something even now. But then I always erase it, of  course. :) I wish you lots of fun in your art journey!

For the multitude of Korra comments I’ve received since last night:

I can see how you could get that impression from this particular piece:

Because I took off her undershirt for training. As for the wraps, I referenced some real life boxing ladies, not the show. :) But I’m happy anytime my work gets compared to Korra or Avatar in general because I have major respect for all the people involved in those shows!

If you’re curious how Faeb’s outfit actually came together, it was heavily inspired by Dragon Age:

(Don’t mind Faeb’s face, this was an early concept and I had NO idea what her face was going to look like!) So, I wanted something that could believably fit in either the Warcraft or DA universe. The tight leggings that leave the toes and heels exposed are super common for elves, and the green tunic that comes to a “V”-ish shape is also a calling card for the Dalish. Later on I’d adapt this concept to have a thicker belt and the green hand…bracer…things she has now! I also toned down the embellishments because they took too long to draw haha. 

Character Talk: Asami: Indulge me as I whine.

So I think we can all agree, Asami Sato and fashion are 10/10. The Standard outfit, the book 4 outfit, and the kinda of racing/engineering suit are all awesome and I’ll talk about them one day. But Indulge me as I talk about the most pedantic thing I will ever talk about here. Yes more so then the swimsuit post. And it all sparks from this.

The hell is this? It’s her luggage obviously just work with me here. Asami is well off. And she’s got style, so it’s safe to assume that the girl loves her clothes. Which is great, I do too, and she’s not snooty or snide about it. But can we not all imagine that she’s the type of girl that has a walk in closet bigger then some apartments. I present the above picture as exhibit A. I doubt all those cases are full of papers and books is what I’m saying.

So why the heck is she a one outfit kinda girl? For a year by the way. Same jacket, same boots. And don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome and they work but c’mon. (See? I told you this would be inane.) And yes. I’m aware of the legit reason she wears one outfit for three seasons. Animation is expensive and changing her outfit even once an episode is a lot to ask and isn’t needed for the show. I would just like to take this moment therefore to lament Asami’s wardrobe that we will never see, and to wish if the show had infinite money and time we could have seen some variety. And I’d like to cross my fingers and hope we see some variation in the upcoming comic. I mean we all want to see casual, pajama Asami. Summer Asami. Just think of the possibilities. Alright, inane talk over. Except to say her outfit is still perfect and I love it.

Korrasami: Tough gf

Based off of a suggestion from an anon over here :)

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Consider: Asami and Korra are enjoying the honeymoon phase of their new relationship! But then, Asami watches Korra spar during training for the first time, and–ah. She’s, eh, rough. And relentless, and AHAHAHAH WOW did she just break that training dummy in half!? Basically: AU where Asami, who has been mistreated in the past, is nervous about sleeping with her tough new girlfriend, Korra. But then Korra takes her to bed and quells those fears with the gentlest, sweetest lovemaking ever.

Small preview below!


Asami watched, when her girlfriend of six months walked onto the training mats of the gym. A knot formed in her stomach while she watched her take on a practice dummy. Korra wore a simple outfit. Loose pants, sneakers and a tight, sleeveless top. Showing off those strong arms with a thin layer of sweat now glistening on her caramel skin. Underneath said skin, strong muscles moved, tensed and relaxed just to tense up again before delivering a powerful punch.

To say Korra was strong was putting it mildly. She could easily bench press 200 pounds and smile while doing so. Most guys were intimidated by her if nothing else. Some others had tried to ask her out and wanted to show their superiority over her in other ways. She made clear she wasn’t interested and always waved them off. Ever once in a blue moon, one guy tries to push her into a date. There’s always one who just isn’t used to the word, no. When he tried to feel her up, he learned his lesson the hard way. With a bloody nose and some missing teeth, he left never to be seen again.

Asami had met Korra during a party that was held by a mutual friend. Bolin was celebrating his birthday at his place that he shared with his brother, Mako. Asami had literally bumped into Korra who spilled her drink onto her own clothes. After apologizing perhaps fifty times while trying to dab Korra’s shirt, Korra said it was all right. That she’d forgive her if she’d dance with her that night and go out on a date. That dance and date evolved into something more and after a few weeks, Korra officially asked her to be her girlfriend.

Asami smiled at the memory but her eyes widened at the scene before her. Korra had been punching and kicking the training dummy relentlessly. With a loud growl, she delivered the final blow. Which was so powerful that the dummy’s upper half now laid on the floor. Spirits… Asami gasped and swallowed hard. Unconsciously she took a step backwards. A cold shiver went down her spine and settled in the pit of her stomach. Flashbacks of events that were long since passed came up to the surface.

Korra wasn’t her first girlfriend. She had a relationship with another girl before that lasted several months too. Amy had been her first. That relationship ended with Amy being put behind bars for several years. The first few weeks of them being together were lovely, up until a certain evening. Amy had wanted to take the next step into their relationship. Asami told her she wasn’t ready and it ended with Amy hitting Asami. The red handprint clearly visible on Asami’s pale cheek. She should have left then and there but she didn’t. While she had her own hand cover her red cheek, tears welled in her eyes and Amy swore and promised she’d never wanted to do it. Swore she’d never do it again.