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FANDOM FASHION FRIDAY! Korra in something victorian just in time for the premier of Book 4! I tend not to draw Korra in dresses because she seems more like a pants girl to me but man her waist tie works PERFECTLY as a bustle! I’m such a sucker for Victorian Era clothes (Basically I’m a sucker for clothes of all eras…)

I’m going to miss the premier (because I’m in AC! Ah so excited!) so you guys will have to let me know how it is! 

Is there something you want to see? Feel free to give me a suggestion! My suggestion box is starting to get a little low so don’t be shy! 

Rough Night

Title: Rough Night [ff.net] [ao3]

Rating: M (smut)

Word Count: ~2200

Summary: Being the Avatar is tough, but Mako is determined to make sure she forgets about it all once she gets home. Makorra smut.

Testimonials: This fic made Tumblr User kwongs “do the pants business.”



Korra stumbled wearily through the door to Mako’s apartment. Just last week, he handed over a key to his moderately sized apartment. He claimed it was a better alternative than leaving the bedroom window just slightly cracked so she could zip up by air glider, but Korra knew better. It was a big gesture that said, “I plan on keeping you around,” and “You’re home here.” For that, she was utterly grateful.

“Hey, I’m home,” she dropped the bag slug over her shoulder in the entryway with a lopsided grin plastered on her face.

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Asami grow up a lot, just like Mako and she's almost as tall as Mako, which is riddiculous, but hey, Bryke said there will be some height difference mistakes during Book 4 so... Korra is a full head smaller than Mako, Bumi and Tenzin, almost a full head smaller than Asami and Bolin. Half head smaller than Lin and Lin is a little more than a half head smaller than Mako now. So Korra is a cute little shortie.

I mean sure, there’s going to be mistakes here and there, but Korra is anything but a shortie. Bryan specifically talked about her height increase and said “sorry haters. Korra’s even taller now” (Emphasis on “even,” because she was already pretty tall). In this shot, she and Bolin almost look of a height:(it’s hard to gauge Mako and Asami there because of their placement, but Korra and Bolin are on equal ground).

And she’s definitely nowhere near a full head smaller than Mako (who is quite tall himself):^That’s like what? 4 or 5 inches. A forehead difference?

If we want a “cute little shortie” I think Opal fits that description:

Honestly, Team Avatar is just really, really tall. Like all of them.  Korra wears super flat boots throughout S4 (flatter than Bolin’s shoes even) and Asami’s heels threw off a lot of the perception. If I had to guess, Korra’s around 5’8” and Asami’s around 5’10”. The caps show Bolin more consistently even with Asami. And then Mako right around 6’. I guess Tenzin is a giant. Oz has spoken.

ETA: for reference, average female height in the US is 5'4.5", and male is 5'10" for the 20-29 age demographic.

modern day korra:

  • sweatpants
  • ugg boots
  • sports bras
  • t-shirts with sleeves cut off/varsity tanks and tees
  • sometimes hoody sweatshirt
  • summertime: spandex shorts and sports bra. that’s it.
  • constantly carries around a nalgene of water
  • making her well hydrated but probably has to pee a lot
  • doesn’t shower after early morning weights practice and wanders into the back of morning classes with coffee and a bagel
(Makorra Smut Week Day 5: Clumsy First Time)

A/N: If you love fluff then grab a pillow to hug and scream in and don’t pretend you don’t do that shit when you have feels.

Rated M

Korra was good at lot of things. Fighting, bending, being a loyal friend, but Mako’s favorite thing she was good at was kissing. And since they got back from the South Pole after getting her bending back, they did a whole lot of it.

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Review: The Legend of Korra - Book 4, Episodes 12-13 (Series Finale)

“I’m afraid there are no more things to do.”

A Note on Spoilers: I’ve been calling these “reviews” even though they’re more like commentary, but this one is even less “review-like” than usual. Really, it’s an essay, full of plot points and analysis on the series as a whole. If you came here for a spoiler-free review, then, uh… Grade: A. The first two Books have their rough patches, but the last two are fantastic pretty much start to finish. In short, it’s an excellent series. Go watch it.

The rest of you should hit the jump and read on. Oh, and get comfy. I wasn’t kidding about that “essay” thing.

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Making of the Korra Cosplay:

1: An official character design page for Korra’s first season outfit. Referring to a reference image helps you visualize what you’re trying to create and to keep it authentic.

2: 2nd picture shows the materials.
-Approx. a yard of felt
-A blue turtleneck shirt for alteration (or for the ambitious soul, approx. 2 yards of jersey material *or similar stretch fabric* and a pattern for a mandarin collar shirt
-½ yard of thin blue fabric of your choice
-Yard of white fabric of your choice
-1 pair of expendable long white and navy blue socks
-2 yards of white faux fur trim (don’t use real, c’mon save the animals man! Lol) or an old piece of clothing that has enough fur trim on it.
-1 pair of old blue sweat pants (they should technically be lighter than mine, but whatever…) or approx. 4 yards of blue fabric of your choice and a baggy pants pattern.
-1 tube of white acrylic paint
-Inexpensive/old pair of faux fur trimmed suede boots

3: A blue turtleneck was bought…because I only had 3 days to make this before the event, so I thought it would buy me some time and be simpler. Well…surprise! That’s not how things go. They only had 2 sizes so the one I got was waaaay too big for me. Had to seriously take it in at the neck and the center-back. I then I cut off the arms and altered the neckline, a bit of an ordeal. :-P

4: Korra’s outer skirt I made with leftover felt material I had from design school. I found felt kept shape much better than the semi-suede like materials and as a plus for those looking to make it, it’s cheaper too! Afterwards, I cut an old faux-fur head cover and trimmed the skirt with it. I hand stitched all the skirt and used waist ties from an old shirt for the skirt ties. Her inner skirt was simple, cut and sewn in the shape of an isosceles triangle, from some old Italian imported dark navy blue silk I had. (A bit of luxury for Korra, why not?) xD
If you don’t have the skill or time, just make it big enough to tie in the back, but if you have the time try inserting velcro in the back on the corner edges of the inner skirt. And Voilà!

5: A picture of me making Korra’s headpieces. I used empty thread spools for her side hair accessories and cut a small bit of a paper towel roll for the top piece, painted them stark white with acrylic paint and covered them with a thin blue crepe-like material from an old skirt I had.

6: Testing out the new hair accessories and giving the new hairstyle a test run.

7:Trying the skirt on, fits well. So I go ahead and make the reinforcement stitches.

8: Testing out the whole ensemble together. After making adjustments to the back, the shirt fits better, so I go ahead and begin with the alteration of the neckline and the white piping for the sleeves.

9: Armbands were made with long socks and a shirt sleeve from the shirt. Final touches and complete!

10: Meeting up with another Korra at the Pop Expo, dream come true! Hey 2 benders are better than 1, right? ;-)

*Notes: Pants & Boots: Buy a simple, loose pants pattern, gather stitch the leg bottoms, or if you’re pushed for time or skill, use old sweat pants. In regards to the boots, I’m not skilled in shoe making and it’s hard to find good Korra boot tutorials that actually look like her shoes in the show. I didn’t have the material or skill so I bought some super cheap ones at GT that fit the look.

Anyways if anyone’s planning a Korra cosplay, I hope this helps…Ciao!

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More prisoner of war au? Honestly I love that story so much I would love to see you continue it into an actual multi chaptered story!

(Of course dear anon! For you~)

The trip to the Southern Water Tribe was about a week’s time; they stopped once at Kyoshi Island to pay tribute to Korra’s past life, the renowned former Avatar.

But Asami was glad to finally exit the boat after all those nights at sea, listening to the creaking of the iron hull, the sounds of the waves lapping at the sides.

Not to mention the awful sea-sickness that had plagued her the first three days.

“Are you ready to meet my family?” Korra was practically beaming with excitement; the alpha had given her gift after gift during the journey, each more elaborate than the last. She was apparently preparing for the last stages of the courting process.

“Yes,” Asami breathed on her hands, even with the gloves she was still freezing. “I hope they like me.”

“They’ll love you,” Korra assured the shaking omega, wrapping her arm around the female to warm her up. “I’ve written to them about you before. They’re very excited to meet you!”

“That helps,” Asami smiled at the other woman. Korra was a true sweet heart through and through; she had been nothing but kind and understanding with her, treating the omega with all the respect and affection in the world.

“I’m glad,” the boat’s horn blasted loudly, and Korra bounced on the balls of her feet as they pulled up to the pier, the metal pathway lowered to the wooden surface.

Korra grabbed her hand and pulled them over; Asami gripped the hand-rails uneasily, avoiding looking down at the churning mass of freezing cold water below them.

The moment her feet touched the solid foundation of the pier, she let out a breath the heiress didn’t know she had been holding in.

“Mom! Dad!” Korra practically squealed and Asami felt her heart go cold with fear as she turned to watch two people approach the grinning alpha.

“Korra!” the man, who must have been her father, lifted his daughter off the ground in a gigantic bear hug; the avatar laughed heartily, pure joy expanded across her face.

“Honey!” the woman wrapped her arms around the bender when the male set the alpha back down; engulfing her daughter in a tight hug, “We’ve missed you!”

“I missed you too!” Korra pulled away and puffed out her chest, moving to stand back next to Asami.

The heiress suddenly found the ground very interesting, nervously twirling her hair with her fingers.

Korra placed a hand on the nonbenders’ arm, “Mom, Dad, this is Asami. The one I’ve been telling you about.”

“The one you’ve been courting?” the avatar’s mother smiled gently, “Why she’s even more beautiful than I expected.” The woman moved closer and held out her hand, her scent marked her as a beta, which helped Asami relax since she was more accustomed to them, “I’m Senna.”

“It’s nice to meet you Senna,” Asami took her offered hand, shaking earnestly. “You look a lot like your daughter.”

“I’ve been told,” the mother laughed and gestured to her husband. “Tonraq, come say hello.”

The man stepped forward, and his scent automatically registered as Alpha. In a way, he reminded the inventor of Korra; they had the same colored eyes, a light shade of blue.

He looked her up and down and Asami swore she could feel her heart resonating in her chest; she wanted him to like her, to approve of her. After a minute he crossed his arms over his chest, before nodding approvingly, “I couldn’t believe it when Korra wrote about an omega. We don’t have many down here, but know you are welcome.”

Asami bowed her head respectfully; relief filled her chest, “Thank you, sir, ma’am. You’re both very kind.”

“Well, of course!” Senna wrapped an arm around the slightly taller girl’s shoulders, leading her away from the docks and towards the shops, “Now come on you two! I bet you’re hungry!”


After two weeks in the Southern Water Tribe, Asami was starting to adapt to the cold weather; well, at least to the point where she wasn’t shivering all the time anymore.

Korra hadn’t been around the last few days, and the heiress found herself helping Senna around the house, or preparing meals.

They still lived in the compound Korra grew up in; the alpha told her stories of what it was like to be holed up there for so many years, she really hadn’t like it at all. But now after spending so much time away from home, simply visiting the place seemed to placate her, as long as she wasn’t forced to stay inside the walls.

“Asami!” the alpha strutted into the room, wearing her tribal garb like a sign of honor. She had a new pelt thrown over her shoulder, and the inventor could tell the avatar had something tucked away in her sweater pocket.

“Hey you,” she allowed the other to press a gentle kiss to her check; despite the fact that Korra was courting her, they hadn’t kissed much. Asami didn’t know if it was just nerves on the alpha’s part, or if Korra simply wanted to wait until she had the assurance that the heiress would accept her as the omega’s mate.

There really wasn’t any doubt of the fact that Korra wanted a permanent bond, Asami could still recall the look in the alpha’s eyes all those months ago outside the heat chamber; fighting off the avatar’s rivals, and looking in at her through the slit in the door with so much want and need.  

Korra had likened it to breathing, stating how angry she felt when she saw the other alpha’s crowding around the door. Asami’s heat had brought out the animal inside the avatar, an animal that thirsted for one thing only.

The omega had never felt so thrilled or oddly pleased at hearing Korra admit that; she didn’t know why, but she could understand the feeling. She absolutely hated seeing others throwing themselves at the unmated bender, the heiress had long since realized she was jealous.

“Do you want to go on a walk with me?” Korra looked at her with big puppy eyes, “Or we can take Naga if you want. There’s this cliff I wanted to show you. It has the most beautiful view of the sunset.”

“How far is it?” Asami smiled. “I would love to go, but you know how cold I get once night falls.”

“It’s not too far from here,” Korra grinned. “About an hours’ walk, or fifteen minutes on Naga.”

“Let’s take Naga then,” Asami shuffled on her feet, looking down at the socks covering them. “Let me just grab my snow boots.”

“Great!” Korra smiled hugely. “Meet me out by Naga’s area when you’re ready!”

“I will,” Asami waved her off as she made her way up to her guest quarters; going to collect the snow boots Tonraq had taken her to get after water had gotten into her regular ones and nearly given the poor girl frostbite.


If there was one thing Korra knew, it was sunsets.

Asami’s felt her stomach twist in amazement at the multitude of colors expanding across the horizon; the clouds were painted beautiful tones of orange and pink, blending together to make a picture most artists would kill to witness.

“I told you this place was nice,” Korra leaned back against Naga; the polar bear dog had leaned on her side, allowing the two of them to relax against the animal’s furry belly.

“I.. uh.. I got you this,” Korra pulled the smooth pelt from her shoulder; the same one the avatar had approached her with earlier. “My dad and I went hunting last night for seals. It’s for the uh…” The alpha blushed and tapped her fingers together nervously, “the whole courting process.”

“Oh,” Asami took it gratefully, running her fingers across the smooth and velvety fur; the whole pelt had to be at least four feet long and three feet across. “It’s so soft. I love it.”

“I’m glad,” Korra blushed and fingered something in her overcoat pocket, before pulling it out and scrunching it in her hand; hiding whatever it was from the omega’s view. “But it’s not the only thing I got you.”

“Hmm?” Asami looked quizzingly at the alpha, “What do you mean?”

“The trials I had to do to prove I was worthy of you,” Korra took a deep breath. “They prove that I can help provide for my mate; that I can provide for whatever offspring are born, so that I can care for my family- both old and new. I passed them, and my dad helped me with the final step yesterday. He helped me carve this.”

The Avatar opened her hand and Asami felt her breath hitch in her throat; a beautiful hand carved, glowing blue pendant hanging on a silky blue ribbon was in the alpha’s hand.

Suddenly Korra’s nervousness made sense.

The alpha had made Asami a betrothal necklace.

“I…” the inventor’s voice felt too weak to be her own. “I can’t believe it.”

“I know we’re both young,” Korra looked down. “We’re only seventeen, and I’m still learning a lot about being a good Avatar and everything; so I’m not saying we have to rush into bonding. It’s a promise per say.”

“That’ll I’m yours,” Asami breathed. “And you’re mine.”

“Yes,” Korra nodded excitedly. “I knew the moment I saw you, you were the only one for me. I can’t explain it, but I knew Asami. And I would like to be your mate one day; I would like to be able to call myself your wife. I would like to ask you to marry me.”

“Oh Korra,” Asami laughed lightly, a smile overtaking her face. “Of course I will. I think I knew too, no one else would do for me. You were the one I was falling in love with.”

Korra grinned hugely, before slyly gesturing for the omega to turn around; holding up the pennant. “Can I?”

Asami turned and pulled her hair over her shoulder; allowing Korra to wrap the ribbon around her neck and lock the clasp into place in the back.

The pendant felt cool against her skin, the ribbon hugging her neck elegantly.

Korra beamed when the heiress turned back her way, a blush overtaking the usually confident alpha’s face, “Whoa, you look so beautiful.”

Asami leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to the other’s lips, allowing her future bond-mate’s scent to wash over and engulf her, “Thank you.”

“No,” Korra nuzzled the omega’s cheek with her nose, a soft- almost purring- sound coming from the alpha’s chest. “I should be the one thanking you.

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i love this prompt “i did that annoying thing where i put loads of smaller boxes inside one big box and you’re getting really mad but you don’t know that the ring is in the smallest box and i can’t wait to see your face” will you write this?




The snowy dust hiding the driveway clung to the soles of Asami’s heavy boots as she cautiously made her way towards the front door of the house, trying to contain her excitement for what was gonna come before the night was up. The car’s passenger door slammed shut as she walked past it and a second pair of footsteps began follow her closely behind. The crisp chill of the late evening invaded her lungs and she was glad when an arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her into the body walking next to her. The short walk was enough to make Asami shiver, for reasons other than anticipation, as her quickly numbing hands fumbled with her keyring when they approached the front door. As she struggled to find the right key, Korra swiftly stuck her own into the lock and smoothly led Asami inside.

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