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can you recommend some korrasami fics?

Of course I can! Man, I don’t even know where to start, but these are some of the ones that come to mind (they aren’t ranked in any particular order):

March of Progress by @threehoursfromtroy

The Avatar must protect nature, foster peace, and keep the world safe.
The CEO of Future Industries must expand, innovate, and, at the end of the day, turn a profit.

Korra and Asami have fallen in love, and fallen hard. But when their duties come between them, their world convulses around them, and their pasts still haunt them both, can the world’s most powerful couple survive?

~ I’ve recommended this many times and still stand by this fic (and the whole Comes Marching Home series). We get to see the development of Korra and Asami in terms of their relationship, their characterization and their hardships. Also, the author is an absolute sweetheart!


Place in the World by paxbananaKorra struggles to find her place in the world. Continuation-fic. Related to One on One. 

~ Honestly, I think this may be one of my favourite ongoing korrasami fics so far. The author alternates between Korra and Asami’s perspective in this story and brings about brilliant characterization/introspection as well as culture (we get to experience a lot in regards to the Southern Water Tribe). Seriously… just read it when you have the time. (Yes, I know some people have a problem with the labels used in this story and I completely understand, but try to give it a chance. I think the author has been quite respectful in how they handled the whole situation - but, if this type of thing really does bother you, consider giving this fic a pass)


The Everthere by @guileheroine

Korra and Asami on the steady, special road to life partnership. A post-reunion, post(ish)-college roommate AU.

~ So, I’m not usually a fan of AU stories, but this one has left me stunned on multiple occasions. The characterization of Korra and Asami is divine, their relationship progression is so pure and beautiful and the story is captivating. It’s a slow burn story that is definitely worth your time!


(The characterization in this story reminds me of Nightmares and Daydreams by SorbetLaitier - another sort of slow burn type of story that I would highly recommend ~ https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10837027/1/Nightmares-and-Daydreams)

Absence of Light by @sniperct

Ten years ago, Avatar Korra opened a spirit portal in the center of Republic City. In the decade since, Korra has overseen a new era of peace. But there are dangers old and new, creeping shadows threatening to strangle and choke out the light and throw the world back out of balance. In the absence of light, what hope remains?

~ I’ve recommended this to some people because it’s honestly one of the best stories that I’ve ever read (this too, has its own series called The Avatar and the Inventor). Here, we have a badass married Korrasami couple and a very interesting/dangerous villain. We also get to see some good ol’ characters from ATLA!


All These Broken Hearts on That Pole by Gummy

Korra knew this was insane. Absolutely utterly mad. The first time she ever stepped foot in a strip club and of course she had to fall for one of the strippers. The entire thing felt like a tired, worn out cliche. But cliche or not, something was happening and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let it slip through her fingers.

~ This is another AU involving a strip club - need I say more? I haven’t read this one in a while, but I would definitely say that it’s worth the read!


Parts to Play by @darling-gypsum

Asami Sato has been raised her whole life to distrust benders, but now, she doesn’t know quite what to make of the Avatar. The two girls bond as the Equalist threat looms over Republic City, but the threat could be closer than Korra realizes. Asami’s allegiances are tested. (designed to blend the “Asami Equalist AU” into most of the show canon, so Korrasami, Makorra, and Masami ships are all acknowledged and explored) 

Unseen moments in the last two books, as Korra and Asami fly out of and back into each other’s lives.Sequel to “Parts to Play” Books 1 & 2.

~ This is definitely a must-read story! It takes an alternative path in books 1 & 2 with an equalist!asami narrative. Book 3 & 4 are more of what we are used to in the show. The characters really get fleshed out and we get to see lot of behind-the-scenes moments/interactions. A very beautiful story/series indeed! 



Book 5: Light by @asami-snazz

A complete Book 5 story following Korra and Asami from the final and beyond as the couple navigate through their new relationship whilst also dealing with rising anti-spirit tension at home and considerable political instability in the rest of the Four Nations as Korra and Asami are tested more than ever before.

“The canon seemed to be being fired carelessly from the Spirit Wilds. Korra…No…Gut instinct told Asami that the Avatar would be there.”

~ I’ve always had a great liking for this story! Very nice characterization and relationship-building for both Korrasami  with a really neat plot! It starts out fluffy but gets very interesting as the chapter go on! We get to Asami have some amazing moments and we also get to see a bit more about Korra’s mental state. Highly recommend this!


* * * * *

Some other must-reads that are well-known include:

The Seeking Balance series by SimplyKorra (a.k.a @weissrose on this site) 


Ronin Korra series by @silks-stuff (very obsessed with this at the moment)


Spin the Rails series by @lokgifsandmusings and @progmanx


Venti Sized Crush by @mezoereed


They say that true love hurts. Well, this could almost kill me by frenetic_core 


The Blacksmith’s Favor by @sy-itha


Food Fight by @oldvelvet95 (I love re-reading this one!)


…and a whole lotta others that I want to include (but this list is already getting too long - though you may see me add things here and there :p). I haven’t bothered adding my own commentary to these last few ones due to their well-known status. But seriously, read them all!!! 

Hopefully you can find some nice stories in there that you haven’t read before. They all deserve the chance to be read and loved!!! Feel free to add on some other stories if you think I missed some good ones (which I know I did).

My top ten most powerful animated teens.


1. I am not including any DC, Marvel, or (Japanese) Anime teens. This is purely from  cartoon origins. If I included anime and comics, it would be riddled with them

2. They must have super powers, a super powered weapon, or in some way shape or form give them abilities beyond human powers.

3. One per franchise.

4. To be considered a teen, they must be between the ages of 12 to 19 when we are introduced to them.

5. This will be from only shows I have seen, so if a character of yours isn’t on the list I am sorry.

10. Steven Universe

Steven is the youngest member of the crystal gems (biologically 14 years old)

He is half human and half gem. While he is not much of a fighter, he is by no means weak.

He has one of the best defensive capabilities that I have seen.

His bubble shield is able to survive a spaceship crash from orbit.

His weapon of choice is a shield, that has unique properties that we have yet fully seen

He is able to heal injuries and broken gems with his spit.

He has enhanced strength and is tough enough to be thrown around by giant monsters and powerful creatures without much issue.

But the most amazing part about steven is, he is still learning. Once he unlocks his full potential it is obvious that I will have to put him higher on the list.

9. Ladybug from Miraculous:Tales of Ladybug and Chat noir.

Marinette is the heroine of Paris known as Ladybug.

With enhanced strength, speed, and durability. She is one tough customer. Her yo-yo can extend to any length, the line is unbreakable (Able to hold down a freaking T-rex) and has the ability to purify akuma.

But her greatest ability seems to be “Lucky charm”

This deus ex Machina ability allows the girl to solve a problem by giving her a random  item, which she will use to defeat her opponent in an unorthodox way.

And of course the other ability of Miraculous healing, which fixes all of the destruction that happened during the battle.

I chose her over chat noir mainly due to her having the purification ability

aside from that, they are practically equal.

8. Star butterfly from Star vs the forces of evil

Star is a 14 year old girl who happens to be princess of the kingdom of mewni

who happens to hail from another dimension.

She is constantly battling monsters that want her wand.

While I have her very low on the list, she does have potential to one day be near the top 5 of this list.

Why you ask.

Because of her magic wand!

The exact amount of power she possesses is unknown. It definitely not something one dismisses. It is strong enough to conjure up an assortment of pain, can alter ones anatomy,and even cause untold destruction in the wrong hands.

It only gets more powerful, I hope to see what it is really capable of.

7. Randy Cunningham: RC9GN

This teen ninja is responsible for protecting norrisvile from monsters, robots, evil wizards, and more.

With an arsenal of weapons that range from sharp to deadly stealthy to just plain ridiculous. The guy has almost as many weapons as batman!

But of course, he also has enhanced senses, limited elemental powers such as the ninja air fist, the tengu fire ball and more.

He also has super strength, enhanced speed, agility, reflexes, the whole typical hero stuff.

But This guy has a few more tricks up his sleeves, giving him a slight edge over the previous entrees.

6. Jake long, From American dragon: Jake long

Being the magical protector of New york city

Jake long has the power of dragons

With senses enhanced by his dragon transformation.

His senses are head and shoulders above the competition.

He can fly over 200-300 mph,

Strong enough to live 5 to 25 tons

breathes fire (Both as a rapper (Jk), and as a dragon)

claws that can rip through steal.

durability that makes being knocked through a brick wall an “inconvenience”

This dragon is tough and hard to beat.

5. Danny Phantom:

“Yo Danny phantom he was just 14

his parents built a strange machine,

designed to view a world unseen.”

But then s*** happened, and Danny fenton is now Danny phantom, protector of Amity park.

Having a ton of abilities Danny is one tough foe.

He can over shadow people,

shoot ecto blasts,

create energy shields

turn invisible, and intangible

Strong enough to pick up a bus with ease.

can fly over 150 miles per hour.

has cryokinisis (Ice powers)

can replicate himself making himself 4x as deadly!

And of course his most powerful ability

the Ghostly wail.

His last resort shout is strong enough to devastate a city.

While it was close between him and Jake,

Danny has the upper hand in terms of powers

4. Korra from Legend of Korra.

The latest avatar is certainly something. (Aside from being amazingly beautiful and powerful)

The protector of the world.

This girl has fought spirits, benders, Giant robots! the whole shabang

She can manipulate, fire, earth, water and Air with ease.

She even picked up metal and spirit bending!

But her most powerful form is her Avatar state.

In this state, she is powerful enough to stop city destroying lasers, level armies, fight embodiments of chaos!.

This girl is a beast and I am giving her this spot because honestly, Very few can top this chick.

3. XJ9 or Jenny from my life is a teenage robot.

The robotic teen protector of Tremorton.

Jenny is a powerful robot that protects the city and the world from city destroying monsters, robots, aliens, and robot Aliens!

She has the strength of 1million and 70 men. Which Is tough to calculate, but it is known she can easily lift well over 100 tons with ease.

Fly at high speeds,

has a weapon arsenal so insane it could dwarf the fire power of most militaries!

Her titanium alloy body makes her tough enough to survive most attacks without much damage.

she is as smart as a super computer.

Has more types of visions then the man of steel himself.

Has destroyed Planet destroying meteors with only slight difficulty.

This girl is tougher then she looks.

2. Ben ten from ben ten, alien force, omniverse and etc.

A teenager with the powers of every alien in the known universe.

The omnitrix is by far one of the best weapons in the existence of the world.

Ben tennyson is a 16 year old kid who got the coolest gift in existence 

a watch that can turn him into any alien for about 10 minutes at a time (Unless plot says other wise or some sh*t says he needs longer then that).

If I were to describe all of his powers and abilities, 

It would take forever!

The kid just has all the powers!

If you can think of it, one of his aliens probably has it.

He is one of the two most broken heroes in cartoons.

but the question is.

Who is number one?

1. Rex Salazar from Generator rex.

Now I know what you are thinking.

“How can this guy top  Mr. All aliens ever?”

Well it is actually really simple.

He actually became a god for a short time.

Now before then, he probably would have been on par with korra.

Being able to turn any part of himself into a kick butt machine


curing evo controlled living creatures.

enhanced durability and healing.

But what made this guy go beyond all of that was godhood.

He attained five meta-nanites that gave him god like powers.

Which he used to cure all of the evos. And after that he turned it off for good.

What makes him different from ben is, while Ben has a god like alien as well, ben is limited by two other beings that make it near impossible to do anything with it.

Rex had full control. This made him superior to ben.

That is why Rex is number one.

(let me know your thoughts on this. Did I miss any other cartoons?)

Bumi Things
  • because he couldn’t bend, Aang taught Bumi how to play every instrument he could think of so he would feel special
  • bumi was a mama’s boy from day one
  • bumi could kick your ass in .3 second by the time he was five, bender or not
  • bumi got in trouble at school once for beating up a boy that made fun of him for being the avatars son and not being able to bend
  • “look at your face and tell me i cant bend” (bumi broke his nose)
  • uncle sokka showing bumi around the ways of the trusty boomerang
  • bumi actually getting pretty good at it
  • “sokka! you are not letting bumi play with that- katara! sokka’s letting-” “run, run, run!”
  • bumi was incredibly good with animals
  • baby bumi was protected by momo in his crib
  • bumi’s four when kya is born
  • bumi was (and still is) fiercely protective of kya
  • for the longest time, kya doesn’t bend and bumi is incredibly excited to have a sister just like him
  • when kyas 3 she accidentally freezes a pond her and bumi are playing in and it’s all waterbending all the time from that point on
  • he still loves his sister all the same but wishes that his dad was as excited when kya froze that pond when he mastered another instrument 
  • for every water bending outing katara takes kya on, bumi gets another wherever he wants to go, just him and mom
  • (katara always proposed it in a way that it doesnt seem like catch up for kya’s trips)
  • aang teaches bumi all his best jokes
  • bumi has his mothers penguin catching spirit and his fathers penguin sledding spirit
  • bumi sometimes tagged along on kya’s waterbending outings and practiced the form with them (maybe he would start bending, right? maybe he just wasnt doing it right..)
  • bumis crying by that same stupid pond when four year kya finds him and hugs him so gently he cries for different reasons
  • bumis eight when tenzins born
  • bumi was holding tenzin when he was seven months old when he first blew a gust of air into him so hard they both end up crying (go figure, an airbender…)
  • “way to rub it in, tenzin”
  • izumi is about the same age as bumi
  • when hes six, bumi asks his mom to get him the prettiest flowers at the flower shop and gives them to izumi
  • izumi burns them
  • little lin scares the living shit out of bumi (and everyone else) after she lifts a bolder above his head that couldve easily killed him when he accidentally bumped into her
  • bumi always somehow getting stuck babysitting
  • “but mom! izumis a month older than me! why do i have to watch su? she’s not even potty trained!”
  • bumi holding a crying kya whos struggling to figure out why she doesnt like boys yet
  • bumi being the first person she told when she kissed lin when she was 13
  • “you did not kiss a girl before i did”
  • bumi also being the first person tenzin tells three years later that he kissed lin
  • “what? why are you making that face?”
  • uncle zuko letting bumi come down and visit him 
  • zuko sparks his interest in the united forces, unintentionally
  • awkward teen bumi hanging around the fire nation and running into ty lee (who he definitely didnt have a crush on from his mom and dad stories) who teaches him to always show humility and not to demonize the enemy
  • when bumi finally joins the united forces he writes to his family, guilt ridden, telling them that he got kidnapped as if to make the whole peaceful air nomad thing easier
  • he also writes to kya telling her the truth
  • bumi finds out tenzins going to get his tats, takes a leave in the united forces, and stays with poor faint hearted tenzin the entire time, telling him his war stories to get his mind off the pain
  • bumi keeping tabs on kya when she flits around the world, finding herself (cause that’s what he was doing, wasn’t he?)
  • bumi taking a young kid, bum-ju (not that he’d ever tell thats who bum-ju was really named after) in the united forces under his wing
  • bumi coming to consider bum a son
  • bumi helping bum rise through the ranks, protecting the world side by side
  • bumi being devastated when bum dies in combat
  • bumi putting all of his hurt aside and staying with his mom and kya when his father dies for as long as he can before he reluctantly has to return to duty
  • bumi actually does end up dating izumi, if only for a little bit
  • bumi and izumi deciding that they’re better off friends
  • bumi helping izumi through her first pregnancy (hes stationed in the fire nation) and staying with her through Iroh’s birth when her husband dies
  • bumi getting a letter from izumi a few years later with her new husband and new little girl
  • bumi being there for the birth of all of tenzin’s children, too, pre rohan
  • bumi always bearing weird gifts to the his nieces and nephew 
  • bumi getting meelo his own boomerang (that tenzin keeps neatly under a glass dome that meelo can observe
  • bumi having heart to hearts with jinora about being the oldest
  • bumi teaching ikki all the jokes his dad him to one up her little brother
  • bumi tossing rohan extra high in the air with a gust of air he doesnt let pema see
  • bumi breaking down and crying when he tells his mom that he can air bend
  • in the same breath, bumi comforting kya about being the only non air bending cloud baby 
  • bumi branching out, not only knitting things for bum-ju but for his family too
  • bumi finally visiting bum-ju’s grave (bum-ju comes with him)
  • bumi volunteering to test any and all inventions asami makes
  • bumi telling his war stories to varrick, who turns them into movers
  • others, zhu li turns into books
  • bumi urging kya to talk to asami about her harbored feelings toward korra 
  • “why me?” “i dunno i figured it was a gay thing?”
  • bumi laughing until his stomach aches with bolin
  • bumi meditating in mako’s company
  • bumi taking it upon himself to be the comic relief korra needs
  • bumi feeling a huge burst of pride when korra says that shes proud of him before she shakes her head and apologizing awkwardly
  • “i dont know what that was about”
  • bumi belonging somewhere, being apart of his family as a respected equal
  • idk bumi 
  • i have a lot of feelings about bumi

Top 11 Katara episodes in chronological order

10/11: 308 - The Puppetmaster

Aka that time Katara experienced the dark side of waterbending (and it broke her a little).

Finally, we’re at the juicy stuff. There’s a reason why 48 is one of my two favourite numbers, and it is the fact that The Puppetmaster is the 48th episode in the series. I love this chapter to bits, but I’ll try to refrain from talking about every single detail and just focus on Katara’s journey. Although it is a good old Katara-centric episode, so there’s a lot to talk about.

Keep reading

The Next Avatar... Reblog With Your Own Ideas and Art!

So I’m a huge fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra and I’ve been thinking about who the next Avatar should be. So here are my thoughts…

What kind of bender should the next Avatar be?

Originally posted by avatarthelastairbendermemes

Since the Avatar cycle goes Earth-Fire-Air-Water and the last Avatar, Korra was a water bender, we can expect that the next Avatar is going to be an Earthbender.

What gender should the next Avatar be?

If you look at the pattern of sexes for the Avatar, it varies from male>male>female>male>female>male>male>female. Although the patter calls for the next Avatar to a male, it appears that there are not enough female Avatars. In my opinion, to change this pattern, the next Avatar should be female. It would be great to have a female Avatar who could be mentored by Korra.

Where should the next Avatar come from?

Originally posted by avatarcycle

When we look at where the other Avatars have came from, it appears as if most of them came from small remote villages. Korra was born in the Southern Water Tribe in a small village. Aang was born in the Southern Air Temple which is isolated from the rest of the world. The exception is Roku, who was born in the Fire Nation Capital. I think that the next Avatar should be from Republic City. 

What should her backstory be?

Most of the Avatars have been surrounded by people who are supportive of them being the Avatar. Korra’s parents were proud when they discovered that she was the next Avatar and Korra, unlike Aang was confident about her new responsibility. Every Avatar has had to make difficult decisions because of the threats surrounding them. Avatar Kuruk was mostly laid back and only actively confronted any dangerous when his girlfriend was taken away from him by Koh, the Face Stealer, Avatar Kyoshi killed Chin The Conquerer when he invaded her village and she was forced to separate her village from him and his army, Avatar Roku was forced to sever ties with his best friend when he decided that the Fire Nation should take over the world and Aang, who practices non-violence was forced to accept help from Zuko, his initial enemy, to learn to embrace aggression through firebending and to disappear to find a way to defeat Firelord Ozai without killing him.

My idea for the avatar who proceeds Korra is named Yin. She comes from a family of earthbenders in Republic City. Her father, an RCPD officer was murdered by the leader of the Agni Kais after her father killed his son. Ever since, the Agni Kais have put out a hit on Yin. Her struggling mother kept her confined to their small home. As the rising gang violence and ramped up terrorism from gangs began taking over Republic City, the leadership of the city had spent 17 years seeking out the next avatar to help mitigate and end the violence. Little did they know the child of their fallen hero was the avatar and her family was keeping her hidden from the world the entire time.

An RCPD officer discovered Yin by chance metal and lightning bending to create a generator to use for her family before they set out on an exodus to the countryside to escape threats from the Agni Kais. The officer was able to gain Yin’s trust after going out in plainclothes and becoming her friend. She then witnessed her save a small earthbending town from a black-out caused by a storm. When the secret was out that Yin was the avatar, she agreed to return to Republic City to take up the mantle of the avatar. 

Since Yin has had to hide her abilities from the rest of the world but use them to help out her family, she has learned to control her impulses and only use her bending when needed. Like Aang, she prefers to negotiate before going on the offensive. However, Yin has a dark side to her. Since her father was murdered, she’s harbored deep disdain for society and its criminals. Her well controlled anger has made it easy for her to master firebending and earthbending. However, she has yet to master air and waterbending. After learning about blood and energybending, she has become hellbent on mastering both so that she can exact revenge against the Agni Kais. 

Facts about Yin:

-Like Aang, Yin never wanted to be the Avatar. She wants to become an engineer and help build things for people like her older brother who have disabilities. She also doesn’t like fighting or getting into confrontations but when she does have to, she doesn’t hold back. 

-Yin’s has an older and a younger brother. The older brother is an earthbender. He became paralyzed in an earthbending accident while training for a pro-bending tournament and lost his ability to walk. Ever since she’s been working on a special wheelchair for him that will allow him to participate in the sport.

-Yin has a very dry sense of humor seeing as though she’s had to take everything in her life very seriously. She rarely laughs or smiles. Her personality is comparable to that of Avatar Kyoshi. 

-Although prompted by Jinora and her other mentors, she refuses to tap into the Avatar state because she’s afraid that she’ll lose control of herself like a lot of the avatars before her. And losing control is one of her biggest fears.

-She’s also afraid of tapping into the spirit world because she’s uncomfortable with the idea of death and spirits. She also doesn’t want to talk Korra for fear that she’s going to be disappointed that she’s not as proactive and gung-ho as she was. 

-Yin struggles with air and waterbending because they don’t work well with her brute force all or nothing approach to fighting. However, she eventually learns through both bending styles that it takes a lot of self-assurance and control to master both and to go into the avatar state. 

-When her mother found out that she’s the avatar, she disowned her for fear of losing another loved one and knowing that she can no longer protect her. Her brother, who fully supports her is her best friend. She also forms a deep bond with the RCPD officer who discovered her because she provided a way for her to leave her confined prison-like life. The officer often tells her that after discovering her, she’s felt as though for the first time in her life, she feels as though she’s had hope for the future. Eventually, their relationship becomes romantic. 

Reblog with your own ideas! You can copy this format or not.

Avatar AU

Source : tamiyne

If I Ever Let You Down, Forgive Me by Katsudonace
Rated T - Keith/Lance - ~17K - WIP
Summary : “Former Pro-Bender and friend of Avatar Allura, Keith has finally secured his dream job of being on the Republic City police force as a detective. He’s taking down crime on the streets, and it looks like his life is finally getting back on track. That is until the civil war happens in the Water Tribe escalates beyond control. Keith is given the duty to watch the spoiled Tribe Prince, Lance, and make certain that no harm comes to him during his stay. That is if Keith doesn’t kill the annoying jerk first. “

Fountains Don’t Always Flow with Water by Vurelly
Rated M - Shiro/Kleith and future Shiro/Keith/Lance - ~10K
Summary : “Lance has spent the better half of his life under constant watch behind the walls of the Southern Water Tribe, hiding a secret only meant to be known by his parents and his closest family members. Still, secrets get out just as easily as waterbending princes tired of being watched and kept behind walls like his life depends on it.Then again, once out on the ice and in the hold of a pair of benders he’s never even seen before, Lance begins to think those walls kept him in for a reason.

Healing Secrets by fearfulGuillotine, InfernusCerberus
Rated T - Keith/Lance - ~6K - COMPLETE
Summary : “ Everyone knows that the Water Tribes have healers -waterbenders who have learned the ability to heal other with their element-. Most of them are women, true, but a little portion of those healers are males.
And he was one of them

Go Not Softly by Methoxyethane
Rated T - Keith/Lance - ~2K - COMPLETE
Summary :  “ Keith wakes up to find Lance saving his life.

simmer by eso (cazzy)
Rated M - Keith/Lance - ~7K - COMPLETE
Summary : ““Hey, boss lady,” he says casually. “Have a delivery for you.”The leader of Altea doesn’t even pick her head up from the mass of papers on her desk. “I really don’t have time for your jokes right now, Lance.”“Damn. Guess I’ll just take these two incredibly suspicious firebenders elsewhere.”

Something Borrowed, Something Blue by cheshireree
Rated T - Keith/Lance - ~2K - COMPLETE
Summary : “Keith asks Shiro to help him make Lance a betrothal necklace. The results are less than stellar, but that’s okay. ATLA AU.

Book 1: Freedom by crescentdescent
Rated T - Keith/Lance - ~40K - WIP
Summary :  “ A Legend of Korra universe crossed over with Voltron Legendary Defender. Book 1 revolves around Lance, a waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe who runs away from home to Republic City for hidden reasons. There, he meets Hunk (the earthbender engineer), Pidge (the nonbending child-genius), Shiro (deputy of the city police), Keith (pro-motorcyclist and rival??), and the unknown firebender with a Red Lion mask. When the Galra and family matters get mixed into play, things really start to go downhill.
Like how every Avatar season starts with a single-word book title, so will this series. The overarching theme of this book will be “freedom.”

Broken Rules by DoNotEatRaw
Rated T - Keith/Lance, Hunk/Shay - ~100K - WIP
Summary : “Lance couldn’t believe it. He was sitting in the pro-bending arena. If anyone from the Garrison saw him here, if anyone recognized him as the waterbending noble from the Northern Water Tribe, he’d be ruined.But it wasn’t a total lost. After all, he just got the best black mail ever thought possible. Keith Kogane was a pro-bender, and it was Lance’s job to expose him.

The Legend of the Five Book One: Training by I_am_not_yurionice
Rated M - Keith/Lance - ~10K - WIP
Summary : “In a Republic of the future, where bending and the Avatar are nothing more than an entertaining relict of the past, Lance thought the whole extent of his problems were how to pay his next rent and his stupidly handsome, too-good-for-you firebending rival in the Arena. When his and his best friend Hunk`s newest quest to acquire money lead them to the start of the unfolding of dark intrigues over the known world, they end up in a far greater adventure than they would have ever dreamed possible for themselves.Keith just wanted a goal in life, an adventure to live. When his brother asks for his support in his mission to rescue the world from its presumably looming doom he doesn`t hesitate to agree. What he didn`t calculate on was that the arrogant, but annoyingly pretty waterbender that made his personal goal to be a royal pain in Keith`s neck, would also be part of said mission. He really started to doubt his trust in Shiro`s Avatar abilities.

More water bending us sans and ht sans. US sans is a normal waterbender HT sans is a blood bender (magic bender)

slight story under the keep reading link :) if you’re curious.

Horrortale Sans @ sour-apple-studios 

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Top 10 animated shows of 2015

This year’s been pretty great for animated shows with older shows doing their best eps yet and newer shows showing they have legs, We’ve also seen some great stuff brought to other regions like Ladybug and tons of anime. Some shows have left my favor but for the most part I think it’s been a really great year. Before we begin honorable mentions to Yokai Watch, Miraculous Ladybug, and Bob’s Burgers since they all make me laugh and I enjoy them all to varying degrees.

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Clarence: This is a pretty simple show about kids who’s parents should be watching them more closely doing crazy stupid stuff. It’s really real lifeish while being cute and funny the whole time. Clarence is a sunny optimist and the cast around him are mostly pretty likeable as they fill their roles. I feel like it’s a more charming Ed, Edd and Eddy.

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We Bear Bears: I didn’t think a show about three Bears would be near my favorites this year but here are three bears that I adore. The show feels very much in tune with modern culture and doesn’t really seem to be judging it as much as just using it. The world feels very much like the world of us 20 somethings and show manages despite being about ears to have a very diverse set of human characters. It’s a show that feels very of it’s time and I think that might give it some major nostalgic value in the future too.

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Gravity Falls: The show is reaching it’s close but I’ve loved it while it was going on. I cosplayed Mabel, my girlfriend was dipper, we have a lot of Gravity Falls stuff, I think it’s just an awesomely charming series. The sense of mystery has been great in it and the character development has been shocking for the kind of show I thought it would be. I really like how this show keeps moving forward with a real ending in mind and it has a very realized world that I’ll be happy to step into again in the future if ever given a chance.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 series):  I had  watched a few episodes in the past with my little brother but I never really watched this show. I can’t remember why but my girlfriend and I ended up watching some random episodes on TV and enjoyed it. So we watched more, then we decided we were going to watch it all from the start and now we are up to date.  Turtles going to space has been cool and I like the characters were given. I got some feminist issues with the thing, April is although better here then ever still often the damsel and despite her having Ninja training is show as less capable often than Casey Jones who has no training at all. Still at least here she has some powers and gets to be a Ninja that’s more than other animated series at the leat for this franchise. Also the lack of other female characters in any long lasting way sucks, if Casey can become a staple Idk why some other female badass couldn’t too (or #TransCasey make it happen). Anyway in generally I really love the comedy and stories the show is telling. They are really fun and this take on the Turtles world is by far my favorite i’ve seen (although I’m interested in seeing the comics universe as well).

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Rick and Morty: This is the most “adult” thing on the list I think. Rick and Morty is just sooo freaking funny and while it’s episodes are mostly individual stories I find myself very invested in the characters. Rick and Morty are both very interesting and have wonderful chemistry. Summer also stepped up in a big way this season making for another really cool character to follow here.

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Star Vs the Forces of Evil: This show was a surprise hit from me although I was super excited since I saw the opening on tumblr.  The shows totally lived up to my expectations and gone past them. This show is so charming, funny and original. It feels like the perfect show for Disney to release.

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  Adventure Time: With the Stakes Special airing I had the best episodes of Adventure Time I’ve ever watched play before my eyes. The other episodes outside of this special have also been really good and totally inspired me to watch all the chunks in the middle i’m missing. The more I watch the more i’m a fan.  It is great seeing Princess BubbleGum and Marceline both gain a lot of character development this season.   

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  Kill la Kill: I would have lost my way if I never watched Kill La Kill. This year saw it’s dubbed release and it’s my first exposure to the show. It is wonderful and wacky in every way. It does have some male gaze issues but with how funny the show is and how bad ass the characters are I can get past the #OtakuMoney stuff they do in the show. Most the fan service is keep to the core clothing thing and I do like the discussion of the role we give clothings. The action and characters here are brilliant Mako, Satisuke and Ryuko are still in my head months after watching this show.

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Legend of Korra: This one is this lists cheat since the show ended in 2014 but I had only watched two episodes before this year. I binged the whole thing early on in the year and I loved almost every second of it. A weak season two is my only flaw with it but that is negated by just how awesome everything else is. The drama here is handled in a great way, there is a huge sense of importance in what’s going on, the world building is great, the characters are my personal favorite part.  I also wanted to note I watched all of last Air Bender this year that is too old to justify putting on this list but I will say it would be on this list if it could be and it be high up here.

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Steven Universe: When I first saw Steven Universe I feel in love with the musical score and went hunting down the music. From there I started to watch more episodes and then I watched every episode, then I became a major fans then Jailbreak aired and I became a hard core fan who just adores this series. The comedy is great, voice acting is fantastic, diversity of all kinds is here, the action is animated wonderfully, the writing is brilliant. Nothing about this show doesn’t stand out as great except how bad they seem to be at scheduling since this show goes on more breaks then the French. Seriously I adore this show, it might not be for people who like gritty stuff but this is an amazing show that I only ever want more of.

It's Finally Over... Slept on it last night and..... Well... Here we go

I… I literally can’t with this entire series….. I don’t even know where to start in this entire finale.


-Wu Redemption is Stupid (Also idea for independent states sounds a heck of a lot like what it was when the Earth Queen died. Who would be in charge of that? Even we have a president?)

-The bending was uber convenient and inconvenient during the entire the finale. All they need to do is trip the machine, cut off a leg and the weapon would have gone down. Ways to do this? TONS OF IT. They could have 

A) shifted the earth under her feet like Toph was able to do in Book 2. I mean. They have a heck of a lot of earth benders and a heck of a lot of earth from the city. ALso they can use water since it’s a COASTAL CITY to freeze it constantly. Why did Korra have to stop freezing it. It was actually doing more damage when she was contiually doing it?

B) At any time could Bolin have used his lavabending saw to cut some metal in a probably faster fashion than those two robot birds. We saw him doing it inside.

C) Just because the outside is made of platinum does that mean they CANNOT bend what’s inside the robot. Constantly have they proven in the Avatar series that you don’t need to see an element in order to mess with it. Whether earth is jammed somewhere or whether water is deep underground, a bender can always feel their element. Heck, even Kuvira admitted that she felt them bending the metal in the suit.

Platinum is shown to be unbendable but it does not negate the effects of bending like kryptonite.

The mecha obviously was vulnerable as it had earth inside it, therefore it could have been metalbent from outside (especially in the cockpit, which was shown inside to be 100% metal.

-Asami punishment YET AGAIN. Now THIS character has seen the true suffering that Korra stated to have experienced.

She lost her father, She lost her mother, she got her boyfriend stolen from her and then was cheated on, she lost her company and had to work hard to rebuild everything from the ground up. This girl is a rock-solid character that always gets jilted IN EVERY SINGLE SEASON WITH LESS AND LESS screen time and NOW THIS?????

-There was absolutely no reason that Hiroshi needed to die. Heck, there was no reason that anyone should have cared for him to die so why the impact? Just to make Asami suffer? It made absolutely no sense and everyone in the room of where I live was just rolling their eyes and saying, “He’s going to die, right?”

-It was just a dumb plot choice. He was brought in for like two episodes out of the entire last two seasons and they did this to him? The only thing I could see from this is just to put a blot on Kuvira’s pretty much SPOTLESS record, despite the fact that he was a convict and the fact that it was the United Republic that tried to assassinate Kuvira FIRST!

- Korra’s development-

Granted they tried. I will grant them that they tried. However, it was a pathetic attempt. They literally spent more time planning our Varrick and Jhu LI’s redemption/marriage and Wu/the citizens escape than they did with Korra’s lesson. She fights Kuvira, she gets trapped in the spirit world  with Kuvira, decides to NOW talk about ANY SORT OF REMNANCE OF A BACKSTORY WITH KUVIRA with literally NO INDICATION of caring or knowing about it, and then all of the sudden says, “You are like me because you have a fierce and don’t want to give up.”

Well Korra honey, there are alot of characters that don’t want to give up and are fierce like you. Lin, Mako, Varrick, Toph, younger Katara. 

That doesn’t excuse the fact that you weren’t there for  3 years, or the fact that Zaofu and Republic City did almost nothing to help the Earth Kingdom in it’s time of need. That doesn’t excuse the fact that Kuvira was TOLD to unite the kingdoms by everyone and was ONLY condemned for NOT STEPPING DOWN (go look at the early episodes of this book if you don’t know what I’m talking about)


And then she’s arrested and Kuvira’s just like to everyone, “Hey! Give up the cause! We were wrong guys! LOL”

Gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen something be resolved that quickly since the nonbender revolution in Book 1. And that was really sad.

AND EVEN IN THE END OF KORRA’s GROWTH, she’s pretty much doing what she did every single season ending. Saying that she has changed, and grown, and then doing crap the next season. Whose to say that this wasn’t any better?

-The ending

Granted we never figured out what happened to her past lives or why the HECK we need another spirit portal, we just HAVE to have someone’s wedding in the end and it has to be a side characters. More screen time for character introduced in Book 2 and barely kept alive up until this point! Not like there were other characters that could have been focused on! LIKE ASAMI’S DADS FUNERAL. She is a main character after all.

In the end, we get some stupid love implications from not even the main shipping that the creators themselves said they shipped. We get two people, whom one had stolen the boyfriend from and had been cheated on, to convince the other, who would drop her company and everything she worked for just to be her handmaiden in another kingdom, forced to get together in a friendly stroll into the Spirit World.

And yet they are just friends. But everyone is implying this forced relationship instead of actually saying, “Hey! You know what? Korra hasn’t really developed any good healthy relationships with anyone of these characters. They’re all just one-sided or shallow! Let’s just make her a strong, independent young lady who still needs to learn how to make friends.”

NOPE! Let’s give “the people” what they want! REPRESENTATION! Then maybe they will stop writing critiques on how we left open all these plot holes and other stuff to screw over the series!

You can’t just insert a character for no good reason, treat her like crap, and then at the end of everything say, “HEY YOU WANT TO BE WORTH THE SCREEN TIME?  BE THE SLAVE OF THE TITULAR CHARACTER FOR THE REST OF THIS STORY~!”

That’s just…. Oh whatever.

You know what?

People are going to say that LoK is the best thing ever.

Not because it actually was.

But because people will look at it and say, “Look at the representation!”

Representation of POC!

Representation of TEEN RELATIONSHIPS!

Representation of WOMEN!

Representation of PTSD!

Representation of… whatever that was at the end….

It’s not going to matter what you do in the end.

This show was a train wreck. A huge fan fiction letter to themselves.

Thank goodness the crash has come. And the dust from the wreckage is cleared.

Let’s move forward with our lives guys and go back to the ATLA cafe, where everything was perf, and knew what they were selling.

Drinks and Food are on me.

Vacation For Two

Warning: romance and smut shall follow…

“Beautiful..” Asami trailed off.

She was staring at the scene in front of her. One minute they had been surrounded by the ruins of republic city and in the next they were among the perfect haven of the spirit world. The portal had led them to a wide expanse with the softest grass she had ever felt. It was even a richer shade of green and all around her there were gorgeous shades of pink, peach and brilliant yellow flora. The trees looked like lily pads atop sharp elegant trunks swollen and rounded at the base connected by veins of wood.The sky was tranquil with it’s purple hue and even the air seemed to have a faint glowing aura. Asami never imagined this was were she would end up when her world dissolved in bright light around her just minutes ago.

“I know.” Said Korra staring straight at the non-bender. Her girlfriend; her one and only, especially now that they were alone. Together. It had been too long since she wished to take Asami away; to take her and have her to herself somewhere peaceful.

Asami blushed the softest shade of pink as she caught what the Avatar was focused on.

She turned to the face the younger girl.
“What do we do now?”

“Come on, I’ll show you.” Said the Avatar, her eyes lighting up like she suddenly had an idea. She laced their fingers together and began to lead the way.

“We can leave our bags here.” She said excitedly putting hers at the base of a tree.

As the sky darkened to a deep violet, Korra led Asami to the biggest tree in the area. It had a cavern-like opening and the entrance was so dark, the non-bender could barely see.

“Maybe you should bend a flame so we can see where we’re going?” Asami’s voice echoed.

Korra laughed lightly, her palms were sweaty in Asami’s. She remained steady but her heart was pounding in her chest.

“It’ll ruin the surprise,” she said pulling the older girl close. “Just be patient okay?” She said and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

Asami smiled. Korra always knew how to make her feel safe in the dark but here in the spirit world with Korra and that lingering warmth on her lips.. she had never felt more safe in her life.

They walked (Asami stumbling here and there) further when Asami caught sight of small strands of light coming from what she thought might have been a curtain of leaves covering the exit.

As they neared the entrance Korra stopped short and turned to Asami.
“Okay we’re here. Come in front of me.” She smiled.

Korra covered the older girl’s eyes from behind.

“You’re so silly.” Asami teased even though she thought Korra was being incredibly romantic and adorable.

“Yes but silly makes you happy.” Korra said gently pushing her forward.

Asami could feel the leaves brush against her hands as they passed through the entrance.

“Okay… Here it is.” Korra said moving her hands away.

Asami was taken aback with the entire place. All the plants and trees looked like they were sprinkled with liquid spirit light. Flowers, plants and leaves all with a faint glow. Small spirit insects slowly gliding around their habitat in small synchronized swarms.

“I know it’s kinda weird but I thought it was cool the way everything lights up when you touch it.” Korra explained. She moved and the ground lit up where her feet stepped and faded when they left the surface. She smiled and continued.

“I mean it’s kinda the same effect you have on me.” She said blushing “I thought maybe you might like this,” she said scratching the back of her head.

She gently twirled a spirit flower in between two fingers with her back to Asami. The glow illuminating her olive toned face.

“I mean you said you wanted to se–” she was cut off abruptly by the older girl turning her around and crashing their lips together in one swift movement.

“This is the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me.” She whispered.

Korra gave her signature goofy grin, the one Asami knew best and loved most. The Avatar blushed and looked down. When she looked up from under her lashes she met Asami’s soft gaze.

It turned serious and she kissed the Avatar again slowly. Making sure to massage more passion into the intimate exchange. Korra felt herself being pushed back against one of the spirit trees. She could feel heat in the pit of her stomach slowly rising and she knew Asami felt the same from the way her nose and cheeks were flushed a deep pink.

Ragged breaths whispered against the leaves as Asami pushed her hands up Korra’s shirt, grazing her nails down her back. The younger girl broke for air and Asami attacked her neck with small bites and kisses to sooth the tampered skin. Korra let out the slightest moan and Asami reveled in the sound.

“Again. Please.. Please make that sound again.” She thought.

She slowly pushed her knee up between Korra’s legs and pinned her waist against the tree. Korra gasped and laced her fingers in Asami’s hair pulling her in to deepen the kiss.

“Wait Sami– wait.” She gasped but the older girl was already lifting her shirt exposing her bindings to her along with the Avatar’s toned abdomen. She trailed warm wet kisses down her stomach making Korra bite her lip. The Heiress kissed her just below her navel and dragged her bottom lip up against Korra’s skin before looking up.

“Yes?” Asami said raising an eyebrow. Korra was left speechless by the sight of the older girl staring up at her from down there.

“Um– maybe we can– I mean we should– but – we can go do this.. Somewhere else?” Korra suggested.

Asami flashed a brilliant smile stood up and flipped her hair.

“Lead the way Avatar.”

Korra grabbed her arm and led her deeper through the small glowing enclosure. They snaked through, leaving a glowing trail that faded with them like a comet’s tail. When they rounded a curve Asami was stunned. Two trees on either end of a huge plush platform stood in the corner. Their trunks grew bent so that their branches intertwined at the top forming a hood of wood and leaves.

“It’s the softest thing you’ll ever lie on. Iroh showed me the worms that make the fibers that some of the spirit animals make into nests.” Korra said with a triumphant grin.

“And so you, my spirit animal, made your own nest for the two of us?” Asami said pulling her close.

“With a view!” She said. “The leaves sparkle and make it look like the night sky. Just like in republic city.” She said.

“I don’t want to think about anywhere else than here with you Korra.” Asami answered honestly, her eye contact steady.

Asami hitched Korra up. The younger girl wrapped her legs around Asami’s torso instinctively. She then went around the side and placed Korra down on the spirit bed. She peppered her face and neck with soft kisses. Slowly undoing her bindings.

She gently nipped under Korra’s breast.

“Mmmm.” the younger girl encouraged.

Asami continued to trail wet warm kisses down her girlfriend’s toned stomach, slightly curving the path to her hip bone. Opening her mouth and sucking it sloppily.

Korra, through half-lidded eyes, watched as she made her way down to the top of her womanhood. She switched to the inside of her girlfriend’s tan thighs. She licked the skin and let her breath cool the warm trails. Korra shuddered. Asami could see her getting wet with the teasing.

“Bend your legs.” She said in a low voice. Korra complied and her girlfriend positioned her shoulders between her calves and thighs with her head squarely in front of Korra’s sex. She blew against her glistening heat making Korra bite her lip.

Wasting no time she dove in licking her from bottom to top with a wide tongue. The Avatar gasped and exhaled a moan. She zig zagged her licks and soon Korra was squirming under her mouth. The heiress gripped the younger girl’s thighs to keep her locked in place. She licked up and sucked Korra’s clit making her scream but she wasn’t done. Asami began to push her tongue inside her curling it just right to tease her G-spot. The “sut sut” sound of her girlfriend’s tongue flicking inside was enough to drive Korra crazy but feeling her warm mouth ravish her clit was driving her insane. She began to pump her hips against Asami’s face. Asami welcomed her bucking and called for Korra’s climax.

“Cum baby. Cum for me.” She growled.

Korra threw her head back, slack-jawed with her eyes shut tight. Her hands gripped the wooden panel behind her as a flood of warmth poured out into Asami’s open mouth which she gladly swallowed.

Asami knelt up with her mouth still glistening with Korra’s wetness. She wiped her hand and licked the excess away. She gently kissed up Korra’s body till she reached the ear of the spent Avatar.

“You’re so cute when you cum, you get so flushed and noisy.” She teased.

“Oh don’t worry Korra breathed. I’ll get u back for it.”

jungtaes  asked:

i read your tags about that korrasami post can you clarify what the two years of shit was??

like is it the korrasami fanbase or the lok fanbase??

it was both and neither like i can’t sit here and pin it all one one group. This is not about the ship or the watchers who felt represented by canon queer girls. But there is definitely like…..a sub fandom that’s been here since 2012 severely devaluing korra, her struggles,  her personality, and tried to take away any representation Korra could give people. Fandom also thrived on used asami as the Ideal Image and the character it the timeline that korra could be compared to. Asami always fucking “won” and it became like you had to defend yourself for liking korra. People have been siding with anyone but korra for years, but it’s also 100% true that some people prioritized Asami  and there’s no denying that it’s bc she’s light skinned and feminine.

 A lot of it dealt heavily on colorism, and shaming of korra’s louder, less refined, non-feminine, more straight forward way of dealing with things or interacting with people. I’m just gonna list some of the fandom’s most popular opinions

super long bc i’ve been holding this in for years I’m sorry it’s a lot dym ahh

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Korrasami “Deleted Scene” from Book 3

Notes: So, I have no idea if any of this is actually in-character and I definitely don’t consider it finished. I just wrote it up on a whim last night. Part of me wants to sit on it more because I was hoping to do things in order but… I think I’ve just accepted that I will post them as they come and someday put them in order/clean them up into a full fic of their own.

Summary: Korra asks Asami a question and it turns into a flirtatious dance. This is a little blurb as part of my idea of having “Deleted Scenes” from Book 3 showing the further development of Korrasami friendship and romantic feelings with a particular emphasis on Korra’s view as she slowly realizes her feelings for Asami are not at all platonic. You could consider it a prequel of this one I posted months ago. Takes place sometime after Korra’s first training session with Opal but before the whole Lin/Korra blow up. The dance is very loosely inspired from this fanart. Hope you enjoy.

[Korra sits against Naga while Asami is laying underneath a turbine tinkering and adjusting things.]

There was a long but comfortable lull in the conversation. Korra listened to the sounds of Asami’s quiet tinkering, metal clinking on metal, her short breaths as she reached around and fiddled with different mechanisms.

“Did you ever wish you’d become an airbender?” Korra broke the silence suddenly and once the words were out, she felt somewhat self-conscious of them. She didn’t want to put Asami on the spot and the question felt deeply personal.

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Legend of Korra – Remembrances

Now, this is how you do a recap/clips episode! Take it to Mike, Bryan, and the wonderful animators over at Studio Mir to show the capability and prowess to even make a clips episode insightful and story-driven. The episode is split into three perspectives: Mako and Wu, Korra and Asami, and finally Bolin and Varrick.

We start with a great introduction by announcer, Shiro Shinobi recalling his own memorable past events such as the Equalist Revolution and Bolin’s brawl at the Nuktuk mover premiere.

  • I continue to enjoy how the series allow even the smaller characters to develop and have their defining moments.

The recap officially begins with Wu and Mako, who is teaching the dandy yet flimsy prince how to defend himself against potential attackers. In the midst of their sparring match, Grandma Yin and Tu enter the gym and inquire about why the flimsy prince is on the ground with Yin getting distraught and chastising her fire-bending grandson for injuring their royal guest. After Wu inquires about learning more about his bodyguard, Mako begins to recount about how meeting and dating Korra changed his life for the better as he learned how to fight for something that is beyond him or his interests. Interestingly enough, it is from Tu, Mako and Bolin’s cousin, that we get a very astute assessment about a past character quirk Mako carried within him, particularly when it came to the complex romantic-relationships he inadvertently developed between Korra and Asami.

“You know, it seems like you’re so afraid to disappoint anyone, that you end up disappointing everyone.”

  • For those of you that don’t know, that Tu is voiced by Greg Cipes who may know better as Beast Boy from Teen Titans and or Iron Fist in Ultimate Spider-Man. Like his other works, he did a great job here as well.

As his tale ends, Mako and Wu go back to sparring but after one hit from Mako, the sovereignty goes down yet again and yet again Mako gets a disapproving moment from his grandmother. 

The story then transitions to Asami and Korra, as the disheveled Avatar reflects with Asami, and later on Tenzin, on what Toph said in reference to her purpose and actually necessity in this new and every changing world; to her it seems every time she’s overcomes an adversary there is a new and seemingly more sinister obstacle of opposition awaiting to attack at her most venerable of moments. Even worse, each of these adversaries have had compelling valid points of why there were. In many ways, they were just good people, doing bad things, for good reasons; except for Unalaq, that guy was just the epitome of evil (keep in mind that I’m saying this knowing full well that he teamed up with the literal incarnation of chaos and darkness, Vaatu).

She also makes mention of how some of the more recent problems she has had to face have, indirectly, but nonetheless been created by her own actions:

  • Namely how after her battle with Unalaq and Vaatu, she decided to keep the spirit portals open, she accidently gave Zaheer the ability to air bend which allowed him to break the members of the Red Lotus out of jail and ultimately kill Earth Queen Hou-Ting and start a revolution of anarchy throughout the Earth Kingdom. Even after the Red Lotus’ downfall, the kingdom was still in turmoil which force Kuvira, the prodigious metal bender from Zaofu, to gradually turn into the villainess she is at the point in time.  
    • This is more of a meta-analysis but, can we just take a moment to appreciate how well-crafted and consistent this cartoon has been as a whole? I mean just look at how fluently the different arcs ebbs and flows with each other. The consistency is just remarkable.

However, as Asami and Tenzin point out vividly, that for every adversity and opponent that Korra has faced in her life as the Avatar, she has not only bested it but triumphant so well that she brought a positive and world changing to the entire globe; giving non-benders a say and power within the community, integrating the spirit world with the material world, and revitalizing the air-bending nation. For every indirect problem she has created she intentional constructed and executed thorough solutions one thousand fold; essentially, as she has matured and grown she has infinitely helped the world more than she will ever be able to hurt it.

Lastly, we conclude with Bolin and Varrick, as the two are just finishing up listening to a tale Baraz was telling. Soon after the genius, tycoon, rhetorician, philanthropist begins to weave a narrative that will act as the synopsis for his next mover, starring Nuktuk – I mean Bolin, who will be playing the role of “Bolin”. As he dives deeper into details, it is revealed that Zaheer will call Vaatu and put him on a conference call with Amon; unfortunately, to everyone’s displeasure, Unalaq is on the line as well.

  • It’s really alluring when people are able to tell a well-crafted self-aware story; I say this because I believe Mike and Bryan know that season two of Korra had the weakest reception with the fan base till about Beginnings where both the story and the appeal started to pick up and that’s why none of the other villians want to be associated with him. I think this is just their way at acknowledging their fan’s concerns as well as poking fun at themselves and their work.

Despite everyone else’s dismay to the unwanted fourth caller, they devise a plan to try and defeat the heroic and womanizing Bolin but through a series of events such as Bolin getting wisdom and guidance from the sagacious sage, who will be played by Varrick, assembling a team of air-benders and training them to their absolute highest potential and prowess, as well as getting a little help from the spirits, “Bolin” will triumphant and defeat the combined evil that is the newly assembled Fearsome Foursome (Varrick mentions that the name is a working title). Basically, this last third of the episode was Varrick scheming to make a profit off of the Nuktuk fanbase and the newly emerging Bolin fanbase by amalagating significant events from Bolin’s and Korra’s life into a movie. And, I must tell you, I can’t wait for it to come out in theaters XD

Like I said, I was really impressed by this episode because will it was essentially a series of clips, it still drove the plot forward as not only do we get some new comprehension about what the various team members are feeling at this moment we also see that while Mako, Korra, Asami, and Wu are hanging within and around Republic City, Bolin and Varrick are on their way there. Furthermore, when you take into consideration the limited parameters that the creators where given to work with but behind the scenes; they had their budget cut by this point as they were not going to fire a vast portion of their team. Even with all those discrepancies, they were able to make that still fits within the quality of what the fans have grown accustomed to.  Like Varrick states, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

It is because of his final, compelling statement and entertaining story that he gets MVP status this week. I think it should also be noted that the whole coursing of this recap episode, adding some new scenes in tangent with older scenes was influenced by the Samurai Champloo episode “The Disorder Diaries”.


  • Mako mentioning that “Wu down!” has become the prince’s catchphrase.
  • Zaheer calling and making jokes to Vaatu about being able to “catch him at home”.
  • Honestly, that last half of the episode is the right way to parody something. Teen Titans Go! could learn a thing or two from this episode (even though, I will admit the level of detail that they put into the Easter eggs scattered throughout the show is why I keep watching; their just that good!)
  • Bolin’s face being superimposed onto Korra’s spirit form body when Varrick was explaining the final climatic battle of his mover idea.
  • All the chibi avatars that were used this episode.
    • I’m going have to ask some of my drawing friends to make me some buttons of those if Mike and Bryan don’t start mass producing some immediately!! ^o^

While this was a recap episode, it was still entertaining to watch. I was a little surprised that only one episode came out this week because I was hearing mass rumors that there were going to do a four-part finale in the future to conclude the entire series, so I thought they were going to start with a two episode release schedule. As you can see, they didn’t and that’s okay because the slower they release the episodes, the more time we have to enjoy and reflect upon them. Until next week, we’ll just have to review the series as a whole up until this point…  “Incredible”, instantly comes to my mind.

recently i’ve having a lot of kataang feels, so the other day i made the rookie mistake of going into the kataang tag on mobile. 

while i was unsurprised by the typical flood of z*tara posts that contained kataang bashing that i encountered, some of the arguments i saw still really irritated me.

in particular, the recurring criticism that aang was a terrible husband and katara was reduced into being a housewife/”stay at home healer” seemed super ridiculous to me, especially when paired as it often was with the assumption that zuko would have been a better husband who would never have done this to katara and always put her first. 

not only are we shown time and time again that katara and aang were a happy couple… but the idea that katara would be any “less” of a character if she were a housewife is sexist and annoying. even though, the point is moot, because she clearly didn’t! she became a world-renowned healer! it wasn’t some hobby she had while staying home! katara became korra’s waterbending master and was a mentor to her for the rest of her life!!! yes, she became a little less involved in world affairs by the time she hit her 90s, but toph spent the majority of the series sitting around in a swamp. it was never at any point indicated katara shrunk into the background during her adult life. y’all are the ones bringing that assumption and making it a part of katara’s character. i don’t think she’s ever even addressed at any point as ‘the avatar’s wife’ or ‘x’s mother/grandmother’. katara’s always treated like her own independent p

futhermore, the idea that katara would have been better off as zuko’s wife is laughable. she would have been wife to the fire lord. there is no way she would have been allowed to help rebuild her home and eventually return for good like she does in canon if she were fire nation royalty. and given that the fire nation was in the middle of a political upheaval, it probably would have been very dangerous for katara to so clearly embrace her water tribe heritage if she were the fire lord’s spouse. i don’t think either zuko or katara would have been happy in that situation. 

and just for the record, here’s a list of things we know katara did in between avatar and lok

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In Defense of Bopal

This essay was written with the input of korrastorian

Even though Bolin and Opal are not as contentious of an endgame pairing in the LoK fandom as Korra and Asami, I do see a fair amount of criticism aimed at Bopal. The most common criticism is that Opal did not treat Bolin well: that she was too hard on/unfair to him in Book 4, or that she’s too controlling. Some other criticisms are that he had more chemistry with either Eska or Korra (I’ve never seen it argued for Ginger, thankfully), or conversely that Bolin doesn’t bring anything to the table for Opal.

It’s certainly not going to be the most compelling ship to everyone, but in my opinion, Bolin and Opal are as perfect for each other as Korra and Asami. They both push each other in ways that’s needed for their personalities, and at the end of the day are quite clearly caring and protective of one another.

I actually had originally intended to make this a light-hearted analysis, but there’s something that makes me a little uncomfortable about the charges levied against the ship. They just seem to be largely guided a bit by the mentality that Bolin deserves the affection of women or that Opal should go easier on him because he’s “a good guy.” And…that’s sexist. Look, we love Bolin. He’s kind of the best. But he also messes up, quite a bit actually. The fact that Opal directly challenges this and doesn’t automatically swoon into his arms the second he finally realizes the error of his ways is a very positive thing. It’s also fairly transgressive in terms of how romantic arcs with the “doofy, lovable guy” are normally portrayed.

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Alright let’s bust out some proper punctuation and discuss Korra’s characterization throughout the series.

There’s been a lot of talk recently criticizing Korra in Books 1 and 2, kind of ignoring her in Book 3 because she doesn’t exactly get a lot to do, and praising her Book 4 journey. This discussion has brought to the forefront something that I’ve been noticing for a long time, like.. years, and really want to talk about. The point at hand is that people say Korra’s personality in Books 1 and 2 was “false bravado.” Attaching this label to her– specifically the “false” part, really rubs me the wrong way because it’s a giant red flag to me that there’s a large amount of misunderstanding of, like, the absolute fundamental basics of what made Korra tick in Books 1 and 2. It’s not the specific arguments I can (and will) provide as to why Korra’s bravado wasn’t “false” in Books 1 and 2, but rather the fact that people can even read her as such in the first place that tells me that there are some very different angles being taken here.

Note that I don’t really believe in the existence of opinions– you either believe something or you don’t. In the end the universe works in fundamental truths and if what one person believes is correct, it means that if someone believes the “opposite” they’re incorrect. Hiding behind the concept of opinions is what results in the existence of racism, sexism, etc, because it’s “just their opinion.” But if you operate on beliefs instead of opinions, well sure I fully believe that they believe in their racist/sexist/etc thoughts, that doesn’t make them correct. How this related to viewing a narrative like a TV show is that our “opinions” are far too influenced by forces from outside the text and shape the way we view our media. In the case of Korra, clearly there’s a lot of conflicting discourse on the show and pretty much everyone is on one bandwagon or another, without having watched the show in months (or years in the case of certain seasons) and thus they have a very skewed perception of the things they’re arguing. I’m guilty of this, having gone through a lot of ups and downs with the earlier seasons and jumping on anti-Mako, anti-Makorra, and anti-Book 2 bandwagons primarily. Since then I’ve had a lot of “oh shit I’m completely wrong about this” moments, and have viewed I think every season, ship, character, etc, both positively and negatively (independent of whether they were being portrayed positively or negatively in the show at the time) and now that the dust has been settled for a few months I like to think that I have a pretty objective view of the series as a whole free from the baseless opinions I’ve gone through during the show’s run. That all being said, let’s get back to Korra specifically, who, likewise, I think I have a very strong understanding of free from the confines of bandwagon opinions.

So the specific argument at hand is that there’s this idea that in Books 1 and 2, Korra was constantly repressing her insecurities through false confidence, which led to her to being humiliated and ridiculed. Korra was forced to deal with this all-encompassing deep vulnerability under her surface by external forces before having triumphant moments. Meanwhile in Book 4 Korra accepted, embraced, and internalized her vulnerability and was healthier for it.

Here is my analysis of her character, which should debunk all of that:

The idea that Korra had insecurities is a surprise to no one, but there’s a lot to be said for how people viewed them, and whether or not she was “repressing” them (here’s a hint: she really wasn’t). Obviously she was scared of Amon, of losing her bending, and that made her feel like she “wouldn’t be the Avatar anymore.” Not because of the divine connection between her bending and identity as the Avatar, but because she clearly loves bending in the less magical form of being athletic and fighting– for purposes of fun and enjoyment (as evidenced by caring so much about probending), while the White Lotus and Tenzin are trying to force her to view her bending as a duty, placing importance on the “spiritual side” and all that. This coupled with Korra embracing the superficial idea of being the Avatar results in her clearly conflating her love for bending and sport with her “I’m the Avatar you gotta deal with it” side. Korra really loves herself. She and everyone else knows she’s a terrific bender, and with the fact that she has the title of the Avatar she truly does think that she’s the shit. This is like the basic premise of who Korra was at the beginning of the series, it’s what everyone was told in early press and who was present from the start of episode 1. I think most people have forgotten that like this is who her character was originally. Keep that in mind for later on.

Anyway back to insecurities. 1x04 is the best example of this. Korra is clearly scared of Amon and, yes, “repressing” it and in trying to prove to herself she’s not scared she challenges him. He ambushes her and in a really scary scene in the dark where she’s tied up he says he’s saving her for last, then he’ll destroy her, etc. She breaks down to Tenzin saying “I was so terrified, I felt so helpless. […] You … you were right … I’ve been scared this whole time. I’ve never felt like this before and … and Tenzin, I don’t know what to do!” and Tenzin tells her “Admitting your fears is the first and most difficult step in overcoming them.”

Four episodes in and Korra has already “learned the lesson” to admit and confront her fears. Whether you think it’s good writing or not (the much-cited “rushed” probably being the word you want to jump to) the fact is that this was a concrete moment of character development and Korra doesn’t repress her insecurities ever again in the show. In 1x06 she confidently goes after Amon, in 1x07 she doesn’t second guess herself when accusing Hiroshi of being an Equalist, in 1x08 she’s open with the Krew about her insecurities instead of denying them like in 1x04, and so on and so forth.

What Korra learns in Book 1 is the importance and seriousness of her role as the Avatar. I mean, it’s really pretty simple and obvious that this was the learning character arc she goes through. At the beginning, like I said, she’s confident and loves bending, but has no experience as the Avatar and only flaunts it as a title. Through episodes like 1x08 when she helps and defends the non-benders under Tarrlok’s curfew, Korra learns to take her role as the Avatar seriously. She also keeps the fundamental confidence and bravado at the core of her personality. These things aren’t mutually exclusive, she can learn to take her role as the Avatar seriously and stay cocky and confident, which she does. In 1x12 she “hits her lowest point” after Katara can’t restore her bending. She tells Mako that she’s “not the Avatar anymore” because her love of bending and being the Avatar have always been so closely tied. It’s unfortunate that she’s so crushed by losing her bending and it may seem like she “hasn’t learned anything” but no, that’s wrong, and this doesn’t erase her character development. She’s allowed to be really sad about losing her bending, especially since she now has a newfound respect for the gravity of her role as the Avatar, and then it was taken away. And the best healer in the world can’t fix it. That’s pretty unfair and I doubt you would like to be told “okay but character development!!!!” at a time like that.

Then comes one of the most controversial moments in Avatar history. Aang “magically” shows up and “gives her” her bending back “without her earning it.” There is so much wrong with this viewpoint but first let me address the point 2015 critics are making that Korra was forced first to hit her lowest point before being allowed character development. You can’t at the same time argue this and that the story went out of it’s way to give her a happy ending without “earning it.” Korra never deserved to lose her bending in the first place so she already by default deserves to get it back. She– she, not Aang, not anything else, manages to save herself again when she connect to her past lives, because she finally for the first time actually needs them. No one else could possible understand her situation, and in everything she’s been through up until that point, she never actually really got so low that she truly needed them enough to manage to connect to them. But now when it’s her very identity that has been stolen, that’s when she needs them. And S Y M B O L I CA L L Y Aang “gives her” her bending back, when really he already only exists inside her brain and she’s giving herself her bending back! And even, ok I subscribe fully to death of the author, but even if Bryke said “no he’s giving her bending back” what would be the problem with that?! Why would you want Aang to be an asshole piece of shit and not give her bending back? But I really don’t think it’s like that, her bending becomes restored through connecting to her past lives which spiritually is way stronger than Amon’s bloodbending and overcomes his block. She deserves to be victorious and happy and it happens. She learned to admit her fears in 1x04, to take her role as the Avatar seriously in 1x08, and throughout that has been a good person actively fighting for good. Sounds pretty deserving to me. Most important is the fact that her character development has been outside of her personality, which was never a problem to begin with.

Before I move on to Book 2, I’ll just point out that Korra was never humiliated or ridiculed in Book 1 (or 2)– people take her pretty damn seriously. The only thing I can think of is Tarrlok getting under her skin with the “half-baked” comment stuff, but that was his intention as a weasley character. There’s pretty much never a point where Korra is humiliated in Books 1, 2, or 3, and I really don’t understand this argument at all. Her bravado especially never gets her into a humiliating situation, like there’s just no basis for this. Her telling Mako they’re meant to be together and kissing him is harmless teen drama. 1x04 is the closest thing but it’s a serious moment of character development. Every other time she goes into something head-on “without thinking” she’s either successful or it gets her into trouble but she and her choices are treated seriously.

Anyway the start of Book 2 holds probably the most evidence for my reading of Korra’s character as being correct. Everyone loves to go on about how she “learned nothing” because she’s misusing the Avatar state, she’s not airbending “properly,” not respecting her elders (eye-roll), etc. But as I explained in describing her Book 1 journey, that’s just who she is and there’s literally nothing bad about it. She still learned to take her role as the Avatar seriously, that doesn’t mean she can’t also use the Avatar state as a “booster rocket” for fun. That specific example was more used for comedic effect with racing the air kids though, so I’ll move on.

What does Korra learn in Book 2? It’s pretty much all internal: she learns that Aang, the past Avatars, and Raava don’t define her. Korra’s very proactive about her insecurities in Book 2. When things start getting messy she actively eliminates people in her life holding her back (Tenzin and Tonraq). When Unalaq tricks her she doesn’t feel insecure about it, she immediately keeps marching on to fix her mistakes. I think this is what frustrates people so much about Book 2 specifically, and what I love about it so much. Korra is still this hot-headed, confident, brash and at times rude person, which won her the moniker of “bitch” from so many. She makes mistakes, and she doesn’t punish herself for it! Like people just cannot stand to see her economically fix her mistakes without the “character development” they think she needs, that being a complete change to her personality. Of course she still displays natural remorse, fear, and sadness at her mistakes and losses but like she just… fixes everything and her character development is about even more self love and power.

Korra obviously goes through a lot of really difficult personal drama in Book 2, which results in some harsh words being exchanged, but just like how in Book 1 her development was never about losing her bravado, in Book 2 her development isn’t about losing her harshness. It’s presented very matter-of-factly, she’s an angry person when going through difficult shit, but she and the other parties just apologize and move on. And again her actual character development is practically unrelated and turns out to be about portraying her positively.

Korra in Books 1 and 2 was one of the most revolutionary and feminist characters I’ve ever seen, and actually, with the associated risks of making such an absolute statement I’m just gonna say it: Book 1&2 Korra was the most revolutionary and feminist character ever, period. Never before or after have I seen any character come even close to the amount of narrative importance and success she had, without compromising her rough edges to conform to patriarchal standards for female characters. She was realistic, complex, important, heroic, and victorious, all while being gender-non-conforming, making mistakes, and having meaningful and important relationships with other characters, the plot, and world. It was an absolute dream, despite how much people hated her.

Moving on to Books 3 and 4, the above paragraph no longer applies. Well ok, in Book 3 it does for the most part, so let’s just talk about the Book 3 finale and Book 4.

In the Book 3 finale Korra sacrifices herself out of pure compassion to save the airbenders. She is tortured and poisoned, and ends up in a wheelchair, physically incapacitated and with PTSD. She has clearly lost her fire, understandably.

Ok well, as hard as it is to watch, they’re going to have her triumphantly regain her character from before the Book 3 finale, validating her compassionate sacrifice and proving she can overcome even this, right?


What happens in Book 4 is that the writers pull a 180 on their treatment of Korra and she’s constantly knocked down, beaten up, and defeated. And her old self is for the first time portrayed negatively. And she’s sidelined by the plot and barely does anything.

From the Book 3 finale to the Book 4 finale, we have Korra going from the old her who sacrificed herself out of compassion to save innocent lives, to the new her who learned from her experiences that compassion to an ethnic-cleansing dictator is the most important thing. Like… that’s what happened, plain and simple.

Beyond that fuckery, Korra’s Book 4 journey of “recovering” is a story that has been told countless times, including in lok itself might I add! Korra has already had nightmares about her enemies (1x04), which she overcame without losing her confidence or changing who she was, has already recovered from physical trauma (1x09/10), which she overcame without losing her confidence or changing who she was, and has already overcome spiritual trauma (1x12, 2x14) without losing her confidence or changing who she was. She has also lost her confidence many times throughout the show and regained it, and has gone through a lot of character development which was outlined in the first 10 million words of this post. But she was always triumphant in maintaining her spirited personality and self love.

That’s not the case in her Book 4 “recovery” arc. The one time that was their main intention they fucked it up by having her character development come with a side of shitting on her old self, delivered by Toph “You really are the worst Avatar ever” Beifong, Kuvira the ethnic-cleansing empirical dictator but she deserves compassion!!! Uniter, and Zaheer our friendly neighborhood terrorist/torturer/poisoner/would-be murderer. Damn I mean Korra’s Book 4 character arc is just a giant mess. At best it’s okay, at worst it’s highly problematic shit, but at no point is it better than her Book 1 and 2 arcs.

If you connected to Korra in Book 4, that’s your business. But there’s really no argument against the fact that Korra was changed from her old self, who was hated by a lot of problematic people for a lot of problematic reasons, into a character acceptable to these very people. For all the reasons I described before, Korra in Books 1 and 2 was a highly revolutionary character, and an intrinsic part of that was that people hated her for being portrayed positively in her fiery, confident, brash personality instead of punished for it.

Again, I fully believe there are people who legitimately enjoyed Book 4 and connected to Korra’s character in it. Hopefully everything I’ve said here sheds some light on what I and others found objectible. As for the good parts, I would just like to implore you to view Books 1 and 2 with an unbiased, open mind (which I concede from experience is highly difficult in tumblr’s fandom atmosphere), and I think you’d find that everything you connected to in Book 4 was already done about ten to a hundred times better in Books 1 and 2, and then some.

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The gang as benders? And maybe even an avatar.

How to Train Your Dragon and Avatar is one of the most beautiful crossovers ever. I love it.

Hiccup as an Airbender

Hiccup is a perfect Airbender. He feels free in the skies, and spends exorbitant amounts of time up there enjoying the feel of flight. He’s peacefully-minded with a pacifistic-esque philosophy to avoid harm wherever possible. Airbenders are said to respect all forms of life, and Hiccup is able to care for everything down to the deadliest of dragons, and to even try bargaining peacefully with devious warlords like Drago. Can’t you just imagine Hiccup riding his flying bison Toothless? Also the flight suits from LOK are exactly the same thing as what Hiccup wears in HTTYD 2.

We could argue that Hiccup would make a fine Avatar. In HTTYD 2, Valka speaks of Hiccup as a special individual, the only person who can unite humans and dragons together because he has “the heart of a chief and the soul of a dragon.” The analogy could easily be transferred to the Avatar world. In HTTYD, Hiccup is the bridge between humans and dragons. In ATLA/TLOK, Hiccup would be the bridge between humans and spirits. He would be the one and only person to bring peace to the world because he is the unique person who has a foot in both worlds. There is a good argument to be made of Hiccup being an Avatar.

Still, even then, we can pin him like Aang. If we wanted to make Hiccup an Avatar, we can always say he grew up as an Air Nomad and that Air is his strongest element.

Snotlout as a Firebender

Snotlout seems very well-suited for fire. Firebending is an intense, aggressive style with focus on attack over defense. While Snotlout can talk about practicality in some of the tougher battles, he also is someone who is a rather bold attacker focused on the offense - just think about “Cast Out Part 1.” This sort of power-focused Firebending style is much how he fights and thinks. Additionally, Snotlout rides a Monstrous Nightmare in the HTTYD world, a dragon which literally lights itself on fire. Snotlout lives, breathes, and works with fire, thinks with fire, fights with fire, far more than anyone else on the entire dragon riding team. This kid as I see him is quite the Firebender.

Fishlegs as a Waterbender

You could also make a very compelling case arguing Fishlegs is an Airbender - he’s peace-oriented enough! I do, however, think that there is something appealing about him being a Waterbender, too. Waterbending focuses on symbiosis, working with and guiding the environment around oneself. Fishlegs, far more than any of the other individuals in the gang, loves everything alive. He squeals over dragons - even dangerous ones - and has quite the interest in plantlife, too, given his studies in botany. Fishlegs is the most attuned to life of anyone.

Additionally, waterbending focuses on defense rather than offense, and it can be used for healing. Fishlegs is not an offensive type of guy. He always works from the defense. Waterbending is a fluid, graceful form, and I can imagine Fishlegs loving that sort of beautiful finesse. 

Ruffnut and Tuffnut as Earthbenders

I don’t have as strong of intuitions about what sort of benders Ruff and Tuff would be. Honestly, they could make very good non-benders, acting like a Sokka figure in the story. But I think that they should be givien bending skills, and that it’d be fun if they were Earth Benders. They’re the daredevil destructive type, loving to feel the power of their destruction, and the firm-footed stance of Earthbending could allow them to wreak havoc to their heart’s desire. The fighting style of Earthbending is far more like the twins’ personalities than any of the other types; they’re certainly not peacekeepers like Airbenders, nor aggressive attackers like Firebenders, nor graceful and fluid benders like the Water Tribes. 

Astrid as a Waterbender

I can honestly imagine Astrid as three different bending types if I want to - Earth, Fire, and Water. There are good arguments to be made on all those fronts. But I feel that water fits her best. She and Katara would get along so well, dear Thor.

Astrid might be a bit more offense-oriented than a typical Waterbender, but she has many of the other traits we associate with that bending style. She is incredible, graceful, fluid, able to direct her movements with a gymnast’s honed flexibility. She is someone with a compassionate spirit who heals with words in canon; she can heal with Waterbending, too, in this ATLA AU.

Heather and Dagur as Firebenders

I know you didn’t ask me this one, but can we please just do this? You could even get bored and even compare these siblings with Zuko and Azula. Older brother, younger sister, both royalty? Check. One of them deranged and overpowerful? Check. The other lost, confused, outcasted? Check. Everyone a bit emotionally unstable? Check, check, check, check. It’s certainly not a perfect analogy, but I pin Hether and Dagur as Firebenders even without thinking of that analogy at all.

So here are my answers! Basically all the characters have some potential to hop into different bending styles (I know I simplified talking about the philosophies in these short replies). These are just some of the ways I could imagine it going.


Driving Lessons

Summary: Korra and Asami have just returned from the spirit world, but there is one thing they have to when they get back. Teach the Avatar how to drive! It might seem easy but as trouble with friends, busy schedules, and a few life-threatening accidents seem to make the driving lessons impossible. What’s worse all these things might drive the two women apart forever!

Artist: imagezdoesart.tumblr.com

Rating: T

Pairings: Korrasami, Bopal, Kainora

Word Count:15k+

Warnings/ Triggers: Car Accidents, Blood(minor)

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