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Guys the past twelve years of my life just made sense

We all know Sozin’s plan and “the avatar is the Fire Nation’s greatest threat” blah blah blah but listen. Twelve years after Roku died, Sozin attack the Air Nomads. He thought he killed the Avatar. Then where did he send troops? The Southern Water Tribe. The avatar was to be born of water next. They didn’t bother with the Northern Water Tribe until 100 years later when Zhao went ape shit, I think that they stopped because they knew Aang was hiding somewhere. Where was their third target? The Earth Kingdom, more specifically, Ba Sing Se, the heart of the Earth Kingdom. My friend asked me when we were watching AtLA “they know that if they kill Aang that the avatar will just be reborn, right?” So then I thought of the Red Lotus from Korra, their plan was to kill her in the Avatar State to end the cycle. Sozin wasn’t stupid, and Sozin’s best friend was the Avatar. He would have known that the Avatar would just be reborn. So why didn’t he try to end the cycle like Zaheer? I’m like 100% certain that Fire Lord Sozin’s ORIGINAL plan was to go through the other three nations, the order of the cycle, killing any benders that could be the avatar. He was trying to cheat his way through the cycle to get another Fire Nation Avatar. He even made a point to Roku that the Avatar and the Fire Lord could, in fact, take over the world. He needed a new Avatar to mold to help him take over the world.

Just a theory

So I’ve been thinking about the avatar reincarnation cycle and I came up with an interesting theory. What if the avatar spirit chooses it’s next host because the previous avatar had a strong connection to where the next host was born? Roku’s spirit chose the southern air temple. He could’ve chosen any of the other three but I think he chose the southern air temple because of his long friendship with Gyatso. Aang must have chosen Korra because she was from the southern water tribe, that was also the same place where he had met Katara who he had later fallen in love with, married and had children with. Which means Kyoshi might’ve had some sort of connection to the fire nation and Kuruk to the earth kingdom etc, etc. It’s just a theory though. Tell me what you think about it.

A Concept:

Rey uses the Force on the ocean, becomes a waterbender

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As long as Bryke is randomly revealing stuff, I’m just gonna throw out an “unofficial” headcanon here. You may or may not support it, but if I’m right god help the fandom.

(PS: My timelines may be a bit off here, so feel free to dispute!)

Because Suki died young, Sokka sank into an extreme depression for very long time. To keep himself distracted, he threw himself into his work and helping out with his nieces and nephews. His favorite child, however, was Lin–and as such he and Toph spent a lot of time together and developed a special bond. One night, when he was feeling particularly down, they had a long, heartfelt talk that ended in them doing some things they probably shouldn’t have done. They never spoke of it again, and it probably would have remained behind closed doors if Toph hadn’t become pregnant. But before she could tell Sokka that Suyin was his, he was killed by the Red Lotus. Toph was unsure of how the others would react, so rather than coming clean with them, she kept Sokka’s last secret. No one ever found out. Not even Katara.

Sokka Death Theory

We know that Sokka outlived Aang because he knew Korra when she was little, but we don’t know when or how he died. I think it was Zaheer and the Red Lotus. If you think about how much work went it to those prisoner specific cells that were spread around the world (P'li in the ice cave, Ming Hua in the volcano) and to have White Lotus guards on them all the time. Ozai didn’t even have that much security, granted he didn’t have his bending but still. What did they have to do in order to have that steep a punishment? I think it was Tonraq that told about the Red Lotus trying to kidnap Korra when she was little, that Chief Sokka had a part in saving her. That’s when he died. The Red Lotus killed him during the attack, Korra and Tonraq got away. He died fighting. He died a hero.

Avatar State: Everyone’s Doing It

There seems to be a trend here…

Of course we all know the original:

Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender.

And Korra from The Legend of Korra (and subsequently all the other avatars) had a beast mode called “The Avatar State.”

But other characters seemed to have picked it up:

Lion from Steven Universe.

Marceline in Stakes (Adventure Time.)

and Bill Cypher from Gravity Falls.

Are all these animators watching each other’s work? Does every character have a supernatural state of nirvana just waiting to be triggered?

Maybe. Or maybe there was someone who started it all….

Behold: Kida from Atlantis the Lost Empire; released in 2001–a whole 4 years before the tv show ATLA in 2005.


Theory time! 

Wan founded the White Lotus

Firstly, this is not a new theory I’ve had, It actually occurred to me back in Book 2 and was reinforced when I re-watched Spirits this past January/February. And was further reinforced during Bk3’s “The Stakeout”.

We know that the Statue of Avatar Aang in Yue Bay has Aang standing with one foot on an open lotus blossom to symbolize the White Lotus coming out of hiding and “openly serving the Avatar”. (exact wording from Zaheer, though we knew this before he said it)

We also know that Wan’s statue is (currently) the only other known statue in the statue line up that is standing on an open lotus blossom.

In The Stakeout, Zaheer spoke of Avatar Wan by name and his struggle against Raava and Vaatu - something he learned about before Korra ever did because the belief that Chaos was the natural order and Vaatu needed to be released/the avatar destroyed was a core tenet of the Order of the Red Lotus, who broke off from the White Lotus before Korra was even born. Which means the White Lotus knew about Avatar Wan and that he split Raava and Vaatu and have had this information for as long as they’ve been around.

Seeing as how Bryke has had a habit of including little clues and hints about things in the series in the architecture and background designs (the lion turtles in Piandao’s home as an obvious example), I don’t believe my theory is particularly far-fetched.

Though, until and unless anything is said by The Powers That Be (*cough* bryankonietzko michaeldantedimartino *cough*), it remains a theory.

Shows' thoughts on Headcanons
  • Wander Over Yonder: All your theories are canon! Go wild with Wander's backstory! And also your creative named ships (they're awesomely named btw) are valid one way or the other, but we won't address them on the show, that's up to you. Oh and we don't want Lord Hater as a chimp to be debunked! Someday we'll tell Hater's backstory but that could result in some debunks, maybe change them as AUs.
  • Steven Universe: Great theories! Some may be true, but others may not be, but we love seeing them! Oh and you're on the money with Garnet as a fusion, plus the two first same-sex characters in the animated series!
  • My Little Pony: We made the 100th episode dedicated to shout outs to you Bronies! Friendships pairings confirmed, a Doctor Who pony, Derpy speaks accurately, and a big musical duet! You're amazing! Though, Sparity didn't happen, they're just friends, sorry.
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: Great that you're making theories of bending and world-building! Though we prefer Kataang over Zutara for story purposes. Don't mind you making headcanons on their relationship changes in their later years, but we prefer Kataang to remain that way in order for Tenzin to exist.
  • The Legend of Korra: We need to make Asami and Korra be a couple. We won't address it, but subtly hint that near the last shot of the series. So yeah, Korrasami is canon!
  • Littlest Pet Shop: Nice theories. Though I wouldn't touch the main pets' shipping though. You can have fun with them in the non-canon sense, but our canon stories won't be doing romantic dramas. They're just friends first and foremost.
  • Adventure Time: The wonders of headcanons have such possibilities! Not sure if some would be true though. Marceline and Bubblegum's shipping though don't believe it, they're just friends.
  • Hey Arnold: All your theories and headcanons of The Jungle Movie will be answered. You basically summed up what it's gonna be about for all those years, but this version may be different to keep things fresh, but you'll still see the tying up on Arnold's parents and Helga's love confessions.
  • Gravity Falls: Go wild on the headcanons! The mysteries! The wonders! The crossovers! They're all in you to show how much awesome this show is! Oh, and your Stan Brother's theory is canon! So all the others are debunked! But don't mention any shipping in my face, please? Dipper and Mabel don't commit incest, not sure about Dipper and Pacifica or Dipper and Wendy cause he's maturing to find other girls, and I'm sorry, BillDip? That's just degrading! Sorry, but I don't want to hear anymore shipping! They aren't valid in canon timeline.
  • Some live-action shows (except Doctor Who): What's up with these "headcanons"? Silly fans, they're not true to my creative vision! My characters don't make out! I decide their story, not yours!
Legend of korra theory

Ok so we all know how Zhu li and Varrick got married in the end right? And how Bolin acted as the official in this wedding right?

But let’s look this in a more logical way. This wedding probably took place a few weeks (perhaps a month or 2) after the finale considering how republic city was still under reconstruction. Their wedding was rushed, so rushed that they couldn’t hire a priest/judge to officiate the wedding. Or perhaps it was because in the lok world the government doesn’t validate marriages because there isnt a law about them.

We know that the water tribe necklaces are given to women as a symbol of engagement.

But it’s a symbol we dont know who acts as an official to actually dictate the marriage. And republic city being the most modern and advanced place in the lok world we would assume they have laws about marriage and couples. 

But they don’t

Varrick being extravagant and all wouldve just hired the first person he saw around the corner to act as a minister in his wedding but Zhu Li, being a strong smart woman with a good head on her shoulders, would’ve opposed to this because the marriage would’ve been meaningless, it just wouldn’t have been recognized. (Let’s remember here that marriage is a contract that is recognized by a certain group of people, a religious wedding isnt recognized by the government and an official wedding recognized by a nation won’t be recognized by a religion)

So why would she allow her wedding to be officialized by a 20 year old ex-soldier who has no studies about laws whatsoever? Why would Zhu Li, who always thinks before acting, let Bolin be in charge of something so important?

Because marriage, in their world, isnt something recognized by a major group of people like a cult, religion or nation. It’s something recognized by the people close to them. They friends, family, co-workers. It is not something dictated by laws.

So what am i trying to say with all this?

That a korrasami wedding would totally happen

Group Theory and the Avatar Cycle

Good examples are the key to understanding concepts, and I’ve realized an example of abstract algebra that people are familiar with. It’s the avatar cycle from Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra.

Every group contains the identity (staying in place), but this group is generated by the rotation “go forward one in the cycle.” A group also contains the reverse element, which in this case is “go back one in the cycle.”

Going through the rotation 4 times (denoted r4) is the same as the identity. This makes this a cyclic group.

Another cool feature is that going through the cycle twice (r2) forms a subgroup. That is, because r2 is its own inverse, containing the “opposite element” of the avatar cycle and the identity is a group itself.

Furthermore, a subgroup splits the group into something called cosets. This means that if we call the “element and its opposite” subgroup, we can split it into two sets of opposites. To get between them, you need one rotation, so if the subgroup is called H, then we call the coset that we get to using r rH.

This “avatar cycle group” is actually all over the place. If you only look at the remainder when you divide by four, and use addition as your operation, you get this group (and so is called Z/4Z, pronounced Z mod 4 Z).

It is also how you can understand multiplication on the complex numbers {1,i,-1,-i}. 1 is the identity, i·i=-1, and i4=1. With the subgroup {1,-1}, staying on the real axis, you get the coset {i,-i}, staying on the imaginary axis. I find thinking of multiplying by i as “rotating by a quarter turn” a good way to understand the complex plane.

(In case any math people feel the need to tell me, I know that this is actually the group action of Z/Z4 on the avatar cycle, but it is close enough)