korra take the wheel

like dreaming of angels

a korrasami playlist ; [ l i s t e n ]

artwork by the wonderful bevsi!

stuck on you - new politics || addicted to you - avicii || a twist in my story - secondhand serenade || lucky - jason mraz and colbie caillat || hey, soul sister - train || wanted - hunter hayes || quiet - lights || angels - the xx || tonight - lykke li|| eternal sunshine - jhene aiko || are you still waiting? - hee young 

“Are you sure about this, Korra?” Asami eyed the boat skeptically while chewing her lip.

“It’s fine! I haven’t had a chance to ride the turtle-duck boats with everything going on. And if anything does go wrong, you’re with the world’s greatest waterbender!”

“Okay…” Asami conceded.

With a whoop, Korra scooped her up and laid her gently on the seat. “Milady, your carriage awaits.”

“Shh you dork!” Asami giggled.

Korra clambered in after her, taking the wheel. “Where to, milady!”

“Just drive, silly.”

They went out to the middle of the lake. In the past it would have been dark by now, but spirit vines had taken over a nearby building, casting a yellow light across the lake.

“It IS beautiful,” Asami breathed.

“Told you!”

Asami cuddled against Korra’s side. “Mm hmm,” she murmured, closing her eyes.

A few moments later, she was sleeping, her breaths coming slow and steady. Korra wrapped her arms around her. She couldn’t stop grinning.