korra nouveau

With the finale tomorrow…how could I not make something!?  Started in my sketchbook during lunch today; this is where I got to tonight.  We’ll see how far I can get before midnight tomorrow.

Pose is kind of a reference back to my first study into art nouveau styling with Tenzin, which was essentially me trying to draw the pose I had seen during the Korra panel at SDCC in 2011 (the image of Tenzin is was trying to recall is in the season 1 art book by the way).

See you all tomorrow!


So I actually captured in real-time the making of my Zaheer image.  The trouble is, it was about 8.5 hours of footage and I’m not sure how to edit that in a way that anybody in their right mind would actually watch it.

At 10x speed you can see what I’m doing but it’s a 50min video.  I tried getting it down to 5min but that means it’s 100x speed which I think is just too fast.

Never recorded a drawing process before.  I wonder if it’s worth doing again?


Lots of new friends today and yesterday, hooray!  Welcome!   Sorry no WIPs tonight, I was busy looking over what I got back from the printer.  Super happy with it, was able to spring for much nicer paper this year.

Definitely come to the show on Saturday if you’re in the Seattle area.  It’s only $10.  If you see me there mention that you saw me on tumblr and I’ll see if I can hook you up with something.