korra looking at bolin the same way he did when they first went on a date

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I'm probably (definitely) reading too far into this but have you noticed that Asami wears the same combat outfit to the poles that she does to the Si Wong Desert. I get that she's vastly better than I will ever be but how can she wear that thing without succumbing to heat stroke.

*Gonna clear out some outfit-related asks. Be prepared.*

For this one, gotta assume that undershirt is moisture wicking. We never even see the woman sweat, at least in comparison to her friends.

anon #1: Did you ever notice that sometimes Asami’s hair is shiny and sometimes it’s not? I think Studio Pierrot made her hair shiny all the time, but Studio Mir didn’t until Book 3, and then in Book 4, it goes from shiny to not shiny to shiny again. Something must be up with her conditioner tbh

Well, in lieu of making a graph that plots the sheen of her hair each episode, I’m willing to accept that in S3 when she’s traveling a lot she doesn’t always have access to Sato-approved hair products.

anon #2: Okay so this one’s a little weird and I don’t know if you’ve answered it before but… What about underwear? I mean, I think it’s fair game to assume that Asami’s got some pretty racy lingerie, but what about Korra? What about everyone else? Are bras even a thing in their timeline yet?

You know, around the holidays, someone sent me an anon saying that they head-canoned Asami as the inventor of the bra. That one is still creeping around my inbox somewhere. What was weird is that it actually made me stop and consider this, and the pragmatism of supportive undergarments for engineers in the vague 1920s era. I don’t know. I really just. Don’t know.

anon #3: I’d say Asami’s nightgown is a bit out of her usual color palette. The purple-grey robe, definitely the usual, and she does have some very muted pinkish hues in some of her clothes, but that nightgown is BRIGHT pink. Still not quite the same as some green or blue (I don’t think she would work the airbender colors quite as well, though).

Maybe she bought a packet of clips, and she really wanted some reason to don the pink one.

anon#4: Something that’s ALWAYS confused me was Asami’s casual outfit in season one and two. Why did they change it?

I think it looked more professional now that she was operating as owner/CEO than the popped collar one. The real mystery is why she settled on the turquoise clip. Is it her lucky one or something?

anon#5: what’s your favorite outfit for each member of the Krew?

Korra’s return to RC for the second half of S4. Asami’s action outfit (with goggles). I liked Mako’s suit in 1x04…not the one for the date but the one for the gala, because he used his scarf as a cummerbund. And I thought Bolin looked his best in his Kuvira uniform, but with his messy hair a la the beginning of 4x07.

anon#6: Can we all appreciate the fact that Asami probably went out of her way to find a blue helmet for Korra the first time they went racing together? She’s considerate like that.

Well god, she couldn’t have Korra clash…I wonder if she thought about that ahead of time.

My thoughts on Varrick & Zhu Li

Hiya Toonsters!

I don’t usually do these, I haven’t even been back on Tumblr for a while. Ever since the Series Finale for Legend of Korra, I’ve been doing a lot more art, writing & fan theories. I’d like to start off with my two favorite characters out of the whole series: Varrick & Zhu Li. I love them both as individuals and as a couple, and I was SO happy with the way things turned out between them. SO HAPPY! :)

Let’s start from the beginning- when I first met Varrick I absolutely loved him, I thought he was a crazy mad-genius and he reminded me of myself- outgoing, goofy, mischievous, smart & random. Zhu Li, I actually just considered his assistant and didn’t think too much of her at first, since she was sort of in the background. The more I saw of them together, the more I liked them together.

It actually wasn’t until “Operation Winged Freedom” that I really started shipping them and thinking they were a couple. I honestly didn’t think we’d ever see them again, either. I thought they were just going to be minor characters who flew away, never to be seen again.

I loved Operation Winged Freedom because of the way they worked together so in sync. He put on his goggles and said “commence operation winged freedom” and she already had the suit on. He opened his arms and she jumped on his back, while he yelled those words we love to hear: “DO THE THING!” and they flew away.

I thought “Dude, these two would make a perfect couple, like partners in crime!” They share an unspoken bond between them, the way they look at each other in front of others- like they’re sharing a silent communication. Also the fact they were sort-of side villains, sort-of good guys. They were doing their own thing, together. They had an understanding that nobody else understood.

It also makes me wonder- have they been dating? Have they been putting on an act the whole time? What do they talk about when nobody’s around? When did they first fall in love with each other? Did they just put aside their romantic feelings for work purposes? When did Varrick buy that ring and start planning his proposal?

Remember, for every second of screen time we see characters, there’s also ton of “off-screen” time- which is left to fan theories and interpretations. People don’t just “stay silent” and talk again when the focus is on them.

Again, I thought these options weren’t going to be explored whatsoever. We saw Varrick & Zhu Li again during Book 3 but the main focus was the Red Lotus. Let’s jump to Book 4- when they started getting romantic vibes between them. At Enemy of the Gates, Varrick and Zhu Li had a moment where I thought they were going to kiss and Varrick changed the subject. Then, he mourned over the loss of Zhu Li for a whole episode after she Zhu Li’d him. Zhu Li went back with Bolin and Varrick “almost” had a romantic moment and messed it up again. That’s when I knew they definitely had a chemistry and something big was gonna happen soon. He brought up his childhood, and finally the moment we were all waiting for- when he proposed and they finally kissed.

We didn’t get the HUGE apology we were expecting, but we sort of did- he brought up Mrs. Beaks and how he took her for granted (really he was talking about Zhu Li). He could have apologized off-screen, when they had their alone time- maybe after Bolin reunited them, or maybe during the big robot fight scene after they parachuted out. Also, I wanna know- was Bolin in on the proposal? How long did he want Varrick & Zhu li to get together?

Here’s my headcanon- I think that Varrick & Zhu Li had these unspoken romantic feelings for each other for a while now, maybe even since operation winged freedom. Zhu Li doesn’t “do the thing” because she’s told to, but because she wants to, because she loves Varrick. We don’t see how they act when nobody’s around- In fact I always thought that she was the brains behind the whole operations and he was the act. When nobody was around he could have been like “was that good Zhu Li?” and she’d say “very good sir, now do the thing” and he’d bring her tea.

I think because of work reasons they kept these feelings under wraps. They were partners for so long they didn’t want to mess anything up. But the more they worked together, the more they were so in sync together. They saw what amazing partners they could be together. They both probably wanted to kiss each other for so long. They both realized this but neither wanted to say anything. There was probably a lot of tension a few times. Probably even more moments like the ones we saw, where either one of them messed up or something interrupted.

I’m pretty sure Varrick and Zhu Li were Bolin’s “OTP”- he saw their relationship and loved it. He probably wanted to find somebody to have a relationship like that. If you notice, when Bolin was writing letters to Korra, he drew some pictures. One was of him, Varrick & Zhu Li. I think this was probably foreshadowing to him officiating the wedding. I also think that Varrick had the ring and was planning to propose before “Enemy at the Gates”. He put the video camera on because he wanted to capture the moment. That was before the thing blew up and messed everything up. Then he saved Zhu Li and they had that moment. He cupped her face and wanted to do it right then, to kiss her and tell her everything, but he freaked out and jumped right back into the comfortable way things were.

Then Zhu Li “Zhu Li’d” him and he was so heartbroken, he thought they were partners and he loved her, and now she was gone. That’s why he kept talking about her next episode, he couldn’t believe it and didn’t know what to do, he was even going to “Varrick” himself.

I think while they were in the forest Bolin brought up him and Zhu Li- what’s going on between them, why did he miss her so much if he was just her assistant (he was probably trying to get him to say it). Varrick then probably told him then, that he wanted to propose, that he always loved her, etc. and Bolin probably squeed like a fangirl and started talking really hyperactively about how he always wanted to officiate the wedding, when Varrick interrupted and said “she’s gone now”

That’s why later when Zhu Li was lying, Bolin smiled because they could be together again. On the way back, I bet him and Zhu Li talked too. She probably went on about how Varrick wouldn’t want to see her again, he would be mad, she was afraid, how she only said those things so she could save him, and so forth. It probably took everything Bolin had not to spoil the proposal, but he brought up the fact that Varrick kept bringing her up, how much he missed her and how he’ll be happy to see her.

Then when he reunited them, when he said “Isn’t there something you wanted to say to her??” he was probably talking about the proposal, when Varrick did the same thing- freaked out last minute for whatever reason (not the right time, didn’t have the ring, scared, etc) and Bolin facepalmed. Right after Zhu Li stormed off I could totally see Bolin giving Varrick a stern talking to, and Varrick being like “I know I know, I just freaked out!” and Bolin telling him to not be afraid and to do it, maybe try telling a story to help ease into it (that’s where Varrick got the idea to tell his childhood story).

Finally when it came time to hop into the suits Varrick figured it was now or never, because what if something happened to one of them? He wanted his true feelings to be known, to be together with his one true love before jumping into this crazy moment. I was so scared that one or both of them would die. Instead we got the happy ending we all wanted (including Bolin!) I really think these two share a sweet dynamic. He’s crazy, she’s down to earth. He’s wacky with his ideas, she’s more realistic. They balance each other out so well, and they work together beautifully- both as a couple and as a working team.

Another thing about this couple that I love and that I can relate to, is that they remind me so much of me and my husband. Varrick looks a little like him, and Zhu li looks a little like me (My name is even Julie!). However, personality-wise- I’m WAY more Varrick and he’s WAY more Zhu Li. I think that’s another reason I love this ship so much. We balance each other the same way they do. We work together and do crazy things- we’re inventors and mad scientists and we’ve always got something up our sleeve.

I’m so glad everyone loves this ship, I mean, how could you NOT? They’re Sooooo adorable together!!

Anyway that’s my thoughts/review/random writings on my favorite couple in the Legend of Korra universe :) You can expect to see quite a bit more fanart of these two. Don’t worry I got lots of other fanart and things coming about other characters too! I just love this fandom and show so much! :D

Thanks for reading!

Blue Skies! Enjoy the Chaos and Stay TOONed!

Vows: A Short Story of the Legend of Korra

Maturity Level: PG

Time:  Approximately 3 years after “The Last Stand”

Note from the writer: Sorry about any errors my proofreading skills aren’t terrific.

Asami’s eyes were locked on the mirror.  To be more precise they were locked on the women in the white dress in the mirror.  A part of her brain still wasn’t able to comprehend the fact that it was her standing there.  She began to idly smooth out wrinkles in her dress that weren’t actually there.

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Prompt: Korra and Asami trying to get some alone/private time with each other in the months following their vacation while republic city is getting rebuilt

Their vacation lasted ten blissful days. Korra showed Asami all the spots she knew about, and they explored all the places she didn’t together. They finally caught up on some much needed sleep, and Asami only did work related things for an hour a day. Korra’s favorite part, however, was finally getting to kiss the woman she loved. It happened two days into their travels; they reached a patch of grass in the middle of a forest and overhead the two moons shone brightly illuminating them. They decided to set up camp there and right before they went to sleep Korra kissed Asami like it was the easiest thing in the world. In a way it was, it was the easiest thing Korra had ever done, but it was also one of the hardest. Overall the vacation was one of Korra’s absolute favorite memories, mostly due to the fact that Asami was with her.

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