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RULES: If you want to! Tell who is your favorite character from 10 fictional works (Shows, Movies, Novels, Etc.) & tag 10 people!

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1) Sara Lance, Legends of Tomorrow – the kickass, bisexual formerly-dead former assassin who is now a Legend and timeship captain. I LOVE HER.

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2) Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, DC Comics – the black-sheep formerly-dead former Robin. He has anger management issues and a complicated relationship with the rest of the Batfamily. I can’t really put into words why I love him, but I doooo.

3) Elizabeth Weir, Stargate Atlantis – the strong leader of the expedition who has to put up with way too much, especially from one John Sheppard. Kind, lovely, and totally lives happily ever after.

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4) Vax’ildan, Critical Role – I’m only 17 episodes in, but he quickly became my favorite. He’s charming and dangerous, and he hits my competency kink so hard. (I cannot find a decent pic or gif, because like I said, I’m only 17 episodes into a show that currently has 95, and I don’t want to completely spoil myself.)

5) Artemis Crock, Young Justice – the archer who is trying to do good despite her villainous family and abusive childhood. Prickly at first, snarky forever.

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6) Asami Sato, Legend of Korra – the gorgeous, bisexual badass normal who fights alongside benders, kicking ass and taking names while looking flawless. She’s also sweet and kind. Who can blame Korra for falling in love with her?

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7) Helena Wells, Warehouse 13 – the badass, bisexual genius who, okay, wanted to destroy the world a bit. She regrets that, though! And she remains forever awesome and way more noble than she gives herself credit for.

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8) Severn Handred, The Chronicles of Elantra – the quiet, extremely dangerous former assassin (basically). Fiercely loyal to Kaylin and willing to do basically anything to protect her. I’m basically in love with him, not going to lie.

9) Sameen Shaw, Person of Interest – the badass bisexual sociopath who figures out that being a good guy is kind of rewarding. She’s hot and snarky and dangerous and I have a type, okay.

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10) Rey, Star Wars – the scavenger who somehow stays optimistic and hopeful despite a hard life in the desert. She finds a stillness and strength in the Force that she never expected. Honestly my favorite Star Wars character.

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“I have brought peace, freedom, justice and security to my new Empire!”

Jedi Master Suyin Beifong and Darth Kuvira, because this parallel was just too strong to resist….. I love Kuvira and the Beifong clan so much (and also the Kuvira vs Suyin duel is one of my most favourite duels in all of Avatar/LOK. Metalbending skills for real!)

Queen Katara

I know I already did this but just look at her

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Sexism in One Piece

I was asked to collab in a youtube video about sexism in One Piece and accidentally got upset about it. I did not realise that I would get this worked up about it and I think that’s because when you’re watching the series, there are little moments of sexism that you can ignore. But when you actually research it and think about all the moments that have made you feel uncomfortable, it becomes overwhelmingly clear that One Piece is sexist.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m embarrassed to tell my friends that I watch One Piece, because I know that they’re going to google it to check it out and they’re just going to see boobs. I would never buy a figurine of a female character in One Piece because I wouldn’t even be able to look at it.  I’m not saying that large boobs don’t exist in real life but it’s a problem in One Piece because it’s gotten to the point where every young and attractive female character has giant boobs. There is barely any diversity between female characters. And to be honest this isn’t the type of anime I signed up for. The first time I remember feeling uncomfortable when watching the anime was in the Alabasta arc and seeing Miss Doublefinger outfit. I was like wtf, who would dress like that but I could just write it off to her being a crazy villain. But after that moment the boobs grew bigger every One Piece arc, until after the timeskip when in the manga you couldn’t even tell which female character was speaking because they all looked the same.

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i’m fairly certain korra never once complimented or mentioned mako’s looks though we know for sure she finds asami “beautiful,” “elegant,” and “snazzy”

There is so much underrated or unknown awesome stuff...

…that Tumblr would LOVE but doesn’t seem to know much about??

Looking for a book about a woman knight, who has no romance, but friends and allies, and is so strong, but deep and flawed? A story with a female author who gets her military descriptions in the book from having spent actual time in the military?

I present to you: The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon

Or maybe you want a comic about a girl in a fantasy would where countries float in the sky, whose father dies and it is up to her to save her country from her evil uncle? One of the only comics of this company who got a finished storyline. Oh, and yeah, she’s got a guy back home, but is super busy making friends with a lady rogue and saving entire populations.

This is it: “Meridian” of CrossGen Comics by Barbara Kesel

Or maybe you like more traditional fairytales, but with a femenist twist to it? How about a Cinderella story (as a visual novel game)where you can pick one of three romances (or none!), and pick how you get yourself to the ball, and get to pick your own happy ending?

You can get it on Steam: It’s called Cinders by Moacube.

Or if you are the more elemental fantasy type! Earth, water, fire, air! (like Avatar:TLA) You want female friendships? More women warriors? A nation of queens? Women in love, and battle, and helping each other, and hiding street kids, and saving people?

I present: The Oran Trilogy by Midori Snyder

OR OR OR if you are really more of a dystopian reader. Science fiction, the end of our world is long past! You like animals and talking cats! A world where powers are suspicious and the people that have them are called Misfits!

Bingo: The Obernewtyn Chronicles by Isobelle Carmody

There is so much more, and I want Tumblr to get to know it. Bring in more people to these fandoms! Spread the word! Especially if the Tamora Pierce books or Hunger games or Legend of Korra interest you.

Peace :D

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Korra being all buff like "behold! I am the avatar, I am invincible!" and asami is like "korra please, I can turn you into a giggly mess if I wanted to". This is from the tickling sentence starter “Go ahead. Tickle me. I don’t mind.” let me know if it doesn't work for you. Thanks!

A/N: I didn’t quite use that sentence but this is some cute korrasami fluff that devolved from this prompt. thank you for the idea!!!

Words: 1,019

“You know, I really am a badass.” Korra announced as she came to the realization one morning.

Asami nearly choked on her water that she had grabbed from the bedside table. “What?”

“Every time I’ve fought or faced a villain, I always come out on top. Why do people even bother trying to mess with me? No one can take down the avatar.” Korra grinned, flexing her muscles as she winked at Asami.

Asami rolled her eyes with a chuckle at Korra’s antics.

“Most of that may be true. I’ve seen – and helped, by the way – you do some incredible things.” Asami began.

“Right, well, I mean of course I had some help. The avatar is a great leader.” Korra smugly replied.

“Oh are we referring to the avatar in third person now?” Asami teased. “I’m pretty sure I know someone who could take the avatar down.”

“Who’s that?” Korra scoffed.

“Me.” Asami smirked.

“I think I could take you.” Korra narrowed her eyes.

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