korra intro

Fan Made Injustice/ MKX Style Intros 2:


Batman/ Jaune Arc

Introduction 1:

Batman: Why should I train you? You can barely fight.

Jaune: It doesn’t matter if I can beat you. I will stand up to you.

Batman: Alright. Lesson one.

Introduction 2:

Jaune: People find that costume scary?

Batman: What do you think?

Jaune: To be honest. It’s kind of dorky.

Introduction 3:

Batman: You’re still holding in the anger towards her.

Jaune: Cinder will pay.

Batman: Anger consumed Jason. I won’t let that happen again.

Clash 1:

Jaune: I’m doing better than I thought.

Batman: You’re learning.

Clash 2:

Batman: Use the shield as a weapon as well.

Jaune: I’m trying.

Raiden/ Korra

Introduction 1:

Raiden: I sense great spiritual energy within you.

Korra: His name is Raava if you’re curious Raiden.

Raiden: Let us see if you are worthy of his trust.

Introduction 2:

Korra: My world has a Raiden to.

Raiden: Does he serve his elder gods?

Korra: No. He’s one of six beings that protect the world.

Introduction 3:

Raiden: You remind me of Jacqui Briggs.

Korra: Yeah. I can see why.

Raiden: Lets us see if you’re just as skilled.

Clash 1:

Raiden: You are indeed powerful.

Korra: So are you.

Clash 2:

Korra: Wouldn’t be the first time I beat a god.

Raiden: Impressive.

War/ Cecada

Introduction 1:

War: I did not know mortals could wield a blade like my own.

Cecada: And I thought the horsemen were a myth. Looks like we’re both surprised.

War: We are more than just a mere myth.

Introduction 2:

Cecada: We have something in common, horseman.

War: What could you have in common with me other than weapon choice?

Cecada: I was betrayed by my master to.

Introduction 3:

War: This ‘Ozpin’ says you’re one of the most skilled hunters alive.

Cecada: I could be. But I haven’t met all of them.

War: Let us spar and see if it is true.

Clash 1:

War: You are indeed strong.

Cecada: Right back at ya.

Clash 2:

Cecada: So. What do you think?

War: You are quite skilled mortal.

Death/ Connor Arcadia

Introduction 1:

Death: You wield scythes as well human?

Connor Arcadia: Technically it’s a shield first then scythes.

Death: Interesting.

Introduction 2:

Connor Arcadia: My semblance lets me see all sin and guilt you know.

Death: Then you see what I have done.

Connor Arcadia: But you regret it. That’s what makes you better.

Introduction 3:

Death: You do not fear me?

Connor Arcadia: Death comes for us all. Just not today.

Death: *Chuckle* I respect your courage human.

Clash 1:

Death: Not as nimble as me.

Connor Arcadia: Sorry I can’t do three flips in the air.

Clash 2:

Connor Arcadia: Damn you’re almost as fast as Ruby.

Death: If I ate that many sweets I would be just as fast.

Fury/ Pyrrha

Introduction 1:

Fury: Polarity? What does that mean human?

Pyrrha: I can manipulate magnetism and use it to control metal.

Fury: Fascinating. Let us test this power.

Introduction 2:

Pyrrha: I thought it was Death, War, Pestilence, and Famine.

Fury: *Chuckles* But Famine and Pestilence lead to Death, no?

Pyrrha: Makes sense. But, what about Conquest?

Introduction 3:

Fury: I’ve always liked you humans.

Pyrrha: Keep being friendly and we’ll like you to.

Fury: So smart and brave. Even against unfathomable odds.

Clash 1:

Fury: Your skill is surprising.

Pyrrha: Well. Thank you?

Clash 2:

Pyrrha: Never underestimate an opponent.

Fury: That stops now.

Ezio Aduitore/ Deathstroke

Introduction 1:

Ezio: So, you’re the most skilled Assassin of your time?

Deathstroke: So, what if I am?

Ezio: The standards for that title have fallen.

Introduction 2:

Deathstroke: There are legends about you.

Ezio: Then you should know what you’re up against.

Deathstroke: Let’s see if legend equals fact.

Introduction 3:

Ezio: Who brought me here and away from Roma!?

Deathstroke: As if I would tell you.

Ezio: Then I will beat the answer from you.

Clash 1:

Ezio: Seems you’re struggling.

Deathstroke: I’m not done with you yet.

Clash 2:

Deathstroke: Seems the legends were wrong.

Ezio: *Chuckles* No.They weren’t.

Blake Belladonna/ Catwoman

Introduction 1:

Blake: You’re a thief?

Catwoman: It sounds so bad when you say it like that.

Blake: Why fluff up the truth?

Introduction 2:

Catwoman: You sure you don’t want to join me?

Blake: I was a criminal once. Never again.

Catwoman: Alright, have it the painful way.

Introduction 3:

Blake: How could you side with Superman?

Catwoman: When you get tortured you can judge me.

Blake: What makes you think I wasn’t?

Clash 1:

Blake: You’re missing.

Catwoman: Damn doppelgangers.

Clash 2:

Catwoman: This will be the Purr-fect ending.

Blake: Oh oum. Another cat pun.

Hellboy/ Dante

Introduction 1:

Hellboy: Half demon half human?

Dante: Yep. And the best demon slayer around.

Hellboy: Man, what an ego.

Introduction 2:

Dante: You’re not like the other demons are you?

Hellboy: What gave it away pal?

Dante: Well the smartass mouth is one dead giveaway.

Introduction 3:

Hellboy: You really want to team up?

Dante: Yeah! We both have good looks. What’s not to love?

Hellboy: Well when you put it that way.

Clash 1:

Hellboy: Those weapons are crazy.

Dante: Have you seen your hand?

Clash 2:

Dante: You’re almost as strong as Mundus.

Hellboy: Who the hell is that?

Superman/ Adam Taurus

Introduction 1:

Superman: You don’t belong here!

Adam: For an alien, you sound so much like humans.

Superman: I gave you a warning.

Introduction 2:

Adam: I’m impressed you corralled the humans so easily.

Superman: Make no mistake. I’d corral your kind to.

Adam: And here I thought I found an ally.

Introduction 3:

Superman: Finally, someone who understands how the world is.

Adam: Humans are weak and scared things.

Superman: Maybe I should see if you are good enough to join my team.

Clash 1:

Superman: I wonder how much force you can take.

Adam: Much more.

Clash 2:

Adam: Just as weak as the humans.

Superman: You’re making a mistake!

Thor/ Raiden

Introduction 1:

Thor: Thou claims to be the god of thunder?

Raiden: One of many I’m sure.

Thor: Lets us test your might then!

Introduction 2:

Raiden: Do you protect Earth Realm to?

Thor: We call it Midgard but yes I do.

Raiden: Let us see if you are worthy to be its protector.

Introduction 3:

Thor: Do you not wish to try and pick up my hammer?

Raiden: Mjolnir chose its wielder. And it chose well.

Thor: Let us test our power than Raiden! Have at thee!

Clash 1:

Thor: Its seems our powers do not work.

Raiden: Then skill decides it!

Clash 2:

Raiden: I will protect the mortals.

Thor: Prove it to me!

Gabriela Angela/ Cyborg

Introduction 1:

Gabriela: Interesting. My semblance can’t control you.

Cyborg: My firewalls are impenetrable.

Gabriela: Then I will beat you into submission.

Introduction 2:

Cyborg: What’s your deal anyway?

Gabriela: I fight evil. That’s why I’m fighting you.

Cyborg: We are not evil.

Introduction 3:

Gabriela: It’s a shame someone like you has fallen.

Cyborg: All my friends died in Metropolis.

Gabriela: That is no excuse for your evil deeds.

Clash 1:

Gabriela: Your fire wall is cracking.

Cyborg: You’re not getting in my head.

Clash 2:

Cyborg: Who trained you?

Gabriela: Myself!

Lady/ Red Hood

Introduction 1:

Lady: You just kill criminals?

Red Hood: Not all criminals to be fair.

Lady: I wasn’t criticizing.

Introduction 2:

Red Hood: Have enough guns Lady?

Lady: Hm… Nope. I want yours.

Red Hood: Come and try to take them.

Introduction 3:

Lady: You should be fighting Superman.

Red Hood: Batman wouldn’t let me kill him

Lady: Oh. Maybe you should make a Dark League.

Clash 1:

Lady: I thought you’d be better.

Red Hood: Shut up and get beat down.

Clash 2:

Red Hood: Maybe we should get pizza after.

Lady: Did you just ask me on a date?!

Nora Valkyrie/ Harley Quinn

Introduction 1:

Nora: We should break Superman’s legs!

Harley Quinn: How about slaps and tickles at ten paces?

Nora; Oh! Breaking his face is even better!

Introduction 2:

Harley Quinn: You and Ren are so cute together.

Nora: We’re not together, together.

Harley Quinn: Boring! You totally should be!

Introduction 3:

Nora: Stop!

Harley Quinn: Hammer time!

Nora: *Laughs* So funny!

Clash 1:

Nora: Where’s your big red nose?

Harley Quinn: Not that kind of clown.

Clash 2:

Harley Quinn: I like your hammer better.

Nora: Get your own.

Fan Made Injustice/MKX Style Intros 1:


Ruby Rose/Supergirl

Battle Introduction 1:

Ruby: What kind of weapon do you have?

Supergril: I don’t need one.

Ruby: Awww. I got excited.

Battle Introduction 2:

Supergirl: Aren’t you a bit young?

Ruby: You can fly!?

Supergirl: Yep. To young.

Battle Introduction 3:

Ruby: Why did your cousin do this?

Supergirl: I don’t know.

Ruby: Do you do the same?

Clash 1:

Ruby: You’re pretty fast!

Supergirl: Thanks?

Clash 2:

Superfirl: You’re pretty strong for your age.

Ruby: Yeppers!


Battle Introduction 1:

Korra: I took on Vaatu you should be easy.

Raven: That weak thing was nothing.

Korra: And here I thought you had no emotions.

Battle Introduction 2:

Raven: I sense great spiritual energy within you.

Korra: Other news: Water is wet.

Raven: That is irrelevant.

Battle Introduction 3:

Korra: I sense something very dark in you.

Raven: Pray you never see it.

Korra: Could be a fun fight.

Clash 1:

Korra: You’re much stronger than Vaatu.

Raven: That’s because I am a demon.

Clash 2:

Raven: Weak spirit.

Korra: You haven’t seen anything yet.


Battle Introduction 1:

Noctis: What’s with the get up?

Batman: It’s armor.

Noctis: Looks stupid.

Battle Introduction 2:

Batman: I lost my parents to.

Noctis: Your father didn’t wave you off with a smile knowing he was going to die.

Batman: No. But that anger consumed me.

Battle Introduction 3:

Noctis: You live in darkness?

Batman: No. I was re-forged in darkness.

Noctis: Ardyn says the damn same.

Clash 1:

Noctis: You’re done for.

Batman: Prove it.

Clash 2:

Batman: Powers or not. I’m more skilled.

Noctis: Tch. Yet I’m still standing.

Cecada/Green Arrow

Battle Introduction 1:

Cecada: I’m fast enough to deflect bullets.

Green Arrow: You sure it’s not the blade?

Cecada: Fair point.

Battle Introduction 2:

Green Arrow: My what a big sword you have.

Cecada: All the better to hit you with my dear.

Green Arrow: Ah fairy tale jokes from the big bad wolf. I love it.

Battle Introduction 3:

Cecada: How much do you weigh?

Green Arrow: That’s a rude question. Why?

Cecada: I’m willing to bet my sword weighs more.

Clash 1:

Cecada: You’re a much better shot then Cinder.

Green Arrow: Uh. Thanks?

Clash 2:

Greem Arrow: You compensating for something?

Cecada: Heh. That’s kinda funny.


Battle Introduction 1:

Cecada: All four elements? That’s interesting.

Korra: Yep. Been that way since the Avatar cycle started.

Cecada: Show me how you fight then.

Battle Introduction 2:

Korra: *Whistles* That’s a big sword.

Cecada: Almost as big as your mouth.

Korra: Oh, I’m going to hurt you for that one.

Battle Introduction 3:

Cecada: Velvet wants a double date with you and Asami.

Korra: Oh, I think Asami would love to meet her.

Cecada: Then lets end this quickly.

Clash 1:

Cecada: Seems you can’t bend dust.

Korra: Blah blah keep fighting.

Clash 2:

Korra: Getting tired.

Cecada: Can you lift a 300 pound sword?


Battle Introductions 1:

Cecada: The power coming off you is insane.

Sub-Zero: My magic is more powerful than any of your maidens.

Cecada: Yet I sense fear in your voice.

Battle Introductions 2:

Sub-Zero: You should flee this encounter.

Cecada: I refused to back down against Adam, I will not back down here.

Sub-Zero: You have a warrior’s heart.

Battle Introductions 3:

Cecada: How could I know your clan aren’t villains or heroes?

Sub-Zero: I will not lie. We have been both.

Cecada: My friends comes first. So the answer is no.

Clash 1:

Cecada: It’s been awhile since I’ve had to work so hard.

Sub-Zero: You are indeed worthy.

Clash 2:

Sub-Zero: A calm head in battle is hard to find.

Cecada: Emotions get in the way when fighting.

Altus Du Froid/Damian Wayne.

Battle Introduction 1:

Altus: Someone has severe daddy issues.

Damian: You don’t know a damn thing.

Altus: I would beg to differ.

Battle Introduction 2:

Damian: I don’t get you.

Altus: What is there to understand?

Damian: You go from sarcastic to cold hearted in a split second.

Battle Introduction 3:

Altus: You’re more like a blue jay than a robin.

Damian: It’s a title not a name.

Altus: You use others to get what you want.

Clash 1:

Altus: All this death.

Damian: I’m just getting started.

Clash 2:

Damian: Your focus is cracking.

Altus: Yet you seem afraid.

Blue Scale Agate/The Drowned

Battle Introduction 1:

Blue Scale Agate: Drowned the world for vengeance?

The Drowned: It’s all it deserved.

Blue Scale Agate: No. You’re just pathetic, human.

Battle Introduction 2:

The Drowned: I’ve killed many. But never one like you.

Blue Scale Agate: Unless you have millions of years of experience, I doubt that will change.

The Drowned: Do not underestimate the dead waters.

Battle Introduction 3:

Blue Scale Agate: You and the other ‘Knights’ are marked for death.

The Drowned: I would like to see you try and kill us.

Blue Scale Agate: There won’t be a ‘try.’ I will kill you.

Clash 1:

Blue Scale Agate: Pathetic.

The Drowned: Die!

Clash 2:

The Drowned: You’ll make an excellent pet.

Blue Scale Agate: I’ll die first.

Yang Xiao Long/Black Canary

Battle Introduction 1:

Yang: We have a lot in common.

Black Canary: Blonde hair, good looks and a killer right hook.

Yang: And a never back down attitude.

Battle Introduction 2:

Black Canary: I’m going to have to hit you for that.

Yang: What? I just asked if you wanted a ‘Yangin’ good time.

Black Canary: Thanks for making it even easier to hit you.

Battle Introduction 3:

Yang: What can you do?

Black Canary: Why don’t you come here so I can whisper it to you.

Yang: And people say I have a big ego.

Clash 1:

Yang: The more you hit me, the stronger I get.

Black Canary: Yet you’re sweating.

Clash 2:

Black Canary: Not bad kid.

Yang: I’m just getting warmed up.

Cecada/ Wonder Woman.

Battle Introduction 1:

Cecada: Another tyrant to beat down.

Wonder Woman: The world needed steel not compassion.

Cecada: Your mother would disagree.

Battle Introduction 2:

Wonder Woman: Batman sends a child against me?

Cecada: Trust me. I’m no child.

Wonder Woman: I almost believe you.

Battle Introduction 3:

Cecada: How do you live with yourself?

Wonder Woman: I have no regrets.

Cecada: There’s no coming back then.

Clash 1:

Cecada: Predictable tactics.

Wonder Woman: I’ve only just started.

Clash 2:

Wonder Woman: We could’ve used a man like you.

Cecada: I served once. Never again

Connor Arcadia/Talia Al Ghul

Battle Introduction 1:

Connor Arcadia: Your father is a monster. You know that, right?

Talia: He seeks to bring peace the world.

Connor Arcadia: Sure. And I hunt down kittens for a living.

Battle Introduction 2:

Talia: I hear you’re very skilled hunter.

Connor Arcadia: Just ask all the monsters that are dead.

Talia: Too bad that old fool Ozpin found you first.

Battle Introduction 3:

Connor Arcadia: I agree with killing certain criminals.

Talia: Certain? You would spare the guilty?

Connor Arcadia: Many criminals are victims of circumstance. Not a vile soul.

Clash 1:

Connor Arcadia: And here I though Ra’s taught you better.

Talia: Don’t belittle my father.

Clash 2:

Talia: You should join us.

Connor Arcadia: Please. I like my boss. He doesn’t make me wear pants.

Connor Arcadia/Ra’s Al Ghul

Battle Introduction 1:

Connor Arcadia: How the hell have you not gotten bored?

Ra’s: What, pray tell, are you referring to?

Connor Arcadia: Five hundred plus years. You can’t tell me you haven’t gotten bored.

Battle Introduction 2:

Ra’s: Only your maiden’s power could end me.

Connor Arcadia: There are allot of dead things that would argue with you.

Ra’s: Show me what you can do then, hunter.

Battle Introduction 3:

Ra’s: I think you would make an excellent successor.

Connor Arcadia: Don’t you have a hard on for Batman or something?

Ra’s: I… What?

Clash 1:

Connor Arcadia: I’ll make sure to drop you in some acid.

Ra’s: This is far from over fool.

Clash 2:

Ra’s: I will beat you huntsmen.

Connor Arcadia: Oh no. What ever will I do?


Battle Introduction 1:

Asami: Your father is a hero.

Damian: Don’t pretend to know me.

Asami: Oh, but I think I do brat.

Battle Introduction 2:

Damian: You criticize me? Your father was a criminal.

Asami: Maybe. But he redeemed himself in the end.

Damian: Starry eyed. Just like Dick was.

Battle Introduction 3:

Asami: How could you kill your brother?

Damian: It was an accident. I didn’t want to.

Asami: Your arrogance killed him.

Clash 1:

Asami: Bet you didn’t expect me to be this skilled.

Damian: Shut up and fight.

Clash 2:

Damian: You’re going down.

Asami: Don’t assume anything.

(A/n: I’ve been writing these to try and break my writer’s block faster. For those who may not know, in Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat X they added intros ebtween characters before fights. SO I tried my hand at them accept I won’t be restricting franchises and my OCs are added to. XD Hope these help while I’m absenet and here’s hoping they help me get put of my writer’s block.)

P.S: Also in Injustice Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Raven turned into dictators so that’s why they’re evil. I know fighting games aren’t for everyone so you may not know but that’s why some characters will treat them as villains.

I know there will probably never be another avatar series but if there was one, I’m extremely curious to know how the intro would play out. I mean, since Korra’s ties to the previous Avatars’ are gone, would they still show previous Avatars’ bending or would they just start with Korra showing how she started a “new era”…