korra in the house

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┃╱╱╲╲ house
╱╱╭╮╲╲ we love &
▔▏┗┛▕▔ respect
     korra and her biceps
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I don’t get how some people have a blog “type”. I mean I put so much crap on mine that if someone actually asked me what blog “type” I had I’d probably just respond with : trash

Just Friends
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>People:</b> Wow! Ruby and Sapphire! What great friends! Look at those two completely platonic BFFs!<p/><b>Ruby and Sapphire:</b> *flirts with each other on-screen*<p/><b>People:</b> Friendly banter between two great friends!<p/><b>Ruby and Sapphire:</b> *during Jailbreak, don't even acknowledge that they should find their other teammates until they've reunited*<p/><b>People:</b> Because they're such close friends! They sure do enjoy each others' company!<p/><b>Ruby and Sapphire:</b> *straight-up start making out on-screen*<p/><b>People:</b> Ummm... they're... uh...<p/><b>Ruby and Sapphire:</b> *literally fuse their minds and bodies together and intend to stay as such for eternity*<p/><b>People:</b> Yeah... I got nothing. Still, I'm sure they're just friends! I mean, if they were opposite genders it'd be different. Those exact same interactions would have a vastly different meaning if they weren't the same gender. Because LGBT+ representation in children's media is super icky!<p/><b>Blubs and Durland:</b> ahem.<p/><b>Korra and Asami:</b> Excuse me?<p/><b>Bonnibel and Marceline:</b> Yeah, no.<p/><b> Harold and Howard McBride from Loud House:</b> Go fuck yourselves.<p/><b>The clearly transgender Smellerbee:</b> Shut up.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Been trying to carefully craft a Wonder Woman review as the distance of its release date keeps growing. I saw it opening night with my nieces and to clarify I did like it. But, this is not what this post is about. I’ve decided to place a spotlight on an Amazon cartoon series for children that arrived on June 30th 2017. I just completed binge-watching all of the episodes. It is called Danger & Eggs and it reminds me of Adventure Time and Steven Universe with a dash of KC Green’s Regular Show with Lauren Faust’s My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic if they were all put into a blender.  

While Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time, Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe, Chris Savino’s Loud House, Daron Nefcy’s Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Alex Hirsch’s Gravity Falls, Mike DiMartino’s and Bryan Konietzko’s The Legend of Korra, and, Skyler Page’s Clarence have been making strides for LGBT representation, the Mike Owens and Shadi Petosky created animated show takes it one more progressive step forward. Yes, besides being hilarious, very relevant, full of lessons (and emotions), believable, and inventive, Danger & Eggs is the first animated series to have an openly trans creator (Shadi Petosky). In fact, every aspect of Danger & Eggs has some level of involvement from LGBT people, from LGBT actors, writers, animators, and storyboard artists alongside LGBT allies! Essentially in each stage of Danger & Eggs’ production, there was that kind of specific influence occurring. More importantly Danger & Eggs accomplishes this with resorting to any awful cliches whilst being as inclusive as possible! Examples include the non-binary musician Milo that D.D. and Phillip both use proper pronouns with plus the recently out trans Zaddie (voiced by trans activist Jazz Jennings) crooning a song of acceptance at the Pride festival (Not Rainbow Day or something akin to that like others have done. ACTUAL PRIDE DAY!) in front of her “chosen family”. I’m going to reference that term often from this day forward. 

Truthfully, every decision concerning LGBT representation in Danger & Eggs comes of as equal parts sincere and super sweet. <3 

The series is about the adventures/situations D.D. Danger (SNL’s Aidy Bryant) and her best friend Phillip (Eric Knobel) have inside Chickenpaw Park.

D.D. is the last of a generation of record-setting daredevils. Her father Roy Danger is present in D.D.’s life as a bandaged up and impossible to understand individual, a recurring gag that manages to never get old. As such, she’s up for engaging in potentially injury causing stunts or roughhouse games. Now the inverse can be said for Phillip, a rule-following always safety-first talking egg. As the theme song says the series is, “Kinda hard to explain.” The anthropomorphic Phillip’s origin gets hinted at early on before becoming confirmed in the season one finale. His mother is a colossal chicken that only appears to cluck even though her son can speak English. Despite being clear opposites in most ways, the camaraderie D.D. and Phillip share together is amusing and majestic. Their aww-inducing familial connection is best demonstrated in the episodes “Phillipcon”, “The Big Z”, “Nightmares”, and “Trading Post.”

The supporting cast is just as diverse and inventive from the yoga instructor lesbian duo of Rad and Sweet known as the Chill Twins (courtesy of the comedian married couple of Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butler), a Mayor (Angelica Ross, Her Story) that sings her arrival, a stickler for the rules (more than Phillip!) Sheriff Luke (Stephanie Beatriz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), and D.D.’s ice-skater film hero Trix Blixon (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, if you haven’t seen her career-defining performance in 2012’s Smashed I highly recommend it! Was in last year’s 10 Cloverfield Lane). Charlyne Yi’s (We Bare Bears’ Chloe Park) apathetic Layla introduced in “Keep Off the Grass” is one of my favorites though. So is Fringe’s Jasika Nicole bringing to life the spunky Reina in “Ren Faire” as well. Co-creator Shadi Petosky even lends her voice for the wise Pigeon Lady.

All in all, I’m astounded by how good Danger & Eggs is. Creative, excellently written, droll, adorable, bizarre, and authentic are the words I’d use to sum up the series.  Have tissues ready. I sobbed happily often viewing this series, lol. Normalizing LGBT stuff for children?! SO MUCH YES! And if anything I’ve typed piqued your interest, I implore you to follow through ASAP. :)


I just saw the latest episode of The Loud House called L Is For Love. Wow…amazing and beautiful. 

First off, in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, the Loud House is a new show on Nickelodeon. About a fun loving family full of 11 kids. All girls and only 1 boy, Lincoln. 

This post isn’t about Lincoln. It’s about Luna Loud. The rocker of the siblings. 

Now before I continue I should point out that Lincoln’s best friend Clyde has 2 dads. It’s NEVER said they are 2 gay dads, but we can all assume.

At the end of the L Is For Love episode it is revealed that Luna has a crush on a GIRL named Sam! 

So it is implied that Luna is either Bi or gay. AGAIN, they never actually SAID the words, Gay…Bi…or…Lesbian. It’s just implied. 

I believe that the network Nickelodeon has to just “imply” this because if Luna actually came out and said “Yea, dude…I’m gay.” (or something to that effect.) Nick could not be able to sell this show overseas to places where being gay is a crime. 

I think Nick handled this beautify. And to think Nick is the network that started it all with Korra & Asami. Again…they just held hands and walked into the spirit word. It’s implied, never actually said on the show.  

Finally, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Frank. I’m a writer and a voice actor. (not a famous VA…lol) I’m writing books about a female superhero named Tercona. I hope to turn it into a cartoon someday. 

Since my books are “family friendly” I have always been undecided as to include a gay character in them. What I mean is some people have told me that if they are “family friendly” there can’t be a gay character. Well, I don’t think those people have seen The Loud House. 

Thank you Nickelodeon

Still got a ways
  • Korra: Congrats on being able to say you ACTUALLY had a crush on a girl.
  • Asami: Really, all we could do was some slight sub-text and a social media confirmation. Social. MEDIA!
  • Luna: Yeah, used some tricky language, but the times they ARE a changing.
  • Asami: Now we just need them to let us kiss, and say wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend to our significant others and we'll be golden!
  • Luna: Why can't we do that in all honesty?
  • Howard: Because a bunch of annoying moms will complain to the network if they do.
  • Luna: ...really?
  • Harold: We know, it makes no sense, BUT-be glad we've made the progress we did!

while im glad luna loud was confirmed as bisexual she’s not the first bisexual character on nickelodeon
korra and asami from lok were both bisexual and dating
and you can be happy about luna without erasing korra & asami
instead of “first bi character on nickelodeon” try “first bi high school student on nickelodeon”

Aang: This is a sacred temple! You can't treat it this way. I've seen it when the monks were here. I know what it's supposed to be like.


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This post is for my Tumblr fans because I know my fans on Tumble are more open minded and understanding than some of my conservative friends on facebook. 

It’s about gay couples in cartoons.

Personally, I think it’s great! If it’s done right.

It all started with Korra and Asami simply holding hands as they walked into the Spirt World. 

Then The Loud House made cartoon history as Clyde (Lincon’s best friend) had 2 dads. The first married gay couple in a cartoon! 

Just recently, someone pointed out that in the latest episode of Star vs The Forces of Evil (Just Friends) there is a gay couple kissing at a concert. It goes by quick and you have to really look for it to catch it because ALL the couples in the audience are kissing, but it’s there. 

Now to back up a bit, what I mean by “done right” is - if the cartoon doesn’t make a big deal about it. With All 3 of these couples it’s about love. A couple holding hands, a married coulple raising a son and finally a couple kissing at a concert.  

They’re not shouting from the roof top, “Look at me, I’m gay!” 

They are just showing you, in a cartoon for younger views, that 2 people can love one another. That’s doing it right!

For the record, I’m not gay. I have been married to the same woman for over 10 years and I have 2 wonderful kids. I believe I am being a good dad by telling my kids love is love. 

I was very hesitant on making one of my characters in my Tercona story gay. I wanted to keep family friendly. However, now that I see a gay couple is becoming more acceptable and that it’s becoming more and more mainstream, I’m going to make one of them gay. Well, I wanted to from the beginning, I was just never going to say anything about it. Now I know I will, when the time is right. 

So, what do you think about gay couples in kids cartoons. Is it a bad thing or a good thing?  

Modern Cartoon Zodiac:
  • Aries (March 21-April 19): Adventure Time
  • Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Bob's Burgers
  • Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Legend of Korra
  • Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Steven Universe
  • Leo (July 23 - August 22): We Bare Bears
  • Virgo (August 23 - September 22): Gravity Falls
  • Libra (September 23 - October 22): Miraculous Ladybug
  • Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Wonder Over Yonder
  • Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): Loud House
  • Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): Over the Garden Wall
  • Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): Rick and Morty
  • Pisces (February 19 - March 20): Star VS the Forces of Evil

so apparently @knightofbalance-13 went on another rant trying to defend rwby, this time tearing down/belittling all the representation in shows and cartoons that he apparently doesn’t watch. 


some notable points he states are that making Tracer gay somehow caused “heterobaiting”, Rick and morty doesn’t count cause rick is apparently one of the worst people in the show, Legend of Korra making their main character Bi doesn’t count because shipping drama, Loud house’s representation has no personality beyond that (and insinuating rwby’s anything has more personality) ect, ect.

obviously these are misguided an uninformed and he’s said much worse… much worse but what I want to focus on is his last paragraph. keep in mind what I bold tho its important to the point I want to make with this post.

Let me tell you something: I’ve had the odds stacked against me since day one. People have been hating on me since my first trailer, my budget was restricted in my first Volume, people hated on me for being an American made anime, my own “fans” attack me because of stupid as hell reasons, I’m made by an internet studio whose lack of money prevent me from being full length and people constantly harass my crew for “queerbaiting.” And despite all that, I got onto Netflix, into theaters, INTO JAPANESE THEATERs, got adapted into manga and has been released three times and, oh yeah, onto Japanese Tv. Without all the advantages you people had, I made it. So maybe, just maybe, I’ve had more important things to do than fart out a pandering character and maybe I have some diginity. (Mic drop.)

Do you see what im seeing? No? cause he’s acting like he’s personally been fighting tooth and nail for “his creation” rwby as though he’s the lead writer orsomething

now, this is especially weird to me because This Is The Second Time I’ve Seen Him Do This


an excerpt 

And yet in Volume 4, I had to juggle five continuous plotlines in the span of a movie. Do you know how hard that is? Most movies have problems juggling two and quite a few movies can’t handle one. I went and tackled something Game of Thrones would have a problem with! Yeah, it wasn’t the best way but I tried my gosh darn hardest! I may not have advanced the plot but I gave you so much world building, so much character development and so much setup. At least acknowledge that!

Now, the first time this happens its clearly weird as shit to me, but i got over it. second time tho? what the fuck is this? he says he isn’t the writer but is he? is he just delusional? I just… dont understand what’s going on with him. this is legit confusing to me can someone clear this up?