korra headcannon

Headcanon: A couple days after they get back from their vacation Asami is called in to pick up the rest of Hiroshi’s belongings from his prison cell and as she’s going through the cell collecting everything she comes across all these newspaper clippings about her rebuilding Republic City and all of her accomplishments over the years and as she’s reading them she’s crying to herself and a guard notices this and calls Korra who’s waiting for Asami in the waiting room outside the prison cells and she rushes inside but stops just outside Hiroshi’s cell and slowly calls to Asami from the door and she does this a couple more times until Asami finally and slowly turns to her holding the clippings and looks Korra in the eye and finally says “He was proud of me” and then Asami starts crying uncontrollably and Korra finally rushes in the cell and holds her comforting Asami telling her that her dad may have made some mistakes in his life but he died saving the most precious thing in his life. Asami. After Korra says this Asami looks up at her with tears in her eyes, smiling and says to her “I love you, Korra” Korra looks at her with tears now in her eyes, smiling also and says “I love you too, Asami” and after they get home from the prison they lay together in bed with Korra holding Asami while Asami tells Korra her favorite memories from her childhood with her parents and they fall asleep like that with smiles on both their faces.

i have this headcannon that when Korra and Jinora are apart for long periods of time 

like when korra is busy with asami, saving the world and her babies and Jinora’s with Kai and helping with the air nation 

they have a standing date in the spirit world where they meet up chat and have tea 

and this goes on for like 60 years

Noatok could hear the metal of the glove clink as Tarrlok picked it from it's compartment. Noatok closed his eyes and absorbed the smell of salt in the air, let himself be calmed by the rocking of the boat. "It will be just like the good old days," he heard his brother say, the pain of acceptance in his voice. A tear slid from Noatok's eyes and he allowed a smile to creep onto his face. 'To the spirit world, brother' he thought to say. But there was a buzz, a flash of light, and it was too late. Together they departed this world, not as evildoers, not as enemies, not as partners, but as brothers. Brothers again, at last.