korra girl you got a lot to learn

The thing I love about the korrasami vacation ending (besides the representation) is that it ties really well into the overall theme someone pointed out that korra was the chosen one who had to find herself as a person. (opposite of aang as a person having to find himself as the chosen one).

  1. In book 1 you have korra as this fierce but sheltered girl who wants to be the hero but doesn’t understand the full extent of being the avatar. She learns about her role in peace and equality in a complicated, grey situation and complex city. 
  2. In book 2 she’s got airbending now and she’s a full-fledged POWERFUL bender but she has to learn about the spiritual-side of things, the history and meaning of being avatar. Raava, Wan, spirits and the spirit world really open her mind. She learns a lot of wisdom and patience and her inner light.
  3. Book 3 returns to themes about Korra’s place as the avatar in the (new, changing, shifting) world. After nearly failing to hold up as avatar against these new forces, she loses her confidence AND her identity as avatar after a really horrific experience.
  4. Book 4 Korra finds BALANCE because she regains what she lost in book 3: her confidence, hope, enthusiasm and identity as avatar. She learned something about her compassion and resiliency and sees herself as a powerful, positive, influential role again. And she’s genuinely excited to rebuild RC and help the earth kingdom.
    But she FINALLY sees herself as a person first. Like any other 21 year old, all she wants now is to explore a magical place with someone dear to her. Like for ONCE she’s not obsessed about being the best, proving herself, saving the world. She just wants to kick back, have fun and see these awe-inspiring places with Asami and maybe fall in love. And shes happy :)