korra design team


Congratulations to the Korra design team members for taking home the Annie Award for Production Design in TV for Book 2 Chapter 10 “A New Spiritual Age”! From left to right in the top photo, skipping Mike and me: Angela Sung (background design), Christine Bian (prop design), William Nanqing Niu (background design), Emily Tetri (background paint), and Frederic Stewart (background paint). And congratulations to the other designers who worked on this special episode: Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf (color stylist), Christie Tseng (character design), Angela Song Mueller (character design), and Lauren Zurcher (background paint). Every day I am blown away by their talent, dedication, and enthusiasm, so it is nice to see the animation community recognize their work as well.

I’m way way waaay too hyped up from the book 4 trailer to make any real artwork, so instead I spent the evening trying to fully wrap my head around team avatar’s new, older looks. I’ll tackle Korra’s other main outfit later.

I’m sure these aren’t 100% accurate, but I’m going to use it as a general base reference going forward, so I thought I’d share it! And I saw people doing the math, so their approximate ages are included as well.


Congratulations to the Legend of Korra Design team for winning the Annie for Best Production Design in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production!!!!

Will, Angela, Christine, Freddie and Emily brought home the Gold last night at the 41st Annual Annie Awards!!


We had a fun, impromptu lunch with *most* of the remaining Korra design team yesterday. After a long haul, we are in the home stretch with preproduction (design/color) on the Book 4 finale episodes. I’m going to miss these incredibly talented, friendly, and funny folks when we finish in a few short weeks. Left to right: Steve Hirt (clean up/add. prop & char. design), Christie Tseng (char. design), Melissa King (BG paint), William Nanqing Niu (BG design), Emily Tetri (BG paint), Christine Bian (BG design), Jojo Aguilar (prop & add. BG design), Mike, Lauren Zurcher (BG paint), and me.