korra derps

I’ve been itching to do a Korra cosplay ever since it came out but have never gotten around to making it (because I can’t sew!). Now that I got my hair cut I decided to just make makeshift hair things and replicate the fan art of her post workout doning her new doo.

Okay, so this was a drawing made for this wonderful initiative by Korrasamiweddingday, and I’m very happy with the outcome. 
So a few things;

I decided not to give them white wedding-dresses as it only became a big thing in Europe after Queen Victorias wedding; prior that, the gowns could come in all kind of colours. Avatar is culturally Asian-based, so I feel it would make even less sense to give them white gowns, as iconic as that might be, and try to fancy them up instead.
Now, don’t get me wrong; in Japan, white kimonos are considered traditional, and white frocks are common nowadays, but red is actually in the traditional sense considered the colour of the wedding-day.

So, I am more than happy to hand over a red dress to Asami, where I wanted Korras to go a little white (I mean, it looks snazzy) without removing her traditional colours.

Expect the betrothal-necklaces, clearly, but listen; I’m pretty sure that we can agree on these two girls being quite unconventional, so hey, what better way than to hand Korra a gem that matches Asami?

Oh, and the carving is supposed to be of “Future Industries” because I love Asami being a nerd for her work.

I feel it would be more important for Korra to have one due to, ya know,. culture, and less important whether or not Asami have one… And yet, I couldn’t help it and gave her something similar.

What else to say? Think I’ve talked more than enough. Sorry for the huge pile of blah.

Oh, and I probably should apologise for Korras DERP-face, but… nah, I won’t… Gurl can fucking rock any expression!