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Has enough time passed to point out that Korra/Mako is the least romantic and most difficult to watch ship in the entire avatar universe and yes I am including Zuko/Mai and Bolin/Korra’s Cousin April Ludgate

Moving with the Air (Legend of Korra Roleplay)

It was a fine afternoon in autumn, in early October. Anuri the werewolf was relaxing in her family’s home amongst the Mt. Onyx werewolf clan. She was reading a book in her room, her animal companions Ratha (a female ring-tailed winged lemur), Frostjumper (a male snow ferret), and Tadashi (male fire cat (takes the shape of a dark red caracal lynx) lounging with her, when suddenly, her younger brother Ren, age 13, burst in. To Anuri, he apparently had a long run, for he was breathing heavily. “What’s with you, little brother?” Anuri asked, confused.

“Oh, sis, I have great news! Our cousin Korra is here, in Republic City!” Ren shouted, excitement in his voice.

Anuri instantly got to her feet, blue eyes wide as she dropped her book. “Are you sure, Ren? She’s really here?” she asked, heart beating fast.

Ren only nodded, his animal companion Onyx (a female pygmy puma) jumping up on his shoulders.

“Then go get Caesar and Kusa! We’re going to go officially welcome her!” Anuri ordered, and as Ren turned and left, Anuri motioned for Tadashi, Frostjumper, and Ratha to follow her. They did, and once they were outside, Anuri transformed into her winged wolf form. Her fur was silver with some slightly darker markings, and her wings were purple. Her animal companions jumped onto her back and she took to the air, her brothers Ren and Kusa, and her boyfriend Caesar meeting her mid-flight.

The four werewolves flew until they spotted City Hall below, and Korra and Naga at the front of the building. Anuri dove straight down as she called as loud as she could, “KORRA!“ When she landed, she saw her distant cousin’s overjoyed expression.

so i’m on a family vacation right now and just found out my 7 year old cousin loves legend of korra. i asked her who her favorite character was and she told me favorite character is korra. I asked why, and she said “because she’s strong and pretty and has attitude and I’m strong and pretty and have attitude so she’s just like me.”

Korra´s Confusing Twin Cousins

Okay, there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding Korra´s cousins.

Appearently some people belive that these are Korra´s twin cousins:

External image

External image

But that´s wrong. That is just one of them. To be more specific this is the twin brother, with and without his cloak.

And this my friends is his twin sister:

External image

External image

I know they look similar(and the boy´s pretty androgynous), but there´s subtle differences between them.

I just wanted to clear that up.

So, I just got my Book 2 Blu Ray...

And here’s what I found most relevant from the Tenzin and Korra family features, as well as the “Inside the Book of Spirits” thing.

Tenzin’s Family:

  • They said that Tenzin’s original intention for his “vacation” was to train Korra constantly.  No wonder she’d rather just stay at the South Pole.  XD;
  • Aang’s behavior towards his children was basically explained as such – he loved all of them, but he felt like his duty towards his culture was more important, so he was constantly taking Tenzin on trips to learn about the Air Nomads and their shared culture (which he presumably saw as less relevant to Kya and Bumi).
  • Tenzin has issues with his ego (in the spiritual sense rather than the “self-absorbed” sense) because he felt like it was his duty to carry on that lost culture.  (Honestly, given the focus Aang must have put on it, that’s really not all too surprising!)
  • Tenzin has to learn to dissolve his ego, letting go of his Self to find something bigger.
  • The point of the Meelo arc was Tenzin learning to let go of control and letting the kids do what they want… otherwise you risk turning them into little dictators.  ;)
  • With Jinora, what he learns is that he’s not the one with all the answers, and he has to let her spread her wings.

Korra’s Family:

  • One of the ideas with Tonraq and Senna was, “What if your teenage daughter is the most powerful person in the world?"  The idea being that it’s hard enough to raise a teenager in the best of circumstances, but raising one who has the weight of the world on her shoulders has to be something else entirely.  XD;
  • Tonraq’s backstory was kind of meant as a cautionary tale for Korra, since she had a lot in common with him when he was younger and he seriously messed things up with the spirits.  I’m not sure if they meant Unalaq was using it as such or they were using it as such or both; it kind of felt like "both.”
  • The idea behind the civil war was to have Korra caught between her duty as Avatar (where she’s supposed to be impartial) and her feelings towards her tribe and her family.
  • As far as Eska and Desna are concerned, they were meant to be these cousins that Korra had met a few times but didn’t know all that well.  Bryke mentioned that Korra saw them “every four years,” which means they probably only came down south for that one festival.
  • Unalaq was described as someone whose ambition consumed him, but who had a worthwhile philosophy that he managed to impart on Korra in spite of that.
  • Spiritbending is basically redirecting the dark energy of spirits and using that to dissolve them into light.  Since Korra used the technique Unalaq taught her to defeat him, it was like he defeated himself.
  • One of the concepts that the resolution with Unalaq was meant to show was that good ideas can come from anywhere – even though Unalaq ended up as a villain, Korra was still able to make a major decision based on what he taught her.  Unalaq’s pride defeated him, but some of his intentions lived on anyway.
  • There was an idea that “the only constant is change” that played into what Korra decided to do, too.

Inside the Book of Spirits:

  • The civil war idea was one they originally had for Book 1 (how the heck would have they fit that? o_o ).
  • Korra’s journey in each season is meant to be mainly spiritual, regardless of how much political stuff happens in the process of her growth.
  • Wan and Vaatu weren’t part of the initial concept for Book 2.
  • Bryke said, of their computer-improved abilities to animate more complex things, “Once we have the potential, we make it as hard on ourselves as possible,” which I think is pretty obvious if you look at what they’ve done.  ;)

…and that’s basically all of the juicy stuff.  I’ll post more once I start listening to the commentaries.

The Hidden Danger (Legend of Korra Roleplay)

Anuri walked up the steps leading to the courtyard of Air Temple Island, seeking her dear distant cousin Korra, the Avatar she was a werewolf companion to. The dream—no, nightmare—she had the other night, was really keeping her on edge. After walking around for a moment, she finally spotted her cousin playing with Naga. “Hello, Korra!” the silver-haired 21-year-old cried out, before shifting to the feral version of her werewolf form and bounding over to her cousin. Even in normal wolf form, she was roughly three times the size of a normal fully-grown wolf.

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Omegaverse- Asami's first child is not sired by Korra

(I had an idea come to mind when I saw the prompt. And this isn’t an Asami cheats on Korra thing. I wasn’t feeling evil enough to write that out.)

Korra didn’t know how to react to the one year old clinging to Asami’s neck.

When she first returned to the City after her impromptu rescue from Kuvira’s wrath, Tenzin had noticeably tensed up when she asked about Asami.

“Things are a bit different now,” Tenzin hesitantly informed her.

A brief bolt of panic struck her heart, “Is… she isn’t dating anyone else, is she?” A lump rose in her throat, “She’s not mated, is she?”

Tenzin quickly shook his head in the negative, “No, no. She hasn’t been dating anyone for over a year as far as I know. There’s just been a slight change in her family.”

“Oh,” Korra blinked, “Like a cousin or something? She find some extended relatives?”

The airbending master sighed, “It’s not my place to tell. Besides, I have a feeling she’ll want you to find out from her. It’s not something she’s made exceeding public yet.”

Well now she perfectly understood why.

Asami had a kid, a little boy with green eyes, brown hair, and light skin was looking curiously at her, his little nose twitching as he took in her scent.

The alpha didn’t know what to do.

It wasn’t uncommon for omegas to become parents at young ages, most were the products of heats.

And due to the fact that she couldn’t smell another scent etched into the CEO’s clothes, Korra had a feeling a heat was what probably caused the little ones’ conception.

Asami adjusted her hold on the squirming child, smiling happily at the newly returned alpha in front of her, “It’s been a while Korra. How’ve you been?”

“Besides getting my but handed to me by evil dictators?” Korra poked fun at herself, “I’ve been… finding myself.”

“I heard,” Asami sighed as the boy made a demanding sound, pointing at the ground with a determined, “MA!”

“Fine, fine,” the omega set the toddler onto his feet, watching carefully as he wobbled for a minute before finding his balance, “Go say hi to Korra for mama?”

He grinned toothily up at the Avatar, and she found herself kneeling down so that she was eye-level with the one-year old hobbling to her, “Hey there.”

The kid managed to reach her outstretched arm and latched on to her hand in order to steady himself, before responding to her greeting with a bright, “Hi!”

Korra lifted him into her arms and inspected the joyfully looking boy, “He’s cute. Who’s the dad?”

Asami grimaced and let out a sigh, immediately making Korra feel guilty for asking the question, “I’m sorry. If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine.”

“No it’s okay,” Asami assured her and walked closer, lovingly placing a hand on her son’s back as she worried her lip, “He was a beta, one of my business associates from Omashu. My heat came early during a meeting with him, and this little one was made.” She patted her mini-me on the head.

“Oh,” Inwardly Korra still didn’t feel satisfied; her growing feelings for Asami also seemed to include jealously about previous lovers, “So he’s not around or?”

“He keeps in touch, and I send updates about Ren every now and then,” Asami answered, “But he didn’t really want to be a part of Ren’s life.”

“So he’s not courting you or anything?” Korra tried to ask as casually as she could, but she knew her jealousy could be spotted from miles away.

Asami shook her head, “No.” She smiled at the babbling toddler, who was currently fascinated with the Avatar’s arm gloves, “It’s just us two right now.”

“Oh,” the master of the four elements looked down at the floor, “That’s cool. I guess I’m still a little off-guard about the whole thing. You didn’t mention having a kid in your letters.”

Asami winced and shrugged a bit guiltily, “Sorry. I just… I kept thinking it would be better to tell you when you got back. It didn’t feel right telling you about Ren over letter.”

Korra nodded and looked at the child, who squealed and hid his face when he noticed the alpha staring at him, “Ren? Nice name, it certainly fits him.”

“Nice to know,” the omega laughed, “It was actually Jinora who came up with his name. I guess she heard it in one of her novels, and told me.”

“You named your son after a character in one of Jinora’s romance novels?” Korra snorted and tried to stop a bigger laugh from escaping.

“Hey!” Asami pouted and crossed her arms, “I thought it was cute.”

“It is,” Korra reassured and stepped forward to hug the woman she was secretly in love with.

Asami relaxed and wrapped her arms around the Avatar, being careful not to jostle the boy wedged in between them, “I missed you.”

The alphas’ eyes softened, and she nuzzled her face into Asami’s shoulder, “I missed you too. So much.”

“Well we’ll have plenty of time to catch up at the restaurant,” Asami pulled away and smiled, “Mako got us reservations.”

“Awesome,” Korra beamed, “I can tell you guys all about my adventures.” She grinned at the tiny toddler in her arms, “What do you say? Want to hear about the great Avatar Korra?”

The smile that crossed Asami’s face as Ren giggled and clapped his hands was enough to cause a pleasant warmth that overcame Korra’s heart.

So, when Book 3 was first coming out, and everyone was all crazy because they thought Suyin HAD to be Sokka’s kid, my brother came up with a theory that I found even weirder. He just mentioned it in passing, but he kept coming back to it. Like, we’d be watching the show, and he’d mention it. Or we’d be talking about things, he’d mention i again. It wasn’t fully baked, and he seemed to brush it off after he said it, but I noticed he seemed to be the only one with the idea. 

   He kept saying how he thought out of everyone we’ve seen, he thinks Su's husband could be Sokka’s son. 

   Baatar is clearly Water Tribe decent, is an architect, drawn to independent women, and I mean look at him. There’s also the fact that ‘Baatar’ seems to have a WT twist to it (sounds almost like 'Bato’ and 'Katara’ put together, no?)

    I never gave it much thought until today’s episode. And look at Baatar Jr–You mean LITTLE SOKKA?

   At first it made me nervous. I hate  the idea of Su being Sokka’s because, no matter what shippers want to think, it would mean Sokka never stepped up as a Father. Unless Voldemort came and put a curse on him like 'If you ever talk to your daughter she will die’ there is NO excuse for a parent never being a part of a child’s life. It would ruin Sokka’s character for me. But, watching today, I was finding myself thinking “Yeah, that kid’s related to Sokka….”

   And then I looked up the father. Baatar Jr doesn’t look like Su; he’s the spitting image of his father. 

     I don’t think it’s true; I think Tenzin would have mentioned 'My cousin’ when Korra went to the metal city. But ,I’m just throwing it out there. This kid looks like Sokka. 

    Maybe it’s just that Southern Water Tribe good looks though.


Homecoming? He asked her to homecoming? She’d never been to a school dance, let alone HOMECOMING. She had have a dress and wear makeup and do her hair. Thank the spirits her father was okay with the whole thing. The city was at peace and, apparently, so was he.

It took several trips to the mall and endless guidance from her cousin Korra and her best friend Asami to finally pick out a 50’s style yellow dress and a pair of shoes from her mother’s closet. T-2 hours until the dance and she still wasn’t mentally prepared.