korra challenge

I started this at the end of 2014 but wasn’t sure what else to do to it so I thought I would just leave it like this. I can totally imagine these two just hanging around under those lily-pads in their “vacation”! WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE

On a side note, I gained almost double followers (even though I had less than 10 to begin with) from the last picture I uploaded which was amazing! Not to mention I got 300+ notes, I couldn’t breathe wow!

Thanks guys!

The Love Yourself Art Challenge!

Day 1: Draw yourself in street clothes!

Day 2: Draw yourself in fancy clothes!

Day 3: Draw yourself in pajamas!

Day 4: Draw yourself with your family!

Day 5: Draw yourself with your friends!

Day 6: Draw yourself with your pet! (Psst: If you don’t have a pet, draw yourself with your friend’s pet, or your dream pet!)

Day 7: Draw yourself as a mermaid/merman!

Day 8: Draw yourself as a Hogwarts student! (Psst: Don’t forget your wand!)

Day 9: Draw yourself as a camper at Camp Half-Blood! (Psst: Don’t forget your camp necklace and and to clue us in as to what cabin your from)

Day 10: Draw yourself as a bender (or non-bender)!

Day 11: Draw yourself as your favorite animal! (Psst: This one has to be a real animal)

Day 12: Draw yourself as your favorite mythical creature!

Day 13: Draw yourself as a hobbit, dwarf, wizard, or elf!

Day 14: Draw yourself as a magical girl!

Day 15: Draw yourself as a monster!

Day 16: Draw yourself as a Muppet!

Day 17: Draw yourself as a Jedi Knight or a Sith Lord!

Day 18: Draw yourself as a cowboy!

Day 19: Draw yourself as an alien!

Day 20: Draw yourself as a toy!

Day 21: Draw yourself as a sea creature!

Day 22: Draw yourself as a bird!

Day 23: Draw yourself as a piece of furniture!

Day 24: Draw yourself as a super hero! (Psst: Don’t forget your sidekicks and or trusty butler!)

Day 25: Draw yourself as a super villain! (Psst: A Villain is only as good as their henchmen!)

Day 26: Draw yourself as a Pokemon trainer! (Psst: Remember to draw your team!)

Day 27: Draw yourself like your in the Zombie Apocalypse! 

Day 28: Draw yourself as a robot! (Or just a cyborg, whatevs you feel like doing!)

Day 29: Draw yourself with someone your love! (Psst: It doesn’t have to be a romantic love, you just have to care for them a lot!)

Day 30: Ask 3 people to describe you as best they can, and then draw yourself based on those descriptions!

I promise I have more coming! Marco was a totally different challenge to get his dark hair and sarcastic face. He was a lot of fun though!

So, for my next set of Animorphs art, I’ll be doing Style Challenges!
I specifically chose animated series with a similar style so I could study the nuances that differentiate them. The last two were for fun. @bludragongal  does the fantastic webcomic Daughter of the Lilies: www.daughterofthelilies.com/ (GO READ IT) and @kimmikart is an art friend I went to school with that has a very distinct style!                  

Earthbending [8tracks] [playmoss]

Come With Me Now-Kongos  // Promise-Eve 6 // Less Talk More Rokk-Freezepop // Attitude-Alien Ant Farm // Ain’t It Fun-Paramore // Don’t Ask Me-OK Go // Don’t-Ed Sheeran // Gun-CHVRCHES // Lights Out-Mindless Self Indulgence // Mr. Knowitall-Primus // Oh No!-Marina & The Diamonds // Hum Hallelujah-Fall Out Boy // So What-P!nk // I’m So Sorry-Imagine Dragons // Make Yourself-Incubus // Sofi Needs A Ladder-Deadmau5 // My Name Is Mud-Primus // Bulletproof-La Roux // Get Over It-OK Go // Set It Off-P.O.D. // Q.U.E.E.N-Janelle Monae ft. Erykah Badu // Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj & Afrojack)-David Guetta // Tymps (The Sick In The Head Song)-Fiona Apple // Paralyzer-Finger Eleven // We Will Rock You-Queen

Firebending [8tracks] [playmoss]

Am I Wrong?-Nico & Vinz  // Young Volcanoes-Fall Out Boy // Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)-Mark Ronson // Alive-P.O.D. // Freaks-The Hawk In Paris // You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid-The Offspring // I’d Love to Change the World (Matstubs Remix)-Jetta // Polarize-Twenty One Pilots // Temperamental-RJD2 Feat. Phonte Coleman // Pardon Me-Incubus // Outside-Calvin Harris Feat. Ellie Goulding // Fourth Of July-Fall Out Boy // Fire-Pvris // My Demons-Starset // There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought Of It Yet-Panic! At The Disco // Gold-Imagine Dragons // Car Radio-Twenty One Pilots // Touched-Vast // Killin’ It-Krewella // Bubblegum Bitch vs. I Write Sins Not Tragedies-Marina & the Diamons/ Panic at the disco // Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry the Defiant-Coheed and Cambria // Gasoline-Halsey // Embrace the Sun-ThouShaltNot // Running with the Wolves-AURORA // Arsonist’s Lullabye-Hozier

Airbending [8tracks] [playmoss]

Wake Me Up-Avicii // Mountain Sound-Of Monsters And Men // The Moss-Cosmo Sheldrake // Boomerang-Plain White T’s // Wonderlust King-Gogol Bordello // Rather Be-Clean Bandit // Secrets-OneRepublic // Flaws (acoustic)-Bastille // Where the Wild Things Are-Patrick Watson // Runaway-AURORA // Atlas Hands-Benjamin Francis Lefwich // I’m Yours-Jason Mraz // Daylight-Matt & Kim // Amber-311 // The Middle-Jimmy Eat World // The Cave Mumford & Sons // Feel Good Inc. (cover)-Celia Pavey // Such Great Heights-The Postal Service // Conquest Of Spaces-Woodkid // Write It On Your Skin-Newton Faulkner // Feeling Good-Michael Bublé // It’s Time-Imagine Dragons // We Could Have Flown Like Pollen-ThouShaltNot // Young Hearts-Strange Talk // Northern Wind-City And Colour

Waterbending [8tracks] [playmoss]

Waves (Robin Schulz Remix)-Mr Probz // Wild Things-Alessia Cara // Sing When No One’s Around-The Reign of Kindo // Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)-Florence & The Machine // Make a Change (feat. Zella Day)-Nahko and Medicine for the People // Jet Pack Blues-Fall Out Boy // All We Are-OneRepublic // Big Dark Love-Murder By Death // Drive-Incubus // Riverside-Agnes Obel // Endless Dream-God Is An Astronaut // Riptide-Vance Joy // Dancing On Quicksand-Bad Suns // Fix This-The Colourist // Afire Love-Ed Sheeran // Kiss From A Rose-Seal // Rolling in the deep-Adele // They-Jem // Cough Syrup-Young The Giant // Salt-Bad Suns // Pinch Me-Barenaked Ladies // From Eden-Hozier // Great Blue Sea-The Reign of Kindo // Canvas-Imogen Heap // Little Talks-Of Monsters And Men


If you enjoy these check out some of my other playlist [here]

I do take request as well, feel free to message me an idea!

Lastly by friend Ranebowstitches helped make the cover art!