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Review of LoK Book 4 Episode 10

Operation BeiFong….. more like BeiFong Bullshit

So the episode begins with Bo, Opal, and Lin arriving at Zhao Fu….. and Bo has to reiterate what the narrator just said. “Saving the BeiFongs and saving our love….I shall fix the rift that betwixt us.” Bo STFU.

This whole Bopal ship is just really pissing me off. They are both so damn abusive and they both are HUGE ASSHOLES to each other. This whole rescue mission was an ultimatum set by Opal which is some straight up bullshit. And the fact that Bo thinks that this one act will save their relationship and constitutes as a makeup for all of the rape-y/creeper stunts he’s pulled…. well hot damn…. I will be jumping ship, the S.S. Bopal. 

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Bless Lin for telling that ninny to shut his trap.

Opal asking why Kuvira’s torn down the domes. Hmmm…. I WONDER FUCKING WHY!? Is there a reason we are deliberately making these characters stupid?

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Oh look….. a wild Toph appears. And Bo spazzes out some more….

Great…now we’ve got Opal and Toph ganging up on Bo for working with Kuvira. Toph insults Bo for working with the enemy. Wow…. we can’t just be pissed that Kuvira is super manipulative…. and look now Toph complains about a bison she “can’t see,” yet knows his features. Is she seeing Juicy with her feet, or does she hear the heavy breathing? It’s very unclear. And then Opal says something shitty along the lines of she checked to see if she could get a new bison. More reasons to hate Opal.

Moving on…. 

Flash over to Republic City. Raiko asking Asami and Varrick what they’ve done and calls them “geniuses” in the most condescending way possible. Thanks Bryke. Why don’t you tell us how you really feel about them? 

And naturally…… Asami doesn’t say ONE FUCKING LINE. This entire episode…. she is given one scene, where a fucking blueprint is cast over her and Varrick explains EVERYTHING, even though the whole thing is HER GODDAMN IDEA. Wow… just wow. Fuck this show. Asami deserves so much more respect than these fuckers give her. 

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And now Korra saying she can talk with the Spirits and ask them for help. I totally called this the minute she said. It’s not going to work out. Korra, is the most non-spiritual of the avatars, and even though she now is “reconnected” with the spirit world….. the spirits don’t want anything to do with fighting. I kind of don’t understand how Korra doesn’t know this by now. That’s literally what Book 2 was all about. SPIRITS DON’T LIKE INTERVENING IN HUMAN AFFAIRS. The spirit wilds literally do not mean shit to the spirits. They live there and are peaceful to people…..but that’s as far as it goes. 

And Wu FINALLY has a bright idea….. but later reveals it’s for picking up the ladies and to date Korra??? Well…. I say improvement for him. He’s at least being useful. And of course Mako makes Wu’s idea about him. 

“Nice job in there. I’m proud of you. You’re starting to act like the kind of king I’d like to work for." 

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FUCK YOU MAKO. No one asked for your opinion and also, Mako, you are paid to be a bodyguard. Do your job and shut the fuck up. I forgot…. Wu needs to be the king that Mako likes for it to be acceptable. Mako is literally the most useless character on this show. 

Now back to this mission….. 

We interupt this mission for some campfire crap….. 

Insert random stuff about Bo being a talented bender because he can lavabend. Really? Was this entire scene needed?

Lin’s dad is Kanto….. some random dude we don’t know. Well… that was anti-climatic. Thanks again Bryke. 

Lin has father issues and apparently mother issues too. Toph doesn’t seem to care. Wow…. more "bad parenting” from the Gaang. We just had to go there. 

I totally get where Lin is coming from and I feel bad for her in this instance, but must we have our family call out session now. Go rescue these other morons and then fight to your heart’s content. But no… let’s do it now. 

Ok…. mission time. They successfully sneak in and get everyone saved, meanwhile, Opal is outside watching Kuvira (who just happens to be AT THIS PARTICULAR SPOT NOW).

Kuvira is trying out her new weapon…. and Zhu Li keeps fucking up. Zhu Li literally thought she could screw up the machinery twice without it looking suspicious.

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I thought she didn’t make mistakes. Oh look…. Kuvira finds the missing piece to the machine ON ZHU LI. Please Kuvira…. get this imbecile out of here. 

Now Lin is getting Su out of this cage…. and of course Bataar Sr. doesn’t have faith that his family will get his ass out safely so he cowers in fear. Christ….. then they drag his ass out and the guards spot them. Called this one too. 

Now they’re outside….. and of course Su just gets out of captivity and wants to go kill Kuvira. Opal even suggested it earlier too. The fuck is wrong with these two? If Korra, the damn avatar who bends 4 elements and has a special state, couldn’t do it, you two asshats aren’t going to be able to. And Su, did you learn anything while you were a prisoner? Guess not. STOP MEDDLING. I literally can’t deal with these idiots. 

Toph calls it for what it is…. the mission was to save them and leave. They should stick to it. But of course, Bo now has to save Zhu Li because they’re buds now. And Opal needs to help Bo (she gives a shit now that he’s done her bidding). And Su, Lin, and the twins go and aid them…. 

I thought Huan was a metal bender….? He was last book…. apparently now, he’s just as useless as his father. Great…. more lack of continuity.

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So Bataar Jr. sees Opal as the target and suddenly cares if his sister dies…? Ok….but he didn’t care that his family was imprisoned and they were probably going to be executed the same way? 

Su goes right for Kuvira. I loved how Su got her ass handed to her. Team Kuvira all the way! I literally thought they were all going to be captured again, but of course Toph had to save all of them. 

And now we’ve got Toph yelling to Kuvira that she’s a disgrace to metal benders. Oh Toph…. I BEG TO DIFFER. Kuvira literally has that look like “hey you pruney windbag….. watch me kill your family later.” Kuvira is the tits and one badass bitch, but that’s just my opinion. 

And then they get away and are in some forest. Lin suddenly forgets all the issues she’s been harboring for the past 20 years and forgives Toph for everything. And Toph asks that they don’t hate her for being a bad mother. And then they hug. And of course Bo sticks his two cents in about family.

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Just no. This was just bad, cheesy writing here. And look…. now Toph explains why she and Katara aren’t featured in this show. “they’re too old.” What a load of bullshit. Really? Is that why Zuko is still featured in this show and rides his dragon into battle? Is it just an old woman thing? Or is it that Bryke didn’t want to include Katara? Just please stop shitting on the Gaang. 

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Oh yes…. “leave it to the kids.” These kids don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. SOMEONE FUCKING GUIDE THEM. 

And then Zhu Li has to tell Opal to forgive Bo because him CHOOSING HIS SIDE wasn’t his fault. Jesus Christ…. this writing. And of course…. she takes him back. Just keep these unhealthy couples coming. It’s the reincarnated Makorra. wooooo -______- 

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Zhu Li: Oh yeah… let’s get back to Republic City because Kuvira is attacking in 2 weeks. Just thought I’d mention it now for dramatic effect as the episode ends. 

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Like…. Kuvira figured out Zhu Li was a traitor…. she’s probably going to attack earlier because: 

1. She knows that a dirty rat traitor is going to tell of her plans so she needs the upper hand. She’ll attack early when they don’t expect it.

2. Her weapon was not destroyed. She can blow them to smithereens and prove that the earth nation rules, because that is apparently her plan now…? 

This episode deeply annoyed me. Let’s hope Asami gets some appreciation in these final episodes. God forbid she actually speak and play a MAIN CHARACTER role. And let’s hope this plot actually moves forward….