Fighting is my life! It’s what I was made for!

(they/them, please don’t call me pretty/beautiful!!)

Reworking my jasper bodysuit lately and wanted to go back through some of my old photoshoot pictures. That bottom photo certainly was difficult to get and probably took 30 takes, but i think it’s one of the only photos that really shows how long my legs actually are. Gem by KorovCreations and the actual costume is by @monchichitanuki!! Bodysuit/wig/makeup by me!! Hopefully I’ll be wearing her at Comikaze in October!!

New finalized items now in my Etsy store! Not super happy with the product shots, as it’s really hard to capture the gems color at night!

Soon I’ll have full sized Amethyst and Rose Quartz gems to go along with the palm sized ones. Custom sizes available for everything!

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WOAH! This is such a fantastic response. You all are amazing and I’m so happy people like the brooches! After many years of cosplay, its been my dream to make super accurate props and accessories for people to really make their costumes shine (literally!) Now that I have my 3D printer, I can finally do that on a larger scale!

To celebrate, you can use the coupon code “SailorMercury” to get 30% Off your order at my Etsy store. http://www.etsy.com/shop/KorovCreations

And feel free to check out KorovCreations’ facebook page where I’ll post video and behind the scenes photos!