TG:re volume 11 omake summaries:

  • The White Suits change their image to Black Suits.
  • Arima is playing “Daruma-san ga koronda”, a game similar to “Red Light Green Light” with Hairu.
  • Karren is thinking about Tsukiyama, but Torso interrupts her line of thought. Karren uppercuts Torso.
  • Seidou wakes up from a nightmare which had Houji and Kanou in it.
  • Eto, Tatara and Noro play rock paper scissors, but Tatara and Noro’s sleeves are too long.
  • Kaneki and Yomo are talking about new troops, and Kaneki mentions Okahira’s name.
  • Akira is telling stories about her father to Amon.

Looking through my collection of the “Musical Touken Ranbu” in “Shibuya Note” photos and dying of amusement at their adorableness xD

Featuring the dynamics and backstage antics of Team Sanjou with Kashuu Kiyomitsu as told by:

Kuroba Mario (that time when everyone joined Mikazuki for his daily tea)

Sato Ryuji (that time when Kiyomitsu’s fixation with his hair infected everyone else)

Kitazono Ryo (that time when Kogitsunemaru decided that everyone needed to know how to do the fox hand sign)

Sakiyama Tsubasa (that time when everyone was actually properly prepared for battle, which may or may not have anything to do with Ishikirimaru’s purification)

Saeki Daichi (that time when everyone was caught up in Iwatooshi’s infectious energy)

Ohira Shunya (that time when Imanotsurugi managed to rope everyone into playing the Daruma-san ga Koronda [1] game with him)


[1] Daruma ga Koronda - Also known as “Statues”, “Red Light/Green Light” or “Grandmother’s Footsteps”.


だるまさんらがころんだ。〜 ねぎりょー。

Red light, green light. 〜 ねぎりょー。

Red light, green light!

Red light, green light… did the people just increase?

Hosoya Yoshimasa, Minagawa Junko, Tsuda Kenjiro

Daruma san ga Koronda Part 2/2

again, ghost story warning

Minagawa: Talking about “daruma san ga koronda” reminds me of something
Hosoya: Ah!
Minagawa: Did you say it?
Hosoya: I did! After that, nothing happened but I felt that the small bathroom was spacious
TsudaKen: What is this about?
Minagawa: There’s an episode where we talked about urban legend
Hosoya: If you say “daruma san ga koronda” in your mind or out loud while shampooing and turn to your back, ghost will appear
TsudaKen: Scary. That’s scary
Minagawa: LOL
TsudaKen: What’s that, that’s scary
Hosoya: His spirit’s goes down! LOL
TsudaKen: Why are you guys suddenly bringing me to this deep world (TsudaKen was not amused lol)



The CM for the new Japanese Horror Movie “As the Gods Will” (Kamisama no iu tôri)) is a shocker, as is the whole movie. Based on the manga by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Akeji Fujimura it’s a comic that starts out simply enough, featuring a slice of life boy with his female friend who are going to school as usual students, looking to be something simple like a love story…

When suddenly a voice is heard in their class and the teachers head explodes.

The familiar words are said again “Darumasama ga koronda” but unfortunately no one is following the “rules” of the game and as people scream and run they get killed.

The girls in this video are sexily playing the same game, only when their breasts bounce…

The Daruma kills them by making their boobs explode.

The movie is basically the same premise, play the game, And Win, or die.


Yozakura Quartet he no Kessoku

Yasuda-sensei requests that the seiyuu cast try out a variety program
task and he requests, that they do daruma-san ga koronda however, naked. But if they can’t do the task then they must do an official apology towards the person in charge. So they thought out on how far they can go with this task! Here are the guys answers!

Kaji Yuki: Hmm I wonder…
Fukuen Misato: Ok, let’s go one by one and set our limit on how far we can go.
Kaji Yuki: A single… towel.
Fukuen Misato: You’re setting the bar high.
Fujita Saki: Wow, you can go that far?!
Okamoto Nobuhiko: I, too… Can go for a single piece, it’s ok.
Kaji Yuki: So you’re ok with it?! If you move you know it’s going to be over for you. Will you be ok?
[Everyone laughing]
Fukuen Misato: Isn’t that a bit dangerous to consider it being ok? (with just a single piece)
Kaji Yuki: Why is it ok for you?
Fukuen Misato: So it’s ok for you then.
Kaji Yuki: Then if that’s the case, then you’re pretty good going all naked.

However in the end they didn’t do the task since they already arrived at their next destination xD

Hosoya Yoshimasa, Minagawa Junko, Nakamura Daisuke

Daruma san ga Koronda Part ½

warning: this contains a there’s-something-in-the-bathroom kind of scary story

Hosoya: I heard that you’re into urban legends
Minagawa: What with that information?
Hosoya: It’s written here in the script
Minagawa: Ah, you’re right
Hosoya: I like urban legends and scary story
Minagawa: You’re too loud
Nakamura: I got into it recently. There are lots of it
Minagawa: Tell us one, a short one
Hosoya: The one that would make people go ‘heee’
Minagawa: The one that not many people know
Nakamura: There are different type of road signboard right. For instance, be careful of animals crossing etc. There’s also a type where nothing is written on it, just a sign with exclamation mark
Minagawa: There is?
Hosoya: I think I saw that before
Nakamura: That sign means that ghost appears in that place
Hosoya: REALLY??
Minagawa: No way!
Hosoya: Is it true?!
Nakamura: It is
Hosoya: Where can you find that sign?
Minagawa: Didn’t you say that you saw it before?
Hosoya: I saw it on TV
… .
Minagawa: Are you serious? No way! That must be a lie!
Hosoya: Minagawa san, are you bad with that kind of things?
Minagawa: .. aa.. ummm… I’ve never see that kind of sign but sometimes when you go to that kind of place that seems haunted, can’t you feel something? I wonder if that sign is really present at that kind of place
Nakamura: Maybe you’ll find it if you look for it. But it’s better not to look at it too much
Minagawa: Even if you tell me to be careful of ghosts, I don’t know what should I do. That’s difficult
Hosoya: It is
Nakamura: Also, in the bathroom when you’re washing your head,
Minagawa: Stop it, that’s scary
Nakamura: You can’t say it in your mind “daruma san ga koronda” while closing your eyes
Minagawa: Waahhh!! I feel like I will say it!
Hosoya: Why (can’t we say “daruma san ga koronda”)?
Nakamura: I heard that if you say it, ‘that’ will appear
Hosoya & Minagawa: SERIOUSLY??!!
Nakamura: Seriously
Minagawa: Let’s try doing that today. Hosoya kun, you do it
Hosoya: Why me??? Why???
Nakamura & Minagawa: LOL
Minagawa: You try that today, and tell us the result at the next Raji Puri
Hosoya: I understand. I’ll write it somewhere
Minagawa: When you shower today, make sure you said “daruma san ga koronda” in your mind while closing your eyes. Just once is enough?
Nakamura: Just once is enough
Minagawa: Say it once in your mind
Nakamura: You can say it out loud too
Minagawa: Whichever you prefer then. This is an experiment
Nakamura: Please try it
Hosoya: Should I turn my back?
Nakamura: If you have the guts to do that, why not
Hosoya: I understand, I’ll definitely do this. If ‘that’ appears I’ll put a “dangerous” sign at my bathroom
Nakamura & Minagawa: LOL
Minagawa: I hope I can see you again
Hosoya: LOL you might not be able to see me anymore


































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A new teaser has been released for Takashi Miike’s teen survival thriller “As the Gods Will” (out Nov 15, 2014).

The film stars Sota Fukushi as a 2nd-year high school student named Shun Takawata who lives an ordinary teenage life until one day he’s suddenly forced to participate in a series of children’s games such as “Daruma-san ga Koronda” with death as the penalty for losing. Other cast members include Hirona Yamazaki, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Mio Yuki, Shota Sometani, Nao Omori, and Lily Franky.

hollowlyist  asked:

i look back to the manga and saw the "daruma" that kaneki said, i thought he meant to say arima name, it was really nice of you point that out, thanks for you hard work

It’s no problem! I just found it really interesting that Ishida-sensei placed such a reference during V14. I also believe that it was meant to make it seem like Kaneki mistook ‘Arima’ as ‘Daruma’ in that scene but if we take a more general look on the spread:

After Kaneki mentions ‘Daruma’, he relentlessly shoots out his kagune but Arima just dodges them all. However, their position seems to be similar to the ‘Daruma-san ga Koronda’ (Daruma-san fell down) game which is widely played in Japan; Kaneki being the daruma while Arima is the one who tries to reach his location.

I initially thought that the wish was actually Kaneki’s wish of being able to sleep but chapter 52 just threw that theory out the window. :,D

There’s still a lot of mystery behind V14 and it makes me a little happy that we get some sort of confirmation for some of them. Thank you for taking the time to read this!