My Friend Nick Korompilas

“What will you say?”

Looking at the back of his camera I see this quote labeled underneath the LED display screen.  Its a question that should be asked amongst all image makers.  What will we say when we produce our expressions through our images?  Who will answer that question for us?

Hailing from Northern California, Nick Korompilas is one the most influential image makers I know right now; and he’s not just one of my peers, but a friend.  Nick, or sometimes billed by his nickname Koromp expresses his amazing artistic ideas through his images that are complimented by his lighting direction, vibrant color schemes, and his character driven subjects.

Either up close and personal or from a distance, Koromp explores his many visions and displays his immaculate attention to detail in his work.  The greatest thing about Nick is, he’s a humble character.  I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with him on many projects of mine as well as his too.  

Check out this guy’s work and stay tuned for what amazing images he has to offer.


- Ian

“Son, my greatest life lesson, you really wanna know?” said Andrew, the man sitting outside the coffee shop in response to my question. We met one quiet afternoon in Los Angeles. As I sat on the bench across the street I noticed he was sitting all alone. He was staring into the street for some time, looking very pensive, so I decided to introduce myself. 

Andrew was from Montana. He was very calm, cool and collected. He moved subtly and sipped his coffee slow. During our conversation Andrew strongly emphasized the idea that pain, even though it may not feel like it at times, is actually a positive force. He explained that pain is what gives us permission to develop. Andrew answered my question “My greatest life lesson, my greatest life lesson was learning to use pain as medicine. To use pain to learn, grow and take your experiences in stride. Everything happens for a reason and ultimately all your experiences, positive or negative, will lead you to the path to find your truest self”.

Studio Shooting

Been slowly getting back into the studio these past few days. And damn, it feels so good! This is a behind the scenes shot from tonight, I hope to have some outtakes ready in a week or so. This image was taken on my iPhone as the flash was firing (and my subject just happened to glow at the same time as well).