“The rightful One and the girl with the violet eyes.
The One, who walks through fire and does not burn.
The girl, born of the twelve.
Their fates mapped together become the fate of the Circle.
Through their union, the birthright of the Diadochi is uncovered.
The riches of Iskander, the power of Zeus, the means to vanquish the greatest enemies.
The One, when it is his, becomes invincible.”
- the conspiracy of us by @maggieehall


Into the virt from Arctq17 on Vimeo.

Opening for the 21th Russian animation festival Suzdal 2016.
Открытие в 21-й русский анимационного фестиваля Суздаль 2016 года.

Realization by/Реализация по

Anna Cattish/ Анна Катиш

Sasha Chernogorov/ Саша Черногоров

Ilya Shekiladze/ Илья Шекиладзе

Denis Pisarev/ Денис Писарев

Ivan Korolev/ Иван Королев

Vlad Gusev/ Влад Гусев

Vladimir Gerasimov/ Владимир Герасимов

Aleksey Bovkun/ Алексей Бовкун

music and sound

Sasha Dza / Саша Холенко

soundtrack avaliable for download

KSP Archive Update: Chelomei 2 and Korolev Station

Over the last several days, Chelomei 2 has proven itself a capable and efficient launcher. Having entered official service, the orbiter has so far delivered two modules to Korolev Station and one space probe; each launch has recovered upwards of 90% of the cost of the launch (not including the payload). A Chelomei launch costs an estimated Sp5,000-15,000, comparing very favorably to the 65,000-speso launch cost of an expendable launch vehicle. Without it Korolev Station would have bled the Program dry.

Chelomei 2 in LKO.

Chelomei 2, with the Korolev node module nestled in its cargo bay.

Chelomei 2 drifting away from Korolev Station. The node module delivered is visible atop the station.

Chelomei 2, safely on the runway.

Its last launch delivered a crucial component to Korolev Station’s continuing mission: the orbital drydock. This will allow Korolev Station, with parts from Kerbin, to construct spacecraft in orbit. This is tremendously valuable, particularly for the final component of the STS: the Von Braun Nuclear Cruiser. Von Braun is far too large to bother building on Kerbin. The cost of the launch vehicle would likely offset any cost benefit of a reusable orbit-to-orbit ferry. As such, it will be built at Korolev Station, in orbit, and fueled with materials harvested and processed in-situ. Von Braun is the Kerbal Space Program’s largest, most versatile, and most ambitious spacecraft to date, and its launch will open an unprecedented frontier in the peaceful exploration of space.

Kerballog update, 15 July 2016

So, three weeks ago I made a post about the original Space Transportation System (which remains awesome), and mentioned offhandedly that I was planning on attempting a similar project in my KSP save.

Well, I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

As of right now, I’ve got two fully-reusable SSTO spaceplanes (Chelomei 1 and 2, named for the brilliant Soviet aerospace engineer Vladimir Chelomei) and a small station in LKO (Korolev Station, named for brilliant Soviet aerospace engineer Sergei Korolev) that I’m planning on expanding into an orbital dry-dock.

Future plans include the Von Braun orbit-to-orbit NTR (named for brilliant-if-possibly-problematic German aerospace engineer Wernher von Braun), the Minmus-orbit fuel refinery Faget Station (named for brilliant American aerospace engineer Max Faget), the Chamberlin-series unmanned ore carriers (named for brilliant-if-barely-remembered American aerospace engineer Jim Chamberlin), and the Glushko-series manned vacuum landers (named for the brilliant Soviet aerospace engineer Valentin Glushko).

Pictures are coming tomorrow.