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Draw Lots

“Good morning, everyone.” Class E’s yellow octopus-like teacher greeted them with a wide grin on his face like usual.

“Good morning, Koro-sensei.” The green-haired girl greeted their teacher back, “What’s up?”

“Nyurufufu.” Koro-sensei wiggled his tentacles as a sign of his excitement, “I just got a message from the Principal. We will be having our first Christmas Festival and everyone is invited to participate.”

Everyone in the class exclaimed upon hearing the news.

“How exciting!”

“It sounds like fun!”

The Class E’s room is filled with noise from their excitement.

“I wonder what are we going to do for the festival? Is there a competition Koro-sensei?” The green-haired girl said excitingly while clasping her hands together.

“Nyurufufu. Correct, Kayano-chan.” Koro-sensei patted Kayano with his tentacle before facing the whole class once again.

“Listen, everyone.” The class became attentive, excited to know the rest of the news, “There are two contests that we need to join in.”

“WHAT?!” The class said in unison.

There were at least 2 more weeks left to prepare for the said event. With studying for the upcoming exams and assassinating their teacher, how would their schedule fit?

“There’s not much time to prepare.”

“Yeah. That would need a lot of work.”

“Oh come on. I just want to enjoy our Christmas festival.”

The class’ enthusiasm was suddenly changed into frustration.

“What are the contests, Koro-sensei?” Their red head classmate asked confidently, “We’ll pull it off.”

Understanding what his friend is trying to do, the bluenette backed up the red head to help the class cheer up. “Yeah. We’ve been through a lot. We can do this.”

The rest of their classmates gained again their confidence remembering the contests they have against the so-called chosen ones.

Through their assassination skills learned in class and their team work that has been built to kill their teacher, they have won most of the contests and keep up with Class A.

“We’ll beat that class A of theirs!” A guy with a spiky, black hair which is dyed blonde around the sides shouted.

“YEAH!” Everyone agreed, all cheerful and energetic once again.

“Nyurufufu. Very well.” Koro-sensei was pleased by their mind set. They have grown so mature and strong.

He started writing on the board with the word ‘cross-dressing’ before facing the class.

A wide grin on the red head and the yellow-haired girl appeared after reading it.

“Ohoho~” they both reacted.

They looked at each other as if understanding what the other one is thinking.

“Oh no.” The bluenette let out a sigh knowing that right at the very moment that nothing good will come next to him.

The red head raised his hand, “I think everyone would agree that Nagisa should be our representative in cross-dressing.” He said while visually showing his horns and tails while grinning.

“K-Karma!” Nagisa complained about the suggestion.

“I think so too. I mean Nagisa really looks like a girl. He could easily win the contest.” Putting her right hand on her chin while his left hand was on her waist, she supported the red head’s suggestion.

“Not you too, Nakamura-san.” The bluenette pouted knowing that they were teasing him again and that he can’t do anything about it. No one can go up against the Nakamura and Karma’s tandem when it comes to teasing the bluenette.

“But I think so too, Nagisa.”

“You’re really perfect for the role.”

The whole class agreed to the red head’s suggestion even though they feel bad for Nagisa. With his feminine features, even the girls on their class said that he might be cuter than them.

“B-But!” The bluenette didn’t know what to do nor say. All he wanted was for them to stop, but they won’t.

“Nyurufufu. I think it fits you best too, Nagisa-kun.” Koro-sensei joined.

Nagisa sighed heavily knowing that nothing could stop them and everyone was on it too. “A-Alright, I’ll do it.” He said in a low voice.

Everyone, except the bluenette celebrated upon his approval.

“One of the contest is a sure-win now, Koro-sensei. What’s the other one?” The light brown-haired guy asked.

The yellow octopus-like teacher puts a box on top of his desk with papers inside it.

“Written on the papers are your names.” He started to shake the box and put one of his tentacle inside. “We’ll be doing a Romeo and Juliet-like play.”

“Oohh~” Everyone exclaimed.

“But to make it more fun for us…. The roles will be assigned through draw lots.” He looked at everyone’s reaction and he saw thay they were all excited thinking what would be their role.

“This is quite exciting.”

“I wonder who will I be playing.”

Koro-sensei averted his eyes at the bluenette, “Nagisa-kun, because you would be our representative for the cross-dressing competition, you will play the lead, Juliet.”

“W-Why me?! That’s not fair, Koro-sensei!” Nagisa stood up and slammed his hands on his desks. He can’t believe what his teacher said.

The light brown-haired guy turn around his seat to look at the bluenette “That’s okay Nagisa. If I would be the one to play Romeo, I’ll treat you gently and give you the best kiss you can have.” He winked while wearing his easily-get-a-girl smile, teasing him.

The bluenette’s face turned blank, “I’m not a girl, Maehara-kun. I won’t be attracted by that.”

Maehara laughed hard at Nagisa’s response.

Meanwhile, the red head was suddenly annoyed upon hearing Maehara’s statement about giving his best friend the best kiss.


Karma raised his hand and stood up which caught the attention of the class.

“I will play Romeo.” He blurted.

Everyone’s eyes widened, surprised by his statement.

“Did he just–?”

They looked at him waiting for him to say or at least act that he was joking. But he didn’t. He’s serious.

“Ohoho~” Both Nakamura and Maehara responded.

The class shares the same thought, knowing how close they were to each other that they are most of the time mistaken as a couple.

The red head ignored the reaction of the class and looked at the bluenette to see his response.

His golden eyes met the azure eyes of the bluenette staring at him, surprised and noticed that his friend’s cheeks were red.

He felt blood crawling to his face upon seeing Nagisa blushed and realized what he said was something embarrassing.

He averted his eyes to the classroom door to hide his blush and said, “I’m skipping.”, in a low tone voice and walked fast to the door.

“W-Wait! Karma!” Nagisa stood up and went his way to follow his red head friend.

“Wait!” Koro-sensei panicked knowing that two of his students were going to skip his class.

“Karma-kun! Nagisa-kun! Don’t skip my class!”


My first ever fanfiction! I just want to contribute to the fandom. 😅😅

Request: Bidders When MC is Sick Headcanon

@silverlinedshadow answered: Ahhhhhhh I was wondering what would KBTBB men be like if MC gets like pnumonia/flu where she’s sick for a week+ O:

 This is really cute!! I had fun writing this one :’)

Eisuke: He’d definitely be pretty useless at first, but he’d lowkey be worried about her!

“Tch, why didn’t you say something earlier?”

He’d call in nurses to take care of her, much to MC’s dismay. He’d make Luke come check on her at last once a day, as he stood in the doorway watching. He’d bring his laptop into the bedroom and sit in a chair in the corner and work. When MC finally convinces him to stop bringing in nurses, he’d be the one to check her fever every hour and bring her soup that he sneakily called in from room service lmao

Soryu: Poor thing would try so hard to take care of you even though it comes across as really awkward bless.

“Don’t be afraid to tell me if you need something”

He’d practically hover over MC while she’s sleeping in case she wakes up and needs him for something. It would be adorable to see the big bad mobster so wrapped around someone’s finger. He’s super nervous and panicky the whole time MC is sick, even when she reassures him that he’s being so kind.

Baba: He would be extra kind and loving to MC, but he’d probably be the most worried!!

“Let’s get you better soon, okay Princess?”

When he isn’t with MC to give her medicine, he’s in the kitchen making soup from scratch! He also is willing to give her back rubs and braid her hair up out of her face. He stays in the room and studies MC’s face as she sleeps, taking those precious moments to worry about her without MC noticing.

Ota: He’d go out of his way to make you smile and laugh!

“Hey Koro, you know laughter is the best medicine!”

He’d sit next to her in bed and play with MC’s hair or hold her hand while he told her about his day. He would be the most strict out of all the bidders when it comes to making MC take her medicine on time.

Mamoru: The lazy detective would actually do a lot to make MC feel better!

“I told ya that you work too hard, Sweetheart”

He doesn’t know a ton of home remedies, but Mamo would make multiple trips to the drugstore to get MC medicine, canned soup, crackers, whatever she needs! He’d make up for the fact that he can’t keep the apartment clean while she’s sick by making sure to be super attentive to MC’s needs

Shuichi: I think Shu would be much more likely to focus on getting MC to feel better than fawning over her, if that makes sense?

“This is what happens when you let yourself be vulnerable to germs”

He’d already have like every kind of medicine on hand and he’d even give MC some super-fancy herbal tea to soothe her. He’d be strict about medicine and staying in bed, but he’d reluctantly agree to sit beside MC in bed when she requests it while giving her one of his soft smiles.

Hikaru: Would give MC shit for getting sick, but he’d still worry in his own way!

“Hey stupid, I told you not to get out of bed for anything”

Hikaru would pretend to roll his eyes and dramatically get up when MC asks for something to eat or medicine, but as soon as he’s out of sight he’s sprinting to get what she needs lmao. He tells her that she’s being a pain while he’s placing a cool washcloth over her forehead, but he starts blushing when she looks up at him with this pathetic, sappy look.

Rhion: Wouldn’t really know what to do, so he asks Luke for advice!

“The doctor told me this would help you feel better!”

Poor bun would sit at MC’s bedside and give her a worried look. He’d constantly bring her tea and check her fever. When she whimpers in pain or discomfort, you can practically see the panic radiating off of Rhion. She ends up comforting him and assuring him that he’s doing a good job

Luke: He would obviously be the best one in this situation!

“We need to get your fever down for you to feel any relief”

He’s super professional when checking MC’s temperature or giving her medicine, but aside from that he’s super sweet and attentive!! He rests his own hand on MC’s forehead since he’s cold af lmao. He’s totally willing to rub her back until she falls asleep or help her in and out of bed.


My collaboration with @koro-tyan and @professoroakward. Thank you guys so much✨

Final chapter is done. And i can post dat pictures what draw my friends and me.

(We draw that illustration for gud fanfic. You can read this fanfic here @gregorydespairshow.)
And thank you @veneesla. Thanks for giving us a work on this illustrations.


“Beatrice-sama. I know I’m a uncivilized servant. I’m not even a human. I’m a furniture in this mansion. But… If that’s true, why was I given a heart that can love?
If it means being forced to have such painful and tormenting thoughts, I don’t need a heart…”


Furniture + Flowers

Geranium —  ❝ Kindness and ingenuity ❞
• Forget Me Not —  ❝ True love ❞
Calendula —  ❝ Grief, despair and sorrow ❞