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Franchesca Ramsey lands Comedy Central pilot

  • On Tuesday, Comedy Central announced that comedian Franchesca Ramsey ( @chescaleigh on Tumblr) secured a pilot for an untitled project for the network.
  • According to Comedy Central’s press release, Ramsey’s new show will feature a set of comedians that will tackle some of the most pressing social and political issues.
  •  The project will “will heal America through brutal comedy, surprising guests, and breakdowns of the most pressing cultural issues you never knew you cared about,” the release said.
  • Ramsey will also serve as executive producer of the show, alongside Eric Brown, Andrew Kornhaber and Kara Welker. Read more (4/19/17)

NOTE: This post has been corrected. It previously stated incorrectly that Ramsey is the first black woman to have a Comedy Central pilot. Jessica Williams developed a show with the network in 2016. 


Carnegie Hall - Ensemble ACJW - 43 Cartoon Theme Song Mashup

8-bit-wonder  asked:

I would love to hear how Decoded came together. Did you approach MTV with the idea? Did they have the show and needed someone to host and came to you? I'd love to hear how you formed the show since it seems like a perfect match for you.

In 2013 I spent the year pitching an original television show to various networks based on my YouTube channel. Clearly no one picked it up, but I stayed on MTV’s radar and was called in for general meetings, auditions and such.

In 2014, MTV teamed up with Kornhaber Brown (KB), a production company here in NY, and launched “Braless” hosted by lacigreen. Based on the success of Braless (3 million views & a webby), KB started developing a new show for MTV with a similar format but about race.

I connected with KB December 2014, partially through my MTV connection, and we started working on an “untitled race show” pitch. After waiting on pins and needles, we got the green light March 2015. Then we spent 3 months wrestling with the name. Luckily, during our very first writers meeting in May, Charla (”Clench & Release” & “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”) casually asked,“What if it’s decoded? Like cracking a code?” I honestly thought I heard angels singing. 

I wrote the first episode with the help of our producers and researchers, shot it 2 weeks ago, had 2 rounds of writers meetings with Jordan, Grace, Charla and Fury and then taped our first sketch today. We’re doing 6 vlogs and 6 sketches. Phew! Are you tired yet? Play it cool, I’m exhausted. But I’m really fortunate to be working with KB because their style is so great and they really understand my voice. It’s exciting to have someone else edit and genuinely not be worried about how it turns out. They’re awesome. Plus, our MTV exec Brendan is really dope.

We’re only 1.5 episodes in, but it already feels like a well oiled machine. I was actually extremely nervous this morning before the launch, so the feedback thus far has been really exciting. Thanks for watching and supporting our little show! 

gifthetv  asked:

I loved today's video! The topics you bring up are great and the graphics are always nice to see!! Thanks for being awesome and always speaking out for people who need to have their voices heard :)

aw thank you! i’m so fortunate that the team at Kornhaber & Brown (that’s the production company) get me and my voice. they’re so smart and their work is beautiful. we’re only taping a week ahead so they’re really fast with the edits and are really great at making changes based on my feedback. it’s a dream. hopefully we’ll be working together for a loooong time. i’m reworking my tv show pitch  and hopefully can bring them along with me ;) thanks for being in my corner, you always make the best and fastest gifs! <3