I was tagged by @korn-crust to post a photo with a Rock star I’ve met and share how I met them. Soooo since I met my biggest hero just last week (twice!) this is a perfect time to do this tag :D This is gonna be long btw (not sorry).

Okay, so me and my best friend traveled from Sweden to the U.K. to see Last In Line and Inglorious in Wolverhampton and Sheffield last week. 

First day in Wolverhampton (Wednesday) I was so nervous all day, could barely eat or concentrate because I knew there were big chances of me finally meeting my hero, Vivian Campbell! Anyhow, in the middle of the day we went to the venue and hung around there and close to their bus. (Partly because we were meeting up the guys from Inglorious, whom we know a bit, but that’s another story) But mainly to meet Vivian.

We didn’t have to wait very long until he came out but I didn’t have time to react before he was gone. After half an hour or so he came back and I really surprised myself and walked straight up to him (I never thought I would dare to even say hello) and I gave him a big hug and I think he was a bit surprised lol. But he said hello and I told him how we’ve traveled from Sweden to see them and he got happy! 

He was very cold but I managed to ask him for a photo and got the beautiful photo to the left. After that he went back in to the venue because he was freezing. I was just standing there in awe, couldn’t believe what had just happened. Although the meeting was very short it still meant the world to me.

THEN the second night in Sheffield (Friday, two days later) after the show we waited by the bus and met all the members of Last In Line (also met all of them first night) and then last out was my dear Vivian. He recognised us immidiately (plus we had had a lot of interaction during the show) and he smiled and gave me a big hug. This second time meeting him we had more time to speak and he stood with us and two other fans maybe ten minutes and talked.

He remember which town we had seen them in the other day! (I mean he could have just remembered seeing us recently but not where). He was amazed and thankful how we had seen them in Wolverhampton and now here in Sheffield. PLUS he remembered that we were from Sweden!! I told him we were flying back home tomorrow and he said “and where’s home?” so I thought ‘okay he doesn’t remember, that’s okay’ so I said “Sweden” and he said “Yes I know Sweden, but where?” and I got so happy he remembered since we only talked so briefly the first time! 

We talked a little more and then my friend asked if he could take a picture with him (because he didn’t get one first night) and one of the other two fans who were waiting there said he could take the photo. So I just stood on the side and didn’t know what to do but Vivian looked at me and I was like “Should I be in the photo too?” and he said “Yaay!” and smiled and I just melted!! So I stood next to him and he put his arm around me and we smiled for the photo. It was just amazing!

The whole meeting was amazing! I still can’t believe it happened! He was soo sweet! I have imagined meeting him hundreds of time, never thinking it would actually happen. But now I’ve met him, twice!

Before he went to the bus he gave me another big hug and wished us a safe trip home and said “see you next time!” and I just said “thank you for everything”. There were so many things I wanted to say, how much he has meant to me for so many years… But in that moment, all I needed to say was ‘thank you’. I got a feeling he knows.

Thanks again for giving me a reason to share this and talk about it again haha :D I tag: @wastednwounded @chillachin @rosesfxrduff

Fav  Band: *releasing new album, releasing new merch, going on tour*

Me: … Well looks like I’m robbing a bank