Let’s get this straight, Mrs. Sanchez. NOBODY, and I mean, NOBODY says anything bad about Anderson Cooper. Get that? You have no idea what the fuck is going on, so you need to shut the fuck up. Anderson Cooper always was, is, and always WILL BE, the BEST journalist in the world. 

You have officially pissed me off.

Let Anderson do his job and keep your hateful comments off him.

Mar Roxas - Chief Troubleshooter?

This just in. If you think that Former Senator Mar “Mister Palengke” Roxas has been missing in action after his double defeat last elections (Yeah, double defeat. First, he got ousted as a Presidential Candidate for Liberal Party to give way to Noynoy. And second, his unexpected - well, I expected it - defeat against the dark horse Jejomar Binay.), we are now expecting for his comeback soon. Hopefully. Or not.

President Aquino is eyeing his former running mate to be his administration’s “Chief Troubleshooter”. Yeah, you have read that right. Troubleshooter. Like a computer. His main function is to “Ctrl+Alt+Del” whatever issue this administration has difficulty on resolving.

I have nothing against Senator Mar Roxas. He was a good Senator. Except when he shouted “Putang Ina!” at the anti-Cha-Cha rally at the Makati Central Business District back in December 12, 2008 (You may watch the video here) - in front of the Madres and some kids. Yeah.

So what do we expect from Mar Roxas? Is he really fit for the job as, ugh, the Chief “Ctrl+Alt+Del” or “Alt+F4” of the government? These are my thoughts:

  • Does the President really trust Mar to be the Chief Troubleshooter? Will that appear to be a “one man power”, and in the eyes of the ordinary Juan, a position equal or higher to the President? Why have a “Chief Troubleshooter”? Does that mean that the President and his trusted men are incompetent to do the job to the point of hiring Mar Roxas to do the thing?
  • Where to put Mar Roxas? Will the administration make another executive Order creating a special office? (And yeah, I can smell another battle between the Executive and the Judicial Department).
  • Troubleshooting may appear to be fine tuning. This will appear that indeed, the Aquino Government is a Trial-and-error government.
  • I think Mar Roxas is fit for the Department of Education. And whenever students, teachers, and contractors are up to something which is no good, all he has to do is to shout “Putang Ina!”. Let’s bring back golden days of the strict and cursing teachers. Yeah! Just kidding.
  • But this, in my opinion, will be the best new job for Mar Roxas. I think President Noy should appoint Mar Roxas as Presidential Adviser for Love Affairs. After all, Mar got Noy’s ex-girlfriend Korina Sanchez as his wife. So maybe an advice or two about love life won’t hurt.

Mar is back. Sooner or later. I just hope that he will be an asset to the promised “matuwid na daan” and not just another “Putang Ina!” along the way.

Click the photo to read the whole news on Inquirer.Net.

Korina, when you're on live national television, you're a fucking journalist, not a fucking wife who needs to defend her fucking useless politician of a husband from fucking CNN and Anderson Cooper. When Anderson says Tacloban is in deep shit and our military isn't doing anything to help the people there, Tacloban is in deep shit and our military isn't doing anything to help the people there, and that's final. You don't get to fucking criticize him and tell him how dare him because you're not in fucking Tacloban. You're in the fucking studio with fucking AC, in your fucking fancy three piece suit and your fucking heels. Okay? Good shit for you that you got suspended. You taking a vacation my ass. I hope you get off television forever, bitch.
Anderson Cooper On David Letterman - Typhoon Yolanda

When Anderson Cooper guested on the Late Night Show with #DavidLetterman, these are the few things he said:

1)Nobody had food, nobody had water

2)People died, people died of broken legs that got infected

3)it is an honor to be there, to be able to give voice to people who don’t have a voice, who don’t have access to power

4)The strength of people is extraordinary


KORINA SANCHEZ, nabulunan sa hamon!

Lol. Eto yung episode kagabi ng TV Patrol kung saan eh bigla na lang nabulunan si Korina Sanchez. Hindi na siya nakapagsalita kaya ipinasa na niya yung pagbasa ng balita kay Kabayan. Eto naman si Kabayan eh wagas kung makatawa at makapang-asar kay Korina. HAHAHA! Natawa ko sa tawa ni Kabayan eh, wagas. HAHAHAHAHA!

Dapat ginaya na lang ni Korina si Mike Enriquez kapag nabubulunan, “EXCUSE ME PO!”