korilakkuma kigurumi


The amazing @lovelylor inspires us daily to live the cute life. She is the true deco bear senpai! 

@tea-kuma and I had a few mishaps, but otherwise Katsu was a blast! We had a great time running around as both casual and the full on Bad News Bears again this year. We even managed to give out most of our valentines! 

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knbaes-n-bakas  asked:

How about... Knee sock senpai, Satan-san, Bakagami, Murochin, and Mukkun reaction/scenario after s/o convinced them to wear matching Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma Kigurumi onsies. Please and Thank you :'> (i'm hoping you know who I'm talking about XD)

Waifu! I definitely know who you’re talking about! Though I usually refer to ‘Satan-san’ as ‘Mr Evil Glasses Man.’ XD I hope you like this request sweetie! :D ((Despite looking up pictures, I’m still kind of unfamiliar with what this is, so I apologize if it’s not good.))

Himuro: When he saw you come out of the room, wearing a similar onesie as himself, he found himself chuckling. You insisted he was very adorable wearing the Korilakkuma onesie but he begged to differ. Brushing a strand from your hair, he kissed your forehead. “You’re the one who’s cute, ____-chan. And any time you need me to dress up, I’ll do it in a heart beat.”

Imayoshi: “____-chan, just remember, I don’t owe you any tutoring lessons for a month after this.” As much as the next month was going to kill you, seeing him dressed up in the cute Rilakkuma onesie was worth it. You even got to sneak a few pictures to show Momoi later.

Kagami: He was completely red when he left the bedroom, an adorable frown on his face. This wasn’t what he signed up for when it came to dating you, but he soon realized you were full of surprises and not all of them were bad. He had some fun of his own, though he was pissed when Alex tried to kiss the two of you because ‘Awe, Taiga and ____-chan are so adorable!’ Instead, he snuck a kiss from you, lightly smacking your head when you teased him about being nervous. Well, he’d gladly dress up for you again, if it meant seeing you smile.

Kasamatsu: As much as he wanted to wear normal pajamas while having a movie marathon, you insisted on getting him to wear this ridiculous costume. After a thousand pleas, he finally relented, his face tinted pink. However, when you came out donning the same thing, and curling up with him, it helped take his mind off the thing he was wearing, and focusing on how cute you were in his lap. Just to make himself feel a bit more manly, he snuck a kiss from you, making you the flustered and nervous one. Heh, he wouldn’t mind doing this with you once in a while, so long as no one else saw him.

Murasakibara: “Ne, ____-chin.. What’s the point in me wearing this?” Rolling your eyes for the fifth time in a five minute span, you sighed, “It’s to advertise the new trend for my store! Now please cooperate with me, Murasakibara-kun! If you last all weekend, I promise free food for a month!” He got to work without complaining and the kids had a good time.