Sorry for the crummy lighting, but I just had to share! Got these beautiful pieces done by the lovely @lorna-ka in the mail today!! Pictures truly do not do them justice, especially with how vibrant and fantastic the colors are. Also, I’ve never received mail from Russia, so that was extra cool. ^_^

The Rex/Ahsoka painting is so beautiful! I hadn’t intended it to be shippy, but I can see how it would be interpreted as such. I imagined Rex wanting to hug her like that, just to be sure he wasn’t imagining her being there with them again after so many years wondering what had happened to her!

And the second piece, my Star Wars OCs Koril Rys'tihn with his Jedi wife Elena Lyran-Rys'tihn, is just so sweet! They are madly in love with each other, and Koril is sometimes a bit…overprotective of his wife, though she can certainly handle herself. Again, the colors are so dynamic and expressive, I absolutely love it!!

And then there’s the little Ahsoka sketch thank you! So beautiful! :D

Thank you so much, Miss @lorna-ka!! Your work is just spectacular. :)