Delicate Electronic Operations - Cleaning the MS2000

Eric got his Korg MS2000 in the year 2000 and paid $1000 for it. Thirteen years later he’s still raging on it, hard. The time has come for us to show the machine some love, coax the four keys that decided to stop working to come out of retirement, and so Eric called his buddy Max to help clean the baby out.

Check out this huge lint ball was inside of the synthesizer! This is what over 14 years of dust, hair, crumbs, and pot particles look like. Should we save it and try to clone the machine in the future?


I’ve convinced myself PAX Prime this year is a good decision, for networking opportunities as well as just having a well deserved good time before moving to NYC.  But I’ve just come to the realization that I can spend that same money on a synthesizer that I really want, a KORG MS2000, which would obviously be a more direct change to my music game.

Pros for PAX

  • Seeing dear friends I haven’t seen in a very long time, after a very rough summer.
  • Meeting new people, gettin’ my music networking game rite.
  • Potentially performing somewhere if I figure out a setup.
  • Working for Fangamer, gettin’ ultra-satisfaction.

Cons for PAX

  • Price, ~$500 plane ticket plus probably ~$100 more at LEAST for various expendatures.
  • Postpones moving up to New York by a few DAYS, which is fine, but lengthens the gap between me working in VA and working in NY.  Will have to stop working here in VA a few days before expected too, but this isn’t the biggest deal because of savings.
  • The only financially feasible way to go is to be there until Tuesday after that weekend, which is kinda lame and I’d have nothing to do that last day, nowhere to stay, and that’s a day I could have spent at home packing/getting ready to move.
  • No guaranteed meaningful “networking” could happen.

Pros of KORG MS2000

  • A good deal for a fully-featured analog modeling synthesizer that has a pretty wonderful interface that I feel will work well with me and my primary knowledge of synthesizers.
  • Again, an obvious influence on my music game.  I’ve been wanting to stop being 100% game boy for a little while now and this seems like a good opportunity.

Cons of KORG MS2000

  • Again, price.  Dude is $550, which is around the same as PAX.
  • There’s a possibility I’ll get this thing and not be able to dive into it for a while out of intimidation, because I don’t have much previous synthesizer knowledge and I’m not very good as a keyboardist.  This would require me to develop an entire new skillset as a musician, and while that is also a definite pro, in this situation I really don’t want to buy this and then just have it sitting around collecting dust because I’m too frustrated to use it by how I don’t know shit about shit.
  • In the move up to NY, I really wanted to not bring a lot with me.  A synthesizer is a big thing, and would increase the volume of my move by a little bit.

In the end, I have savings to allow me to do one of these things.  I could technically do both, but then I would have no savings in which to pay for shit in NY in case the job thing doesn’t work as I expect, so no, I can’t do both.  I’m sure there will be more opportunities to scoop synths in the future and only one PAX Prime 2012, but the investment of all the time I’d have to be in Seattle is worrying me because I don’t really want to be there that long.   Alternatively, I could do neither and just save my ~$600, but I kind of need something to shake things up, and I can afford it.

What do you think, tumbles?