korg ms 20


The new tiny ass Korg analog synthesizer!
I’ve never really cared much for keyboards but I’ve always envied analog synths and I really really want this baby.


Built this because I really wanted a korg Ms 20 but I couldn’t afford one. It’s an absolute mess inside and I don’t wan’t to move or open it from fear of it not working. But this was used in heartache and a lot of upcoming tracks. It was the beginning of a larger modular synth. This is the base. It’s all analog and made from a mish mash of prototype stripboard circuits and pcb’s on the inside. Most of the time if it isn’t making the right sound you can just hit it hard on the side and it will start making something good.


Schallexperimentieren mit rhythmischen Tönen

Das Korg MS-20 Laufen durch einen 16 Kanal Soundcraft Geist-Folio-Mischer. Im Studio (um 2004) als Programmsignal vor Gehen nach Detroit.

Sonic experimentation with rhythmic tones

The Korg MS-20 running through a 16 channel Soundcraft Spirit Folio mixer. In the studio (circa 2004) as Program Signal before going to Detroit.

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