I really wish I would have took pictures the past 2 days.

I got a picture of Mike being upside down in my backseat and planking my car while we were all on the freeway up to Bakersfield, but that’s it!

Things I would have taken pictures of:

Mike pissing in a water bottle mid drive.
Mike using my elliptical machine in my car.
Korey saying, “Hiiiiiiyyyyeeeeeeee!” at the beginning of the surprise.
Chanel saying, “Um no, I’ll cut her hands off.” while at Sonic.
I would have had someone take a picture of Korey making me levitate.
The things Korey and Mike do together. It’s like watching 2 giant 10 year old boys have the time of their lives.
Mike turning into a backpack on Korey. “I AM A BACKPACK!!!”
How adorable Chanel and Mike are. “HEY! You’re beautiful, can I have a kiss? And another?”
Korey moshing with Urban Turban.
Lo spitting so much awesome game.
Korey during his set.



Puppy not approving of people diving in the pool.
All the boys doing water Dubstep remixes.
Creepy Straight Edge Sexy Calendar photo shoot.
Korey throwing me up in the air like a dad.
Chanel, Lo and I swimming like mermaids at each other.
Korey and Mike jumping in the pool looking like dolphins.
Chanel trying to steal some guy’s blanket.
I wish someone would have recorded Mike saying, “Dayna, don’t take this the wrong way but I can’t stop looking at the metal on your shorts.” Oh my squares? “No, your metal asshole.” (Everybody dies of laughter)
The way Mike was trying to make a tent with Chanel’s blanket.

anonymous asked:

i could probably tell you some stuff that would make you reconsider korey being your so called favorite person ever

Hahaha really? There’s nothing that you could possibly tell me that would change my mind. Seriously, who couldn’t love this face?