From Koreshan we continued south, through areas that were so obviously catering towards the older market. Gated estates with gorgeous landscaping, lakes and water features at the entrances. We continued on past Naples and then through the Big Cypress Reserve. We took a backroad and were delighted to see our first alligator in the wild. We’d seen some alligators earlier on by the visitor centre, but somehow that felt rather like being in a reserve, we were sure they were wild but it didn’t quite feel like it so to see the alligator across the water in the marsh was a different feeling altogether. The road through across the Big Cypress Reserve was lovely – across marsh lands teeming with water birds.

The Koreshan Site was an area where Koreshan believers had set up their camp building schools, bakeries, foundries and small industries to escape persecution from non believers. Koreshans believed the entire universe existed within a giant hollow sphere and the cult stated to fade in the early 1900s with the land being turned over to the State in the 1960s.