Guys!! There is something new and Cool!!

We haven’t been updating lately be cause we have been working on something, we’ve been planning for a while that we just started to working on, on a more professional level! Us at KoreaStuck are working with the peeps of HotLlamaGaming to make a game as a group called KoreLlama! It will take a long time but we will update or progress regularly, and we have commissions open for some pictures from RomaHeroic and some of the others, message us if you are interested! Thank you!
 You can find us at KoreLlama.Tumblr.com!!

What is this??!!

Due to some of our writers not being back, we are still hiatus on the game you guys have been learning about, but we are starting up on a small project for in between while all of our team members are away. Its kind of like a practice project! It will be a game called 'Lost Cause’! We hope you like it and will further enjoy our games as they come out! Thank you!

Small Hiatus

We need to go on hiatus for a little while because a lot of us are moving around and settling into new homes and such as well as school starting! Sorry for not posting this sooner! We are thankful for your support and will update as soon as possible! Thank you!

Just so you guys know...

We are not slacking we are just working on more written plot that can’t be posted! We will post art soon! I hope everyone will be looking forward to it!