I was in Koreatown washing my face in a bathroom, and this happened, two very beautiful girls were behind me and I got super freaked out by their beauty, that I felt like I was wasting my time looking in a mirror..I had just ridden my bike, so I was sweaty.  I also used Manga Studio for this.  Tell me what you think of this format.  



Korean Festival has begun!

As soon as you walk in, You will be smelling ocean, forest, and farm. which means organic and Non GMO products from all regions of Korea has arrived. Dried fish, herbal supplements, and tons of Korean spices that you can’t find in U.S are all here to market their brand. Korean street snacks are heating and grilling up for tonight and corner Alcohol courtyard is already all prepared for people to come in and drink like Korean. lol 

My favorite part of this whole festival is Korean Buddhist Culture Experience. You can walk into their booth and make Lotus lantern for free. And I can’t stop thinkin about the traditional crafts I saw were so beautiful I could not stop staring for awhile. Craft goods will totally pull your attention. 

This event goes until this Sunday. 

Admission: Free 

Parking: Hard to find. Public transportation could be very ideal. 

Credit Card: Mostly No Bring Cash


Korean Natural supplement Chu Auh Tang.

Chu Auh Tang is widely known as natural supplement food. High on calcium, vitamin rich and taste awesome. 

I would like to say Taste deep. This soup takes long time to cook. Main ingredient is baby mudfish broth. Just because it’s in a soup form, your body absorbs very well and fast. 

This soup is very easy on stomach and you might feel a little sleepy after eating this soup LOL. You might want to have this for dinner. :)

Restaurant Name: Goopojip

Address: 3071 W. 8th street LA 90005 

Parking is a little tight and free. 

Average price range $10

#######Pescatarian friendly#######