Takagi Masao - Park Chung Hee. Graduated 陸軍大学校 Rikugun Daigakkō AKA Army War College of Japan. Served during the Chinese Campaign, Manchu Pro-Japanese forces in China. He then later became the longest running President in South Korea, 2nd President in fact, and was the one to drastically change Korean economy, reparations from Japan, increased military training, and from my observations, the best thing to happen to Korea since Yi Sun Shin.

3Novices:Japan's nationalistic music scene: Pop goes the Rising Sun

3Novices:Japan’s nationalistic music scene: Pop goes the Rising Sun

When Japanese pop-music starlet Kyary Pamyu Pamyu tweeted a New Year’s greeting on December 31, 2012, showing her in a cutesy pose with the Rising Sun flag used by the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II, Korean netizens pounced. The J-Pop princess and fashion icon soon removed the controversial tweet. (marketwatch.com)
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