8 Dating Things to Know from Dal Po and In Ha

Forgive me, but I’m just so in love with these two that I needed to make this. 

Despite personal issues, learn to make each other smile.

No words, just by staring at each others eyes you’ll be able to understand each other.

So you attend a funeral, and you look like this.

So you make yourselves the main attraction. Nothing else.

Cuddling.. is very IMPORTANT. whenever, wherever you are.

If you’re in love.. it’ll show.

and kissing.. of course kissing.

just kiss.. and romance it away.


Queen of Oppaaaaa ~

Yung mag-aagahan kami, tapos binuksan niya yung camera, tapos wala talaga akong idea kung anong pinaggagawa niya. Sabi niya lang mukha na siyang korean sa buhok niya.

Makikita niyo naman po sa reaction ko na wala akong kaalam alam sa ginagawa ng misis ko. 😂

Minsan talaga ang mga babae may sariling mundo eh.

Kinain ng sistema ng oppa, putragis. 😂😂😂

I love you misis koooo! 😘😘😘

PS. Hindi pa siya mahilig sa koreanovela niyan ha.

“What the world around me, considered me insolence, you called it confidence. What they called cruelty, you praised it as a courage, supporting me all the way. And what they chatised as vile subterfuges, were lauded by you as brilliant strategy. On a certain day when I lost my Mother, your question on whether I resented you was not filled with reproach like now, but when with embrace drenched with compassion.”

- Bidam

Nami Island

April 5, 2012

Nami Island: The shooting place of the famous Korean Drama, “Winter Sonata”

The very futuristic “ferry” that took us to Nami Island. I wasn’t expecting the ferry to look anything like that. :) 

The “siblings” & “friends” table. :) 

The table beside this is meant for lovers. :) 

SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SPOT! I should’ve taken a solo lookbook worthy photo! :( 

On our way to the National Folklore Museum. :)

Gyeongbokgung Palace: A part of this palace was used as a shooting place of another famous Korean drama, Dae Jang Geum. :) 

Unfortunately, the shooting location was under renovation so I wasn’t able to take a picture. Nevertheless, the whole place was breathtakingly beautiful. :) 

The party/banquet area. This picture does not do any justice to the place. All of us literally wow-ed when we saw it. :) 

Btw, if there’s one place in Korea that I’d like to visit again, it would be Nami Island. They said it’s more beautiful during the fall because it looks more alive with the falling yellow orange leaves from the trees. <3 


Life comes and attacks you when you least expect it. It might be sadness, or extreme fear. At that moment, what we can do is.. What we can do is accept reality and admit we lost. We don’t know how life will turn out. There is no way we can avoid it. We just have to face it, and get hurt once in a while. But life sometimes thrills us with unexpected events and gives us happiness when we overcome hardships. We never know how life will turn out. So we use all our senses to survive it.
—  Reply 1997

[News] Lee Min-ho puts his money where his mouth is

Televiewers fell in love with Lee Min-ho as the rich but deceptively arrogant Gu Jun-pyo in “Boys Over Flowers.” But when we interviewed the 28-year-old actor via e-mail last week, we realized he was far from the bully he portrayed to polarizing perfection in the cult Koreanovela that catapulted him to superstardom in 2009.

The actor has decided to parlay his popularity into a “secondary career” as an agent of social change—to shine the spotlight on his advocacy for clean water.

Min-ho puts his money where his mouth is. In fact, last March 22, the actor collaborated with his fans (via the donations platform, Promiz) and Unicef Korea to celebrate World Water Day, by donating 50 million won (approximately P2 million).

The amount is being used to purchase 6.5 million water-purification tablets to turn dirty water into drinking water for some 520,000 children, thus preventing the spread of waterborne diseases.

What inspired Min-ho to make the donation? “In Africa, a child dies every 19 seconds because of the scarcity of clean water,” he told the Inquirer. “Children walk long and dangerous distances to get access to it. This tidbit of information inspired me to make the donation. There are many ways to push for much-needed reforms: One way is to make a donation. It doesn’t matter much whether you contribute publicly or in a private way—either way is good. What matters is your true intention.

“My goal is to change perception about giving money for charity. A lot of people still think that this is only for the rich. I used to think like this, but this isn’t true. Begin by donating the smallest amount you can afford. You’ll soon realize how easy it is to support worthy causes.”

Excerpts from our Q&A with Min-ho:

Is there a specific incident in your life that encouraged you to play an active part in advocacies you’re supporting?

In my early 20s, I had to spend a whole year in the hospital after I figured in a terrible accident. It was a very difficult time for me. Whenever I was alone in the hospital, I badly wished that someone was there next to me. That was when I realized the importance of a “support” system—to be there for people who are having a hard time.

When I became an actor, I decided I had enough time, talent and resources to support people who are in dire need of assistance. So, together with my fans, I created a donations platform called Promiz two years ago. Whatever profit we make from a project, we then donate to a certain cause or contribute to an organization. Promiz closely monitors how its contributions are being used, because transparency is essential in making donations.

My first contribution to Unicef began in 2009 through the “LoveNet Campaign,” which sought to raise awareness for malaria. My current advocacy is for clean water. I feel that it’s my duty to persuade more people to take part in relevant causes.

It would be great if you could support Promiz’s activities. We’re cooking up a project that you can take part in in the Philippines soon. See you in Manila.

What kind of relationship do you have with your fans?

We’re always in touch. I think the only way to return my followers’ kindness and show my appreciation for their support is to become a better actor—and to help people any way I can. This hasn’t changed a bit, and will not change in the future.

What do you look forward to when you turn 30 on June 22 next year? And when do you intend to settle down?

I’ll be the same Min-ho in my 30s. In fact, I hope to become even more proactive and influential. Settling down isn’t my priority just yet.


YES Magazine 100 Most Beautiful People 2015 - Glaiza De Castro

Acting used to be a scary place for Glaiza de Castro, whose parents are musicians and who considers music her first love. 

She begain her showbiz career in 2000 as a part of Teen Stars, the resident vocal group in German Moreno’s TV program, Master Showman. The TV exposure led to acting gigs, from bit parts to minor roles, until she was promoted to second lead in teledramas. But it was only in 2009, when she played the kontrabida in GMA’s Version of the Koreanovela “Stairway to Heaven” , that she embraced her new calling, prompting her to join acting workshops. 

“Doon ko na na-appreciate ang acting” (that’s when I started appreciating acting) she says of those workshops.  “Dapat pala, hindi ko katakutan and emotional scenes” (I realized that I shouldn’t be afraid of emotional scenes)

And so, the once-reluctant actress blossomed into a consummate artist who has brought to life a variety of characters  - winsome leading lady in Grazilda, forsaken daughter in Amaya, scheming best friend in Temptation of wife and now lesbian lover in The Rich Man’s Daughter  - with heart, sensitivity and intrigue.

Tip sa ibang Boys.

Minsan ok din manuod ng mga Telenovela, o Koreanovela.

Syempre alam mo naman kasi na paborito ng babae yan diba? Pwedeng pagumpisahan ng magandang kwento yan, kung wala ka naman masyadong ginagawa at nanunuod ka na lang rin ng TV at may trip kang kausapin na babae na mahilig sa mga ganyang palabas, aba pagkakataon mo na!

Minsan kasi kapag mahilig ka sa mga palabas sa TV o sa intsik na palabas mas madali kang makakarelate sa kwentuhan ng babae, totoo nga bang ang tunay na lalake eh nanunuod ng koreanovela? Dahil minsan ang lalake eh gusto rin kiligin? Umpisahan mo daw manuod ng mga gumiho na yan, o kaya ng mga crazy crazy love na yan.

Tignan mo, isang araw lagi mo na siyang kasama, at natutuwa siyang makipagkwentuhan tungkol sa latest episode sa Koreanovela/Telenovela na gusto niya.