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“I suppose it looks reckless, of course. One eggshell, such a trivial thing, will probably just shatter on the boulder. However, no matter how strong a boulder is, it’s dead. While no matter how weak an egg is, its alive. As time passes, a boulder will break and become sand, but someday a chick will hatch from an egg and step on that sand.”


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↪ ueno rie, gaksital

Ueno Rie’s last scene was beautiful and possibly one of the best endings for a character in any drama I’ve seen. She finally reclaims her identity and her name that she had pushed away for so long. Hearing her say her Korean name to Katsuyama was beautiful because you know what she’s gone through to get to that point. We don’t know where she’s going and I’m not sure she even knows where she’s going, but there’s something really nice in that uncertainty and I think we can trust that she’ll be okay now. 

“I will never forget your name.”

7 Sets Of K-Drama Brothers That Taught Us Something About Brotherhood

7 Sets Of K-Drama Brothers That Taught Us Something About Brotherhood

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When you think about what’s at the center of dramas, it really comes down to relationships. This can range from love triangles to tangled family lines. We wanted to show some appreciation to the dramas out there that have showed some great examples of brotherhood. So here’s a list of seven dramas that have taught us about what it means to be a bro!

Warning: minor spoilers below.

1. Joon Hyung &…

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Bridal Mask: Favorite moments

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DramaFever did this for April Fool’s Day and I’m still dying over it. They replaced subtitles with emoticons hahahahaha.


“It was like he was my younger brother and I felt like protecting him. However, once we started filming, I always admired how he totally changed. That’s how good an actor he is. Once filming ends, he immediately turned back into a cute child.”

- Jin Se Yeon about Joo Won )

I finished watching Bridal Mask last night. And it didn’t disappoint me at all. This drama has fast-paced action, whirlwind romance, and side hits of comedy. You name it, Bridal Mask has it. Bridal Mask is a must-see. However, I do have little frustrations. Please bear with me as this is going to be a little long, and I’m going to be brutally honest. Hehe

The story revolves around the 4 main characters: Lee Kangto/Sato Hiroshi/Lee Young; Kimura Shunji; Oh Mokdan/Boon-Yi/Esther; Ueno Rie/Chae Hong Joo/Rara

Joo Won portrayed the role of Kangto really well. I couldn’t imagine any other actor doing the role of Lee Kangto. Yes, that’s how deep Joo Won made an impact on me. He brought the character to life. He showed emotions like it was for real. When Lee Kangto’s loyalty was solely with the Japanese, he was violent, a womanizer, and very ambitious. He wanted to protect the Japanese empire. He even shot his own brother who was the first Bridal Mask. Gradually, he learned about the truth of his mother’s death and why his brother became a notorious masked hero. The truth woke Kangto up. He then continued his brother’s mission and became the new Bridal Mask.

Kimura Shunji, portrayed by Park Ki Woong, was a soft-spoken, kind-hearted teacher. He was strongly against his father who had a high position in the Japanese army. But in order to protect the woman he loves, he was forced to join the Japanese police and became a member of Kishokai. He only wanted to hunt Bridal Mask. But unrequited love and confusing lies turned him into a complete evil person. Ki Woong did such an amazing job! He really scared the living hell out of me!

Oh Mokdan was the woman that captured the hearts of Kangto and Shunji. She’s a daughter of a rebel who was fighting for freedom. Jin Se Yeon is such a pretty girl. She handled the character well. She’s young but this girl’s fierce! I love her! And I gotta say she has a beautiful smile. Everytime she smiles, she just lights up the entire scene. 

Ueno Rie was an orphan adopted by a powerful Japanese leader of Kishokai, the organization supporting the Japanese government. Rie has the hots for Lee Kangto. She’s told to kill Bridal Mask, but decided to spare his life as she found out Lee Kangto is Bridal Mask. Han Chae Ah gave justice to Ueno Rie’s character. I always look forward to her scenes. Chae Ah is really gorgeous. And her character is very modern. Rie can be a bitch, and believes to get everything she wants.

Now you all know I’m a Kangto-Rie shipper. I read somewhere that Rie was supposed to be the female lead, but they change it to Mokdan. I don’t know why, but I just read it somewhere.

Imagine the intensity of the love line if Kangto’s OTP (one true pair) was Ueno Rie.

I love Oh Mokdan, and her chemistry with Kangto is adorable. Mokdan and Kangto’s love is more on the innocent side. I like it. But I would like it more if it was Rie. Rie is fierce as well. The path she chose is different from Kangto’s. Kangto is saving his fellow countrymen, while Rie’s destroying and owning it.

In the drama, we’ve seen how ambitious Rie was, but she gave it all up for Kangto’s sake. I wanted to see Lee Kangto fight as Bridal Mask, but is also dying inside because of his love for Rie. The two would eventually clash. For Rie, it’s ambition or love. For Kangto, it’s freedom or love. It’s a “damned” love story, there’s no way to continue, but to let go. But in the end they’ll fight for their love. Just imagine that. In my opinion, that’s much more interesting than the Kangto-Mokdan love story.

I did waver for awhile because of Katsuyama, the silent but deadly bodyguard of Rie.

He loves Rie but Rie loves Kangto. It’s just so heartbreaking. I was moved to tears when he confessed to Rie and that scene where he saved her life. Oh yes, he finally spoke! Haha!

Shunji too, when he told Rie that he’ll take care of her, I thought he was Rie’s OTP too. Though they’re not attracted to each other, but the constant fight and competition between them made the Shunji-Rie connection really hot! It would’ve hurt less if these two ended up together.

Another frustration is the death of Damsari, Mokdan, and Shunji. Damsari shot himself, and I was like “What the hell just happened?”. After all those escapes, those sufferings, those plans, he chose to end his life? Really?! He almost got killed at the public execution, he almost died so many times, but just like that, he killed himself. Oh c’mon! I felt terrible for Mokdan. She was waiting for him to come back, only to find out her father is dead. So sad.

Speaking of Mokdan, when Mokdan was shot by Shunji, I really cried my eyes out! It’s almost there, why does she have to die? I wanted her to have a happy ending with Kangto. Ok, I know it’s not going to be a happy ending for these two, but after all that they’ve been through, at least a happy ending for the lovers would give it a sense of justice.

And Shunji, just like Damsari, why in the world did you choose to kill yourself just like that?! I know he’s guilty for what he’s done, and his conscience is eating him alive. Of course, he just killed the woman he loves! But c’mon now! He should’ve paid for his sins and stayed alive. I was pretty devastated when Mokdan died, Shunji’s death just made me go berserk! The one that really suffered here was Lee Kangto. He lost his ladylove and his best friend. It’s just so tragic for Kangto. Everybody left him. And Rie, on the other hand, left to start anew. Well, we can say that there was a little hope for Kangto and Rie. hehehe ♥

Kangto and Shunji’s friendship was unbreakable, until love and lies occupied them. Bridal Mask holds the spot for “The most tragic Korean Drama that I’ve ever seen!”.

 But behind the scenes, they’re so playful and adorable! When they filmed the last scene, the actors couldn’t help their tears. It was an emotional goodbye for the cast.

Bridal Mask is outstanding. For those who haven’t seen it, or is not really a Korean Drama watcher, I urge you to give Bridal Mask a try. I swear, you will NOT regret watching this. It’s close to perfection. I highly recommend this one!


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I was reading Legend of Korra article in Enhawiki

and found this:

let me see…

Hiroshi Sato in Legend of Korra:

nonbender, probending sponsor industrialist


Equalist technology provider, fight against benders to revenge for his family

Sato Hiroshi in Bridal Mask:

Korean, pro-Japanese military policeman


anti hero, fight against Japanese Occupation to revenge for his family

well done, anon. well done.

2012: year of Sato.