【150122 Hanryu Pia February Issue】JIN & JUNGKOOK

JUNGKOOK: Do you remember the time we first met? When the hoobae trainees were visiting the sunbae trainees to see how they practice, both of us were in the same group.

JIN: When I was observing (the sunbaes), Jungkook came in. At the time, I thought “this kid is cute, with his perfectly round, googly eyes.” But now it has turned out like this (laughs).

JUNGKOOK: What do you mean? (laughs) Before I came to Seoul, I haven’t seen many handsome guys, so when I saw Jin hyung, I thought “oh handsome people like this really exists in the world”. I was purely impressed.

JIN: (laughs with satisfaction) Speaking of the trainee days, we went out to eat a lot. I remember when we had singing lessons outside of the company, we used to eat after the lessons everyday and then we went back to the dormitory together. Always asked for different menus. It was fun.

JUNGKOOK: Here we go again, it’s about food (again).

JIN: (laughs bitterly)

JUNGKOOK: Ah, I want to go and have some singing lessons.



intro to DΞΔN



【Hanako Vol. 1101】BTS group interview trans

Q: ‘I NEED U (Japanese ver.)’ is a song that expresses how a young boy is suffering at the end of love. How does it feel to sing this song?

SUGA: The lyrics is pretty much the same with the Korean ver., so it was easy to sing and the recording went well too, it ended quite quick (laughs).

RAP MONSTER: Our song ‘DOPE (Japanese ver.)’, in the original version, ‘dope’ appeared a lot and in Japanese, it became ‘超やべー!’. Surprisingly, there are many words that is it similar with the Korean, such as the ‘3포시대’ and ’悟り世代’, so the rap was easy.

JIN: The wonderful part about ‘I NEED U’ is that it’s an emotional performance, but the world portrayed in the Korean ver.’s MV, it’s a distorted view of the world.

V: When I’m performing and singing, I have to recall the world view in the MV. I will also do the same when I perform in Japan (full of emotions), please anticipate our expression of feelings.

Q: The song’s theme is about ‘youth’, when have you felt ‘youth’ recently?

V: Because of the schedules, we had to go bungee jumping and that’s when I felt ‘youth’ in ages!

JUNGKOOK: It was at night when I jumped. It was completely dark (laughs), so I couldn’t see the scenery. It was such a shame~

SUGA: I still can jump at this age but I don’t think it’s possible when I get older (laughs).

RAP MONSTER: Yeah, I was thinking ‘I can fly too’ as I jumped. But to be honest, I don’t want to do it again (laughs). 

JIN: I went skateboarding with Jimin along the Han River, that’s when I felt ‘youth’. And we saw the sunrise, the sun was rising right?

JIMIN: It was a moment where I felt “ah youth~”. But I think when Hobi hyung gives me a massage, it somehow makes me feel ‘youth’… (laughs) Just a minute ago, during the break, he gave me a massage and every time, it makes me feel so touched.  

J-HOPE: Oh, really. I see~! (he says as he pretends to give Jimin a massage) 

Q: To the member next to you, when have you felt ‘I NEED U’?

JIMIN: There are many times when Suga hyung wasn’t on the stage with us, when he’s absent, it feels that there’s a hole on the stage. And in my mind, there’s a voice keeps saying “oh how I wish Suga hyung was here”.

SUGA: Ah, thank you! Jin hyung is my roommate in the dormitory. Instead of saying I need him, he makes me feel at ease when he’s around. He doesn’t need to do anything, just being there makes me feel at ease. When we have overseas schedules, we stay in the same room too, it’s quiet and it makes me feel calm.

JIN: Because the other members are too noisy (laughs). I think I need Rap Monster when we have to make comments on shows, he has been doing a great job (he thinks through thoroughly) so I think he’s outstanding. Instead of saying when I need the leader, he is someone that I need whenever and wherever. 

RAP MONSTER: I’m so happy (looks proud). Jungkook is my roommate, I need him when I’m sleeping at night. The door is always open so the mosquitos would come in, so before I go to sleep, I’d shout: “Jungkookie~ Door!!!”

JUNGKOOK: Then I say: “ok~” as I go close the door. This is maknae’s job (laughs). I need Hobi hyung when I’m bored. In the dormitory, I’m always mucking around and play games with Hobi hyung, Jiminie hyung and V hyung. Even when Hobi hyung is there for a bit, it’s always fun.

J-HOPE: (laughs) As for me, when I’m bored or sitting quietly in the room by myself, I would think “I wish V was here”. Because we are roommates so we talk a lot.

V: And we listen to music and play games together. I need Jimin when I’m standing on the stage. Because he’s the brightest on the stage!!

JIMIN: Yeah~! (stands up and gives each other a high five)

V: I need him at other times too but on stage, he’s more important than anything!!

Q: The theme of this special ed. issue is about buying (food) ingredients, so when it’s your birthday, how do you celebrate? Do you eat delicious foods? 

JIMIN: Well, we eat whatever the member wants to eat on his birthday.

RAP MONSTER: Because there are 7 members, so it always feels like it’s who’s birthday. The fans also wish us happy birthday, apart from sending us food, saying “I wish you a happy birthday” is enough (laughs).

JUNGKOOK: (sparkling eyes) My birthday is in September, I received duck meat from the hyungs as a gift. Exclusive duck meat? No, it wasn’t. Even though it’s not expensive, it’s very delicious (laughs). Duck meat has always been my favorite, but lately I’m really into eating lamb skewers.

J-HOPE: Nowadays, Jungkook, Suga hyung and I really love the Chinese-style lamb skewers.

SUGA: Speaking of lamb skewers, I know about it very well~ For those who can’t eat lamb meat, I suggest you guys try Teriyaki lamb skewer.

JUNGKOOK: When I’m eating with the hyungs, they always pay for it.

J-HOPE: Sometimes we pay separately~ But making the dongsaeng pay doesn’t seem right, so Jungkook is always happy~ happy~ (laughs)!

Chinese trans by: 我是一只鸡米妮


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