【150122 Hanryu Pia February Issue】JIN & JUNGKOOK

JUNGKOOK: Do you remember the time we first met? When the hoobae trainees were visiting the sunbae trainees to see how they practice, both of us were in the same group.

JIN: When I was observing (the sunbaes), Jungkook came in. At the time, I thought “this kid is cute, with his perfectly round, googly eyes.” But now it has turned out like this (laughs).

JUNGKOOK: What do you mean? (laughs) Before I came to Seoul, I haven’t seen many handsome guys, so when I saw Jin hyung, I thought “oh handsome people like this really exists in the world”. I was purely impressed.

JIN: (laughs with satisfaction) Speaking of the trainee days, we went out to eat a lot. I remember when we had singing lessons outside of the company, we used to eat after the lessons everyday and then we went back to the dormitory together. Always asked for different menus. It was fun.

JUNGKOOK: Here we go again, it’s about food (again).

JIN: (laughs bitterly)

JUNGKOOK: Ah, I want to go and have some singing lessons.



intro to DΞΔN




It’s 1000 days with Bangtan! I looked back on how much they grew by making sprite sets of all their outfits from their (Korean ver.) official music videos.

This is my celebration gift to ARMY fans for sticking through thick and thin with BTS. These are FREE to use (please credit me though & for nonprofit), so download the original file size with transparent layer here: http://imgur.com/rvgeqUT. They’re tiny but there’s so much to mix and match! Have fun!