Him & His Workaholic Ways // Suga / Yoongi x You Scenario

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Requested by: @kiki41234

Request: Can I request a fluffy Min Yoongi scenario where he’s your boyfriend??

A/N: I hope this is fluffy enough *sweats nervously*

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You are awakened by the sound of coughing filling the room. Fluttering your eyes open, you shut them tight again when the sunlight shines into your eyes. Inching them open again, you get yourself adjusted to the brightness of the day. The sound of coughing fills your ears once more, reminding yourself why you’re awake to begin with. Sitting up, you turn to him only to see that he’s already awake and sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” You ask, your hand resting on his shoulder. The thinness of the white tee he’s wearing isn’t enough to conceal the excessive heat radiating from his body. Your hand flinches away at the sudden contact. It makes its way to his head, confirming your suspicions.

“You’re coming down with a fever,” you say, your face scrunching up. He takes hold of your hand and moves it towards his cheek before bringing it to his lips as he kisses your palm. With half-lidded eyes, he turns to look at you.

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Vixx reaction about seing much of your skin

yumi-chan-desuhi: sorry i couldnt find the ask button on your blog so i’ll ask it here intstead VIXX reaction to seeing you in booty shorts and a belly shirt?

Reply: sure! Starlights are the best! btw ill create a button, thanks XD

(our best and beloved leader, omg send him all the blessings *fangirls and dies because, cant breath*)

He probably would be deeply embarrassed and proud, somehow. He would blush from his own dirty toughts and would fire something like, “hell nah, go back and put something on, turn around”, because he gets horny, or “Gurl, you making me gooooo wild”, because he wont admit how his heart stopped. Also, as long as others than him wont see you, he loves it! But one glimps from a member and his jealousy would be set on fire.

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He acts cute all the time right? But deep down we know him as the evil Maknae. He knows how to fret others and make them mad or lose their nerves. He would do the same to you, he would eventually be a bit mean (but thats how you love him right?) Probably he would say something like “Ew, I can nearly see your panties, how gross” or “Yeah,  am I not enough as your boyfriend? Do you want other man to watch?” He would know that you wont take it too serious, and he loves you for that.

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We all love Ke, dont we? (what a dumb question) So, for some reason he is still some kind of a 9 years old (at least mentally) He would have a similar reaction to Hyuk and would tease you. But he would combine it with a compliment, because he is still a gentlemen. Like “Yah, how can you do this to me! Lokking so good with so much skin revealed” or “ Its disgusting…!..how you can get me a boner so fast. *smirks*

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Leo is so quiet and never really know whats going on. But, if he would be electriciced by you, being so sexy with little clothing. He would turn into Daddy-Leo. He would not be able to help himself, and would just grip you at your ass and slamm you onto your bed. No escape for you, much fun for the two of you… *wink*

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I think Hongbin is a loving Person and would glut you with compliments. “Woah, Babe you look damn hot right now” or “Can you dress like this everytime we see each other? You look gorgeous..” would be his words. Anyways, he would waste no time after the compliments, to get you out of the clothing again.

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Ravi with his sexy Voice and fast tongue… Jup —-> hell of a daddy. He wouldnt even waste a word and just get to the thing. Without hesitation he would start kissing you and leaving lovebites over your skin. You would have to get rid of the fabric and spend a happy time with him while you suck his marvelous D I C K.

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Dumb Joke for the Win!

Q: Why did God give men penises?

A: So they’d have at least one way to shut a woman up.

Yeah.. Starlights are LIT!


BTS Reaction #9

BTS’ reaction after finding out you speak 8 languages.


*stops eating* “I never thought I could feel so unaccomplished and dumb while eating… thanks!”

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“Not bad, not bad…”

“Not bad? How many languages can you speak, Yoongi?”

*thinks really hard* “Korean and… English?”



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“Oh wow, really? That’s great, you must be really talented!”

“Aw thanks-”

“-but do you have an IQ of 148???”

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“Waaaaaaaah, I didn’t know my honey was THAT smart. Seriously, you’re way too talented.” *thumbs up and tons of kisses*

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“WOW, that’s really admirable jagiya! In fact, it’s so amazing, I’ll give you a reward!”

“Really?! What reward?!”

“Me.” *chases you around trying to kiss you*

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“That’s so commendable that I’ll let you kiss me once!” *pats his lips*

“How does that have anything-”

“-kiss.” *pats his lips*


“-kiss.” *pats his lips*


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“That’s great…”

*thinking: WAIT does that make me seem dumb in comparison to her??? Will she think that I’m untalented?!?!*


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