Basically in the middle part,
Uchiyama Kouki (Tsukishima Kei, Yuri Plisetsky) and Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Katsuki Yuuri, Shirabu Kenjiro) got drunk off 막걸리 (Korean rice wine) and Ucchi couldn’t even read the mails without bursting into laughter . (It’s so cute when Tosshi and Kimura Ryouhei take care of him)

Headcanon now that when Yurio is drunk (once he is of legal age) he is the giggly drunk who laughs at everything. Just listen to drunk Ucchi !!! 😍

blue night radio ♡ 160722

listener: jjongd, do you drink cocktails well?
jonghyun: many people seem to think that i wouldn’t drink cocktails or sweet alcohol well because they know i can’t drink… very well. but, no, i drink hard liquor and soju well. i drink strong alcohol well. i cannot even sip beers. many people get surprised by this. they say: “you said you can’t drink well!” i remember replying that, even though i can’t drink very well, soju and hard liquor are better. i actually had makgeolli (korean rice wine) a few days ago and thought that it wasn’t really something for me to drink. (source: thatcoolcatmeow)