Cultural background: dessert

Today’s cultural post is relatively unrelated to my recipe, but who doesn’t want to talk about everyone’s favorite course: dessert.

Korean desserts are quite different than in other countries. Well, the traditional ones anyways. Modern desserts are very similar to other parts of the world. There’s ice cream, pastries, and coffee. In addition to these, there are many different desserts exclusive to East Asia, including Korea.

Traditional desserts are not usually all that sweet. As I have previously talked about, Korean foods are very healthy, so not too much sugar. The first dessert I want to talk about ddeok, which is the Korea word for rice cake. I have briefly mentioned from time to time about how Asian rice cakes are quite different from their Western kin. There are dozens of varieties, each with different ingredients and tastes. Most are chewy instead of being brittle, and none are overly sweet.

Below is a picture of honey rice cake, which is a rice cake that is filled with honey inside like a balloon.

Fruits are common desserts throughout the world, but I want to focus on one particular fruit in Korea: the pear. Korean pears are considered to be the best in the world. Instead of the irregular iconic pear shape, the Korean pear has a plump and round shape, and is packaged individually in a box to make sure nothing happens to it.

A last dessert I want to talk about is bing soo, which is essentially shaved ice. But yet again, Korean shaved ice has a twist. The most common type is red bean shaved ice (shown below), but there are many other types including mixed fruit shaved ice, chocolate, or one specific fruit. The ice in bing soo is crushed ice, sometimes frozen milk, depending on the place you are buying. There are even various types of toppings for bing soo, this one containing some mochi.

Uniqueness of Korean desserts- Chad Meyer

ok yall

we all know topri is real now can we pls talk about the lowkey tobae tho srsly

top saved gd’s contact in his phone as “권지용” (kwon jiyong)

and seungri’s contact is saved as “이승현” (lee seunghyun)

but taeyang’s is “0{pearemoji}” (reads youngbae in korean; 0 = young, pear = bae) instead of dong youngbae

i dont care you, i’m celebrating this 😌😌

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Can you do a request for what nickname/pet names they would give you??

This was so cute! but bear with me because I don’t know many pet names.

Seungcheol: Honey Buns

Jeonghan: Little Angel or Angel in training

Joshua: Darling or Dear

Jun: Depending on your personality it either be Monkey or Peaches (something cheesy af)

Hoshi: Little Panda Bear (ANd he’D be Big Panda im Crying)

Wonwoo: Jagiya (Because honestly I don’t think he’d get that creative.)

Woozi: Babe or baby (something simple because he’s awkward)

Dokyum: Blossom or Cupcake (something really corny)

Mingyu: Shorty or Short cake (becuz hes like 6 foot)

Minghao: Sunshine (but in mandarin which I don’t know)

Seungkwan: Bunny boo (then you can be the boo couple)

Vernon: Bae, but he wouldn’t type bae when texting you, it would just be a pear emoji. (Bae is the korean word for pear btw.)

Dino: Princess or teddy bear

- Admin Alisa =^.^=

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☆ cultural note- the new title screen wallpaper is the cast celebrating korean thanksgiving (chuseok) together! They've set the table with foods commonly associated with autumn (korean pear and persimmon) and chuseok (such as the variety of tteok, and specifically, the plate of songpyeon yoosung is holding). and, of course, 707's fav honey butter chips.

I didn’t know that, thank you for sharing!