My Chapter 30 reaction

Here he comes

Seol-a get yo shit together girl he’s not No-rae

On his way to his plan eh?Playing all too nice and innocent grr

Don’t fucking dare

I was scared that an accidental lip touch would happen here

Where are you No-rae??

Ooooh drunk calling the bae hahaha

But insists she isn’t drunk


Let’s get to business Gyeong-woo

When No-rae’s asking you where are you and the bae’s location is, you better fucking answer straight okay?If you don’t want the question be repeated in a scary way.

Finally the rescue knight  No-rae came

Gawd look how happy Seol-a is when she saw her

The drunk hugging

The rest of it almost had me killed like ugh the feels

I still haven’t recovered from that cute moment and then..

Oh fuck..this is it 

Can I just..

She’s fucking holding her tight .OMG.OMG.OMG.Fuck.OMG.Jesus.!

As for Gyeong woo..

“When you like someone, you need to tell them directly. If you’re a real man, don’t resort to shameful tactics. “

I hope that she had made it crystal clear to him because if not you know these eyes meant shit’s gonna be serious.


SeolRae + Fluttering Feelings

Since I first met you, thoughts of you come to me like waves in my heart
All I’ve been thinking about all day long is you

I can be your good lover; wanna be your four-leaf clover
I feel like I’m the happiest woman in the world
You gotta believe me, make you never gonna leave me
I’ll never doubt you, I’ll trust you

I’m in love…I’m falling in love
I’m not afraid as long as I’m with you
The world is so beautiful
You are so beautiful

Song: I’m in love ; Singer: Narsha (cover) English sub / R.AD (original)

형, 책 빌려 왔어요? Hyung, did you just go and check out that comic?
엉~ 너 원피스 보냐? Yup, have you read One Piece? 지금 내가 보는데가 정상결전인데~ Rn I’m at the zero hour/final battle(?)
형 거기서 … 죽어요. Hyung, ….. Dies at that part

책 book
빌리다 to borrow
오다 to come
보다 to see/watch (it can mean read when referring to a book and take when referring to a test)
거기 there
죽다 to die