My Chapter 30 reaction

Here he comes

Seol-a get yo shit together girl he’s not No-rae

On his way to his plan eh?Playing all too nice and innocent grr

Don’t fucking dare

I was scared that an accidental lip touch would happen here

Where are you No-rae??

Ooooh drunk calling the bae hahaha

But insists she isn’t drunk


Let’s get to business Gyeong-woo

When No-rae’s asking you where are you and the bae’s location is, you better fucking answer straight okay?If you don’t want the question be repeated in a scary way.

Finally the rescue knight  No-rae came

Gawd look how happy Seol-a is when she saw her

The drunk hugging

The rest of it almost had me killed like ugh the feels

I still haven’t recovered from that cute moment and then..

Oh fuck..this is it 

Can I just..

She’s fucking holding her tight .OMG.OMG.OMG.Fuck.OMG.Jesus.!

As for Gyeong woo..

“When you like someone, you need to tell them directly. If you’re a real man, don’t resort to shameful tactics. “

I hope that she had made it crystal clear to him because if not you know these eyes meant shit’s gonna be serious.

The Korean Horror Comic with translations


Translator: Rukawagf

Note: I took small liberties in order to make some scenes work since Korean has verb in the back while English’s verb is in the middle, and there’s also problem with placement of nouns. In order for some suspense scenes to work, I had to tweak it just a bit. Thank you. (also please excuse my terrible grammar if you see any lol)

- -

2011 Mystery one shot

Title: Ghost of Bong-Chung-Dong (the name suggests a remote mountain village)

Author/Artist: Ho-Rang

Red lettering: This story is one of many stories that people have said they have witnessed which I have chosen for the comic.

- The time was about 11:20.

- After school, I had just finished working over time and was dragging myself home.

- Strangely that day, I did not see anyone. Our apartment is quite big so usually there’s still people about.

- Either way, there was no one around so I was looking just on the ground as I walked because I was scared… when suddenly

- over there I saw a long stretched shadow of a human. But there was no one in front of me.

- I wondered who it was so I looked up and…

- A woman was walking in front of me. But she looked odd.

- It was as if she had… disabilities? She was whimpering as she limped in front of me.

- Her walking speed was so sluggish so I had quickly caught up with her.

- Now that I was very close, I could see her very clearly.

- She was wearing a dirty pink sleeping wear/pajamas… and it looked like all the joints in her bones were crooked.

- And her hair was disorderly, sticking out all over.

- It felt so strange that I stopped my stride.

- I felt that it would be too dangerous to walk any closer to her and I didn’t have the courage to walk pass her.

- It was true that if you’re too scared, you are unable to scream. Honestly, I froze stiff in place.

- Where’s my baby?

- At her question, my brain ran wild with various ways to answer her…

- Sigh… why did I choose to do that…. Thinking back on it, I am still terrified.

- Pointing at the most far off distance, I answered…

- “O-over there….”

- I think I just wanted that woman to go far, far away.

- The woman started to limp towards the direction I pointed…

- and slowly she walked far enough that she disappeared from sight.

- Worried that I might run into her again, I hurriedly tried to get out of that neighborhood.

- My brain was empty of thought. I just wanted to get to a place with a lot of people as fast as possible…

- When suddenly.

- My baby is not here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- After that, I don’t remember anything. According to the stories, a neighboring man found me fainted on the ground and carried me home….

- In 2007, Seoul Kwan-Ak Gu, Bong-Chung-Dong, in an apartment, 33 years old female Ms. Cho-xxx died.

- Due to her adultery, she had to divorce her husband and lost the right of custody of her two year old daughter, and in grief, she committed suicide.

- Ever since that incident, many people have witnessed the figure of Ms. Cho-xxx walking around the apartment neighborhood.

- Each and everyone testified that she was wearing the same pajama that she had committed suicide in with all her bone joints crooked and was walking barefoot,  and the sight of her was terrifying.