Why you should watch W - Two Worlds

Actor Lee Jong Suk and Actress Han Hyo Joo. Just their names speak volumes. I’ll be honest here, I have no intention to watch this show initially until Lee Jong Suk randomly appeared in my dream one night. I mean, I wasn’t even a fan, like only occasionally watching whatever parts of his shows that is on TV. That is when I decided to watch W after I woke up, its like a sign.

But one thing I have to say, when you see Lee Jong Suk casted in a drama, you know for sure the plot will be interesting. I know, even when I don’t watch, i read recaps from my favorite source, Dramabeans. On the other hand, Han Hyo Joo is another name that might interest you.

Honestly, I am a tough ball and its difficult for an actress to be on my watchlist. Yes, i am super selective when it comes to drama, i need the right girl and the right guy. Han Hyo Joo? She’s cool. This coming from her guest appearance in variety shows like Running Man and 1N2D.

It is a fantasy drama with amazing plot. The first drama that comes to your mind for Fantasy genre might be You Who Came from the Star. I think W - Two Worlds might be the game changer. The new epitome of fantasy. The writer is a genius coming out with such amazing plot. Through 14 years of me watching kdramas, this got me hooked and chasing after the plot every Wednesday and Thursday. Sure, I’ve chased many dramas like this, but trust me, none of them has plots as interesting as this.

So many sleepless nights because of this drama with your head spinning trying to figure out what will be going on next, the agony of waiting to know whats going on next and waiting for the subtitles to be out. It is just so intense every episode and like a drug where you are addicted and craving for more.

Well, how interesting is this amazing plot? W is a comic book (webtoon/manhwa) with Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) as the lead webtoon character. This gets interesting when the webtoon character takes on life itself and made contact with the real world where Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) comes from. When webtoon and real world comes together, you know its going to be explosive. Oh Yeon Joo, a doctor, got pulled in to the webtoon dimension by Kang Chul at his brink of death and she saved him. How did this happen? One hint/link is that Oh Yeon Joo’s father is the creator of W or is he not? HA! Watch it to find out!

It kind of got me thinking how this may even happen for real? Like the drama may be real? You never know, the world of witchcraft and wizardry might be real but they can’t tell muggles about it. Same goes for this, you can’t tell people about it because they may think you are nuts.

What if W is like Inception? A webtoon depicting a ‘real world’ depicting a webtoon. MindF isn’t it? This is what W is like. Every episode makes you speculate what will be going on next but your speculations will guaranteed to be wrong, because the writer is one smart person and she does the plot twist so well that she puts twister king to shame. True story.

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My Chapter 30 reaction

Here he comes

Seol-a get yo shit together girl he’s not No-rae

On his way to his plan eh?Playing all too nice and innocent grr

Don’t fucking dare

I was scared that an accidental lip touch would happen here

Where are you No-rae??

Ooooh drunk calling the bae hahaha

But insists she isn’t drunk


Let’s get to business Gyeong-woo

When No-rae’s asking you where are you and the bae’s location is, you better fucking answer straight okay?If you don’t want the question be repeated in a scary way.

Finally the rescue knight  No-rae came

Gawd look how happy Seol-a is when she saw her

The drunk hugging

The rest of it almost had me killed like ugh the feels

I still haven’t recovered from that cute moment and then..

Oh fuck..this is it 

Can I just..

She’s fucking holding her tight .OMG.OMG.OMG.Fuck.OMG.Jesus.!

As for Gyeong woo..

“When you like someone, you need to tell them directly. If you’re a real man, don’t resort to shameful tactics. “

I hope that she had made it crystal clear to him because if not you know these eyes meant shit’s gonna be serious.

형, 책 빌려 왔어요? Hyung, did you just go and check out that comic?
엉~ 너 원피스 보냐? Yup, have you read One Piece? 지금 내가 보는데가 정상결전인데~ Rn I’m at the zero hour/final battle(?)
형 거기서 … 죽어요. Hyung, ….. Dies at that part

책 book
빌리다 to borrow
오다 to come
보다 to see/watch (it can mean read when referring to a book and take when referring to a test)
거기 there
죽다 to die