after the ask from the other day, some people have asked me for my favourite cooking channels so here’s a list! i have indicated which channels tend to have ASMR videos although some do have BGM in the intros!

  • ari kitchen (korean food, cute desserts) [KOR + ENG subs]
  • bonobos25 (cute desserts, most recipes are ASMR) [JPN + ENG subs]
  • cho’s daily cook (korean food, desserts, most recipes are ASMR) [KOR + ENG subs]
  • cooking tree (desserts, most recipes are ASMR) [KOR + ENG subs]
  • cook kafemaru (desserts) [JPN + ENG subs]
  • deco cookie (simple desserts, most recipes are ASMR) [ENG subs]
  • EJ recipe (meals + desserts) [KOR + ENG subs]
  • emojoie cuisine (mostly desserts,some meals as well, separate HQ ASMR videos) [ENG + JPN subs]
  • hanse (desserts, most recipes are ASMR) [KOR + ENG subs]
  • honeykki (korean food, meals, desserts, most recipes are ASMR) [KOR + ENG subs]
  • moso gourmet (cute desserts, most recipes are ASMR) [JPN + ENG subs]
  • sweet the mi (cute desserts, most recipes are ASMR) [KOR + ENG subs, sometimes JPN subs too]
  • umi’s baking (desserts + baking, most recipes are ASMR) [KOR + ENG subs]
  • umi’s cooking (variety of meals) [KOR + ENG subs]

Au where different groups in TG work at a food court in the mall. The CCG is a pizzeria, Anteiku is smoothie bowl/milk tea/coffee place, Tsukiyama and crew are a sandwich place, the White Suits are a Mexican food place, Aogiri is a Korean Kitchen, the Clowns are the vegeterian kitchen.

Everyone thinks their place is the best and most popular and well-received, and they eat from their own place during lunch break and when they visit the mall on their days off. Hide and Kaneki aren’t friends in this AU,but you can bet that Kaneki and Hide make eyes at each other from across the area. Hide waves, and Kaneki blushes and waves back.

“Kaneki, stop flirting with the competition!” Touka would yell at him, but so would Nishiki.

“Nagachika, focus and do your job!” Akira ordered. Hide shrunk down, discouraged by Akira’s harsh tone.

Then one day, Hide walks over the Anteiku’s drink place, and Hide ordered something really random before asking if Kaneki was working. Touka looked at him, nauseated.

“Yo, Kaneki! Your puppy dog is asking for you!”

“Puppy dog? AH!” Kaneki pushed through their shop’s back door, curious about what Touka said and was met by Hide. Kaneki turned red because Hide now knows they call him puppy dog and the fact that he is Kaneki’s “puppy dog.”

Keeping it sweet and short. Hide and Kaneki talk and flirt and Kaneki makes Hide his smoothie and gives him some a free double chocolate muffin; all of it is on Kaneki. In return, Hide gets Kaneki one of his favorite pizzas (NO PINEAPPLES) and both boys enjoy their lunch break/ date

It’s Late (Closed)


It was always fun when you were tired, but you weren’t tired. Hana experienced this so frequently, she’d probably look at you like you were crazy if you claimed not to feel the same way. She did have ways to cope with it, but none of those were forcing herself to sleep.

One of them was too sit in the hanger of the Talon base, messing with her mech. There was nothing wrong with it that she could tell in her limited knowledge, but she tinkered with it anyway. It was a distraction at least, but it was short-lived since she couldn’t find many things to mess with without the possibility of breaking the mech.

With a sigh, she got up and made her way to the kitchen. The Korean didn’t even bother to turn on the light when she entered. She just needed to wash her hands and maybe grab something to eat or whatever.

Going through the fridge, she mumbled, “Why can’t anyone get like easy things to make? Ugh, it’s like they want me to burn the place down, trying to make myself shit…”