Fuut - Feet Hammock 

The hammock is designed by Korean company Connect Design, and is completely adjustable. Made from a piece of canvas connected to ropes and clips, Fuut Hammock provides you with two different settings – ‘work’ and ‘rest’ – meaning that you lower this mini-hammock when you are working and raise it when you are resting. It also comes in a number of colors – navy, yellow, orange, olive green, pink and white.


Hey guys! Dropping in with this quick find. I’m still working on the face makeup post, hopefully that’ll be coming up soon.When I saw this jacket on f(x)’s Krystal at SMTOWN Taiwan on March 21st of this year, I went on a huge hunt for it.

The jacket is part of Hyein Seo’s F/W 2014 collection. The jacket in the correct color is in the photo below. I can’t find a place to buy it, so unfortunately it’ll have to remain on my wishlist.

You can check out more of the collection here.


are you ready for valentine’s day?
here’s a great gift option:

this adorable ring designed by Korean designer, YoonJung Yun, leaves ♥ imprints on your finger to remind you somebody ♥ u! i would love to get one for my valentine’s gift! :D

there are 3 different imprints, “♥,” “always,” & “marry me”

it is also a great proposal ring, “marry me”! what a surprise! ♥
it comes in 9 different sizes in sterling silver, and 14k gold. & ships around the world! yay!!


“Inner Message” designed by Korean designer, YoonJung Yun

A few years ago a Korean singer wrote a song about the sunburn mark that he found on his finger after he broke up with his girlfriend and removed a ring he had been wearing for a long time. This is the story that inspired Jungyun Yoon to make ‘Inner message’, a ring with hidden letters on the inside. Inner message is a ring that leaves an impression on the finger.

Imagine that your lover giving you a ring that on the surface seems plain, but later when you take the ring off; it says, “Marry me.” Or imagine that even though you take off the ring to clean your hands you are still wearing an impression of the words, ’always’.

check out more works by YoonJung,